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Sep 22, 2022

Mushroom Sandwich Recipe / Easy Masala Mushroom Sandwich Recipe / Stir Fried Mushroom Sandwich

Mushroom Sandwich Recipe

Mushroom Sandwich Recipe is an Instant Breakfast recipe if you have some breads in hand. Mushrooms are healthy alternative for meat/Eggs. As Purattasi(Tamil Month Name)started we don't eat eggs & meat this whole month. So Mushroom, Soya Chunks, Paneer & Tofu are our most preferred recipes for our breakfast & weekend Biryanis.

Sep 14, 2022

Bajji, Bonda, Pakora Mix/ 5 In One Recipe /One Batter for Bajji, Potato Bonda & Onion Pakora

     Bajji, Bonda, Pakora Mix
Bajji, Bonda(potato masala Bonda) & Onion Pakora all in One Recipe. One Batter Mix and you can make any varieties of Bajjis - Vazhakka Bajji, Potato Bajji, Mirchi Bajji, Onion Bajji, Eggplant, Paneer, Egg, Cauliflower, Appalam Bajji anything and also Potato Bonda & Crispy Onion Pakora. Yes., with this one batter you can prepare 8-10 varieties of snack

Vendhaya Kuzhambu Recipe / Arachivitta Puli Kuzhambu

Once in a week I make puli kuzhambu without coconut & vegetables and if it is with veggies, it will be Vendakkai Puli  Kuzhambu with coconut.  I also love kuzhambu with freshly ground Masala and this Vendhiya Kuzhambu is one of my favorite recipe. 

Sep 5, 2022

Brinjal Gravy Recipe / Roasted Brinjal Gravy/Curry For Biryani & Rotis /Roasted Eggplant Gravy

Roasted Brinjal Gravy

Today's recipe is a simple version of Brinjal Gravy which served for as a side dish for Biryani/Pulao. This is not the authentic version with dal & meat broth but a quick version with peanut-sesame seeds addition. I also added some roasted potato chunks as we love potato in curry/gravy. I planned to serve this with Tomato Biryani & Frozen Rotis for our lunch.

Aug 31, 2022

Thenga Thogayal Recipe/Thenga Paruppu Thuvaiyal Recipe/Coconut Lentil Chutney for Rice

Thenga Thogayal Recipe
Thenga Thogayal/Thenga Paruppu Thogayal can be served with plain white rice & also for variety rice like Lemon rice, Tamarind rice & Curd rice too. When you run out of veggies this is one super quick and healthy side dish can be made in a jiffy. I often make thogayal/thuvaiyal for lunch as we love to have it with plain rice. Even my kids are fond of this chutney. Here's my way of thenga thogayal..

Aug 29, 2022

Instant Banana Appam Recipe/Banana Wheat Flour Appam - Easy Vinayagar Chaturthi Recipe

Banana Appam Recipe
Instant Banana Appam Recipe / Banana Appam With Wheat flour is a must have nivedyam recipe for Vinayagar Chaturthi at our home. This Banana Appam is an instant recipe no grinding, no roasting flours, very simple and easy to make healthy recipe.

Aug 26, 2022

Easy Pidi Kozhukattai Recipe / Inippu & Kara Pidi Kozhukattai Recipe / Instant Kozhukattai Using Idiyappam Flour

Easy Pidi Kozhukattai Recipe

Easy Pidi Kozhukattai recipe with video and simple method. Since Vinayagar Chaturthi is around the corner wanted to share some easy kozhukattai recipes that anyone can cook. I used store bought Idiyappam flour which is available in all Indian grocery stores and this method gives you a soft kozhukattais and healthy too. Just only thing to be noted that the water required to make Kozhukattai dough is mainly depend on the Idiyappam/Rice flour quality. Some brand requires double the amount of water and some require equal amount of water. Always refer the instructions given in the Idiyappam Flour Package.  Try making this simple Pidi Kozhukattai for upcoming Vinayagar Chaturthi and offer Lord Ganesha and enjoy with your family and friends. Read notes completely and watch the video fully before trying the recipe. Now off to the recipe..

Rose Milk Recipe / Easy 2 Ingredients Rose Milk / Rose Milk Basil seeds Drink

Rose Milk Recipe

Easy 2 ingredients Rose Milk Recipe. Rose Milk is a healthy and natural coolant drink, you can enjoy this drink any time of the year. I have used sabja/basil seeds in the Rose Milk to make it healthy and delicious. If you get fresh Paneer roses then you can make the Rose Syrup also at home which is even more healthy and fresh. Here, I have used Store Bought Rose Syrup. 

Aug 25, 2022

Bakery Style Masala Toast Recipe / Veg Butter Toast Recipe / Easy Masala Toast Recipe

Veg Masala Toast

Bakery Style Masala Toast is a quick and easy recipe for breakfast or evening snack along with some hot or cold drink. Iyengar Bakery used to have these Masala Toast in their evening menu, during my college days me and my friends often stop at the Bus Stand Bakery shop for evening refreshment. Most of the time we eat this Masala Toast and Warm Badam Paal/Almond Milk.  I recollected those golden moments while making this recipe, sadly I am not in touch with any of my College friends. Ok, now coming to the recipe, If you have bread(white bread preferred) in hand then it takes only 10 minutes to prepare this masala toast. No fancy ingredients required just basic masala powders  in the kitchen and fresh veggies of your choice but carrot is the main ingredient in this recipe. You can also use cabbage, beets, green peas, green peas also.  I have already shared a similar sandwich recipe, if interested click Here

Aug 23, 2022

Tomato Biryani Recipe(Pressure Cooker Method) / Thakkali Biryani Recipe/ Tomato Rice One Pot Biryani

Tomato Biryani Recipe

Tomato Biryani is an easy and tasty Biryani that can be prepared in a jiffy. I have already shared this Tomato Rice Biryani recipe few years back with little variation and today sharing the easy Pressure Cooker Tomato Biryani Recipe. This my Mom's recipe and she makes the best one and one of my favorite recipe of her's. My school and college friends too love my Mom's Tomato Biryani and have been asking me to share the recipe. You can also use coconut milk to make this Biryani for more rich and flavor but we always make it plain and simple with less and easily available ingredients. Now off to the Pressure Cooker Tomato Biryani Recipe..

Aug 18, 2022

Aval Payasam Recipe / Aval Paal Payasam Recipe / Paal Payasam With Aval(Poha)

aval payasam recipe

Happy Janmashtami Wishes to all my Friends & Readers. Aval Payasam, is a quick and easy to make Indian Dessert. For Krishna Jayanthi, Aval or poha, Butter, milk are the most commonly used ingredients to make Neivedyam for Lord Krishna. So, I Wanted to share a recipe with these ingredients and Here the super rich and delicious Aval Payasam recipe. For this Aval Payasam I used only Whole Milk to cook and did not use any water.  This Aval payasam need just 4 main ingredients and can be made in 20 minutes or less. Make this creamy and delicious Aval Paal Payasam on this special day and enjoy with your friends and family. 

Aug 15, 2022

Rava Coconut Laddu Recipe / Rava Coconut Ladoo - Easy Krishna Jayanthi Recipes

Rava Coconut Ladoo Recipe
Today's post is a Krishna Jayanthi or Gokulashtami(Aug 18th this year) Special recipe, Rava Coconut Laddu that can be prepared in just 10 minutes. I have already shared Aval Laddu & Rava Ladoo Recipes and if you want check it out. Rava Coconut Laddu is so simple and any one can cook it in no time. People  who are new to cooking or even bachelors can make this quick sweet to offer God or to satisfy their sweet cravings instantly. Make this super quick and simple Rava Coconut Ladoo for this Krishna Jayanthi and offer to God and enjoy with your friends and family. Now off to the recipe..

Aug 12, 2022

Moongdal Pakoda Recipe / Moong Dal Bhajiya Recipe / Moong Vada - Healthy Tea Time Snack Recipe

Moongdal Pakoda Recipe

Moongdal Pakoda/Moongdal Vada recipe is similar to our Ulundhu Bonda, healthy and yummy tea time snack. This Pakoda doesn't need besan flour & cooking soda still you get a crispy outer and soft inner. Instead of giving store bought chips for snacks time, try this homemade moongdal pakoda for kids and family. Even if its deep fried once in a while it is ok. Moongdal pakoda/vada, sure a protein rich snack. I added 1/2 cup of chopped spinach you can also fine grated carrots & cabbage also. Now off to the recipe..

Aug 10, 2022

Paneer Kulcha Recipe / Restaurant Style Paneer Kulcha Recipe / Stove Top Paneer Kulcha Recipe

Stove Top Paneer Kulcha Recipe

Paneer Kulcha Recipe, an easy and super tasty stove top method. Last month from our local Indian Restaurant kids had Paneer Kulcha & Tandoori Roti. And they loved the Paneer Kulcha a lot, the paneer stuffing was so simple used fresh paneer with some chillies and spices and we liked it. Also the Kulcha was not super thick, just little thicker than Paratha and it was soft and buttered well. From that time they kept asking me to make Paneer Kulcha at home. And I myself wanted to recreate that recipe and followed my neighbor Aunt's Kulcha Recipe, which I posted few years back. And the Paneer Stuffing was also simple just like what we ate at our local restaurant. Paneer Kulcha turned out pretty good and it was so flavorful and delicious, my little one even said it was way better than the restaurant ones, and what else you need right?! Now off the recipe..

Aug 4, 2022

Chilli Garlic Noodles Recipe / Street Style Chilli Garlic Noodles Recipe/ Spicy Veg Hakka Noodles Recipe

   Chilli Garlic Noodles Recipe

Chilli Garlic Noodles is a simple, little spicy and flavor rich Veg Hakka Noodles Recipe. Fresh finely chopped garlic & red chilli fried in sesame oil gives lots of flavor to the simple veg noodles. IF you haven't tried spicy hakka noodles, give this recipe a try and am sure you gonna love it. A must try recipe for who love spicy and garlic flavored foods. I made this noodles for my little son's Birthday Party few years back and everyone loved it including kids. Little spicy for them but they still loved it with some tomato ketchup & some butter on noodles. 

Aug 1, 2022

Vegan Fish Fry Recipe / Indian Style Fried Tofu / Crispy Masala Fried Tofu

Crispy Tofu Fry

Vegan Fish Fry/Tofish Fry Recipe is a healthy and tasty Appetizer prepared using Tofu. This is almost similar to our South Indian Fish Fry recipe with Ginger, Garlic and other Spice powders. We include Tofu regularly in our meal and often make this simple Vegan Fish Fry/Crispy Fried Tofu and have it for lunch or Dinner along with some salad. Unlike Paneer, Tofu doesn't have great taste and flavor, so we prefer to add up spices and fry just like Fish Fry and hence I named as Vegan Fish Fry. Here I am sharing two ways of making Vegan Fish Fry, one is shallow fried with dry flours coating and other one is just roasted with less oil and no flours coating. Now off to the recipe..

Jul 28, 2022

Onion Kara Chutney Recipe / Onion Chutney Recipe / Onion chutney for Idli/Dosa

Onion Kara Chutney Recipe

Onion Kara Chutney is an easy chutney that can be prepared in 10 minutes. No fancy ingredients just regular red onion is fine and is perfect accompaniment for Idli / Dosa / Adai / Paniyarams. I prepared this chutney to go with Wheat Adai Dosai/Dalia Adai Dosai. I used Guntur Chillies so the chutney got nice color and it was spicy too. Make this chutney little spicy to balance the sweetness from onions. Tastes best with hot hot idlis. Give it a try and let me know how it turned out to you. 

Jul 27, 2022

Eggless Tea Cake Recipe/Vanilla Loaf Cake Recipe/Vanilla Tea Cake Recipe


Eggless Tea Cake Recipe
Its been a while since I baked cake at home. Mostly I bake Banana Muffins just to use the over ripe bananas and few days back kids were asking to bake some cake to celebrate 1k subscribers on our YouTube Channel. Since, I had only basic ingredients at home, made this Quick Tea Cake Recipe. Tea Cake is nothing but a simple Vanilla Flavored Loaf Cake perfect for snack time along with some Chai  or Coffee. 

Jul 25, 2022

Vermicelli Kheer Recipe / Seviyan Kheer Recipe / Creamy Vermicelli Kheer Without Condensed Milk

Vermicelli Kheer Recipe

No special occasions or festival goes without this Delicious Vermicelli Kheer. This time kids wanted to have a sweet or cake post as 50th video on Spicy Treats' YouTube Channel. So, made our Family's favorite Vermicelli Kheer/Vermicelli Paal Payasam. If interested checkout our Channel Page and subscribe for more videos. I have already shared Vermicelli Kheer Recipe before but that recipe require sweetened condensed milk but this Vermicelli Kheer/Seviyan Kheer recipe doesn't require condensed milk instead we going to cook milk until condensed to thick and creamy.

Jul 23, 2022

Millet Ven Pongal Recipe / Saamai Ven Pongal / Little Millet Pongal recipe

Millet Ven Pongal Recipe

Whenever I ran out of Idli/Dosa Batter, the first tiffin dish that comes to my mind will be Ven Pongal. Recent time we skip rice and only using Millets for Pongal and we love it. Even my kids used to Millet Pongal / Millet Dosa / Millet Adai recipes. Millets are not only healthy and nutritious but also very tasty grains and if we cook it in right way then it will be delicious treat. If you haven't tried millets before just give it a try with this Little Millet Ven Pongal. 

Jul 21, 2022

Egg Bhurji Recipe / Anda Bhurji Recipe / Indian Style Spicy Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Egg Bhurji Recipe

Egg Bhurji Recipe is an easy and very simple side dish for Paratha Phulka , Chapathi and even as a Sandwich filling for Bread. Egg Bhurji is one of my most favorite side dish for rotis and this dish has some sweet childhood memories. One of my dear friend brings Egg Bhurji & Plain Paratha for lunch almost everyday. But she never ate her Paratha & Bhurji for lunch because me and my other friends will finish it off even before lunch breakπŸ˜‚ and we gave our lunch(mostly rice dishes or Idlis) to her. My Friend's Mom' Egg Bhurji is unbeatable. I tried my best to recreate Her recipe and the bhurji turned out as good as Her's. But can't beat Mom's preparation rt?! This recipe of Egg Bhurji requires lots of onion and tomato which needs to be saute in oil nice and soft, so that the Egg gets cooked well with the masala and the bhurji will be juicy without dry scrambled eggs texture. Do checkout the video and try it this way and am sure you gonna love it. 

Jul 20, 2022

Cilantro Potato Rice / Kothamalli Urulai Kizhangu Sadam / Coriander Rice With Potato - Easy Lunchbox Recipe

 Cilantro Potato Rice Recipe

Today's recipe is an Easy to Make Lunchbox Recipe - Cilantro Potato Rice. Coriander Flavored Potato Rice is a mildly spiced, flavor rich Rice recipe which is perfect for Kids LunchBox along with some Fryums. My kids love Sabudana Khichdi a lot mainly because of the Potatoes in it. So I combined their most favorite potato with their least favorite cilantro and made this Super Tasty Rice with more cashews and peanuts for extra crunch.  Also, this rice recipe can be done in no time if you have cooked rice ready. Addition of cilantro makes this rice healthy and tasty too. Next time do give this Cilantro Potato Rice a try for your kids lunchbox and let me know how it turned out to you. Now off to the recipe

Jul 18, 2022

Cheesy Garlic Rolls Recipe/ Cheese Stuffed Garlic Rolls Recipe/Cheesy Garlic Dinner Rolls Recipes

Cheesy Garlic Rolls Recipe

After a long time I baked these Cheesy Garlic Rolls at home. Garlic Rolls from the scratch, yes prepared yeast based dough. At home we often bake Garlic breadsticks Veg Pizza, Stuffed Savory & Sweet Buns from the scratch. My Kids especially, the little one is much interested in baking bread and every time he gets excited to see the Risen dough in double the size and he enjoys punching the risen dough and used to say its so satisfying for him πŸ˜€πŸ˜€  Yep., baking is a Therapy. 
This time for a change tried with Cheese Stuffing and who doesn't like some extra cheese on regular Rolls that too with Garlic & Italian herb seasoning. Cheesy Garlic Rolls turned out so so good and we relished it with some frozen Sweet Potato Fries for our weekend Brunch.

Jul 17, 2022

Veg Masala Pasta Recipe / Indian Style Masala Pasta Recipe / Spicy Masala Pasta Recipe(Gluten Free Corn Pasta)

Indian Style Masala Pasta
Today's Recipe is Very simple and easy to make Kids friendly Breakfast Recipe - Veg Masala Pasta / Spicy Masala Pasta. I used gluten free(Corn & Rice) Rotini Pasta but you can try with regular pasta or noodles too. I used only 2 spices and the main flavoring ingredient is Kitchen King Masala, it has nice flavor milder than garam masala but gives unique taste which is suitable for Making masala noodles / Masala pasta / Rice etc. More than for curries I prefer this Masala in noodles & pasta. I used Ramdev brand and I liked it. You can use any available brand or if not replace it with Curry Masala or Garam Masala powder. Now off to the recipe..

Jul 15, 2022

Sweet Potato Tikki Recipe / Healthy Sweet Potato Cutlet - Easy Kids Snack Recipe

Sweet Potato Tikki

I love Sweet Potato in any form, and I take steamed sweet potato for dinner often. Sometimes I even make Sweet Potato Raita for lunch or sometimes take it as a snack too. My kids doesn't like sweet potato not even in Fries. Sweet Potato is rich in Vitamin A, Fiber, anti-oxidants and much more nutritional benefits. I wanted them to have sweet potato at least once in a while, so tried Sweet Potato Tikki for them and to my surprise they loved it. 

Jul 14, 2022

Kara Kuzhambu Recipe / Thatta Payaru Kara Kulambu / Karamani Kara Kuzhambu Recipe

Kara Kuzhambu Recipe

After a long time sharing an authentic South Indian Curry/ Kuzhambu Variety - Kara Kuzhambu Recipe. Kara kuzhambu is similar to Puli Kuzhambu with onion, garlic and tomato but in addition there's a special blend of freshly roast and ground coconut masala which gives unique taste and flavor to the kulambu. I used Homemade Kuzhambu Milagai Thool & Coriander Powder. Kuzhambu turned out so good and the bright red color due to Guntur Byadagi Chillies was so appetizing and we enjoyed it with hot rice & Sutta Appalam/Fire roasted papads. Kara Kuzhambu color, taste and flavor everything was amazing and much much better than Hotel Kara Kuzhambu. Not exaggerating just try it and am sure you will accept my words πŸ˜€

Jul 12, 2022

InstantPot Mint Pulao Recipe / Pudina Pulao - Easy Lunchbox Recipe / Instant Pot Pulao Recipe

 InstantPot Mint Pulao Recipe

I prefer One Pot Meal for a Quick Lunch meal, and this Mint Pulao is one such time saver recipe using InstantPot. The whole meal is ready in 30 minutes and everything done in one pot, don't worry about ginger garlic paste or chopping vegetables for a flavorful Pulao, Just blend handful of mint, cilantro, ginger, garlic to a paste and use any available veggies or just some cut potato cubes and frozen peas works for this Pulao. InstantPot Mint Pulao can be served with just Onion Raita or some Chips & Plain Yogurt/Curd. 

Jul 10, 2022

Cheese Sandwich Recipe/Grilled Chilli Cheese Sandwich Recipe/Veg Sandwich With Grated Cheese

Chilli Cheese Sandwich

Chilli Cheese Sandwich is a very simple breakfast recipe which my kids loved most. I prefer to keep the sandwich filling simple with just Onion & Capsicum alone and extra green chillies for the spiciness to balance the richness from mozzarella cheese. This sandwich is best when served hot, right away after grilling and also we prefer Marinara Sauce for Dipping. Adjust chilli and spices to your taste and also you can add more veggies like carrot, tomato and some boiled corn kernels. 

Jul 6, 2022

Mushroom Masala Recipe / Chettinad Mushroom Masala Recipe / Spicy Mushroom Gravy Recipe


Mushroom Masala Recipe
Today's recipe is a spicy, flavor rich and easy to make Chettinad Style Mushroom Masala Recipe. Chettinad Cuisine includes lots of spices like Cinnamon, clove, pepper corns, fennel seeds, star anise and the cooking will not be completed without Chinna Vengayam/Pearl Onion addition. I used almost all the spices except Poppy seeds & coconut in this gravy. I recreated this recipe following my Chettinad Style Vazhakka Varuval This Mushroom Masala makes a great side dish for Dosa, Chapati, Parotta, Naan and even with plain rice. We had it with Homemade Tandoori Rotis.

Jul 5, 2022

Eggless Brownie Recipe / Easy Homemade Brownie Recipe - Eggless Version

Eggless Brownie Recipe
More than a cake with frostings, kids and V loves Muffins & Brownies a lot. Recent times I prefer Eggless Baking more than with Eggs. So, I wanted to try Eggless Brownie for long time, after 3 failure attempts finally got it right this time.

Jul 2, 2022

Mutton Fry Recipe / Mutton Dry Roast Recipe / Easy Mutton Varuval Recipe


Mutton Fry Recipe 
Today's recipe is a spicy Mutton Fry/Dry Roast Recipe which is easy to make with simple ingredients and preparations. I used Instant Pot to cook Mutton and the mutton pieces cooked so soft and perfectly in 20 minutes( Meat Stew Mode). If cooking in regular pressure cooker cook for 8-10 whistles or as needed. This Mutton Fry can be served as an accompaniment with Just Rice & Rasam. You can also roast nice and dry and serve as a Starter with some onion slices & lemon wedges.

Jun 30, 2022

Egg Paratha Recipe/Mughalai Egg Paratha Recipe

Egg Paratha Recipe

Egg Paratha is one of my kids' favorite dish and I often make it for them as after school snack. Like other Parathas this Egg Paratha also doesn't require any side dish just Hot & Sweet Sauce or Ketchup is enough. I made a simple version of Egg mix with some onion, tomato & Chillies for this paratha but you can also add any desired vegetables & cheese to it.

Jun 28, 2022

Lobia Masala Recipe / InstantPot Lobia Masala Recipe / InstantPot Black eye Bean Curry


Lobia Masala Recipe
Today's recipe is an another easy, healthy & yummy side dish - Lobia Masala/Black Eye Bean Curry Recipe using Instant Pot. The same recipe can be prepared in regular Pressure cooker too. I added some potato cubes to the masala since my kids love potato-black eye beans combo. With or without potato the masala tastes amazing and makes a perfect side dish with Rotis/Naan or even with Jeera Rice.

Jun 25, 2022

Veg Pakora Recipe / Crispy Pakora Using Mixed Veggies / Restaurant Style Pakora Recipe

Lets see How to make Restaurant Style Crispy Pakora/ Veg Pakora Recipe. Onion or Vegetable Pakora is most commonly served starter in all the Indian Restaurants here. This is North Indian style pakora and entirely different from the South Indian Onion Pakoda recipe. I learnt this recipe from my neighbor Aunt. I have already shared this recipe along with Punjabi Kadi Pakora recipe. I wanted to have this pakora as a detailed separate post and  the recipe as follows..

Jun 23, 2022

Tomato Capsicum Rice Recipe /Quick Tomato Rice With Capsicum - Easy Lunchbox Recipe/ Tomato Capsicum Rice for Kids Lunchbox

Tomato Capsicum Rice
Very simple and easy kids friendly lunchbox rice recipe using Tomato & Capsicum. Not spicy, tasty rice perfect lunchbox recipe for both adults & kids. Just boiled egg along with this tomato capsicum rice makes a complete healthy and yummy meal. For My kids' lunchbox I prefer Basmati Rice but you can use any desired rice.

Jun 20, 2022

Eggless Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe/Eggless Banana Muffins Recipe - Best way to Use Over Ripe Bananas

Eggless Banana Muffins Recipe
Super soft, light and yummy Eggless Muffins Using Banana & Chocolate chips. No curd, No vinegar, No condensed Milk, No Butter Recipe. There's one secret ingredient which makes the Eggless muffins very light and soft and gives cake like texture. Also this recipe doesn't need sifting, just mix dry ingredients and wet ingredients together, bake them and enjoy.

Jun 18, 2022

Chicken Fry Recipe / Simple Chicken Fry(South Indian Style) / Chicken Varuval Recipe

Chicken Fry/Varuval Recipe

Today's recipe is a very simple and easy to make Chicken recipe - Chicken Fry/Varuval. This recipe doesn't need any fancy ingredients. Very easy to make recipe but tastes super tasty and spicy. This chicken Fry can be served as an accompaniment for Biryani/Pulao or as a starter too. I used Homemade Kuzhambu Milagai Thool, which is blend of dry red chilli and other spices. Adding curry leaves gives lots of flavor to the chicken fry/varuval but I ran out of it, so used only fresh finely chopped cilantro.

Jun 15, 2022

Brussels Sprouts Stir Fry Recipe / Indian Style Brussels Sprouts / Spicy Brussels Sprouts Potato Fry

Indian Style Brussels Sprouts

Most of the kids are fond of Potato and my kids too. So I add some potatoes in their least favorite vegetables and make it a combo dish and this Brussels Sprouts Stir Fry is one such recipe. To the simple Brussels Sprouts stir fry I added some potato cut into sticks shape and also to make it little spicy and tasty added Readymade Chicken 65 Masala Powder. This way the Brussels sprouts gets roasted crisp and nice.

Jun 14, 2022

Sambar Idli Recipe | Hotel Style Sambar Idlis | Mini Idli Sambar Recipe

Sambar Idli Recipe
Today's recipe is an another popular South Indian food, Sambar Idli Recipe. Sambar Idli is nothing but soft mini idlis dunked in ghee flavored Sambar. The Sambar Idlis will be soft and soaked well in hot sambar, full of flavors and taste. My kids doesn't like Idli with Sambar or Chutney poured on top of Idlis. They prefer served in separate dipping bowl. But, recent years they started liking Sambar Idlis with ghee and some finely chopped onions on top. I also prefer to grease mini idli plates with ghee instead of oil for extra flavor and taste. Homemade Ghee gives special flavor and taste. Sambar Idli is one wholesome meal best for growing children to have for their breakfast. 

Jun 13, 2022

Green Coconut Chutney Recipe/ Hotel Style Green Coconut Chutney for Dosa / Fresh Cilantro Coconut Chutney Recipe

Green Coconut Chutney Recipe

In my home town, there's a popular South Indian Veg Hotel named KCB. They serve Idli/Dosa with 4 different varieties of Chutney & Sambar. Nothing can beat their taste and flavor. Its been 15 years since we visited that Hotel, even not sure if they are in Business now. But, I still remember eating at KCB every weekends and on all special occasions. Their Sambar Vadai taste and flavor is unbeatable, Salem people will agree with me. Now coming to the Chutney recipe, Green Coconut Chutney is often served with Idli/Dosa in KCB Hotel. They use fresh tender coconut & fresh Cilantro/Coriander leaves which gives refreshing taste and flavor. Addition of ginger enhances the taste, next time when you make Coconut Chutney for Dosa just try adding fresh cilantro to it. Now off to the recipe..

Jun 10, 2022

Paneer Fried Rice Recipe / How to Make Paneer Fried Rice - Indo-Chinese Style Recipe

Paneer Fried Rice Recipe

My kids love all varieties of Indo-Chinese recipes and Paneer recipes a lot. So why not to combine both and made a simple yet flavor rich rice recipe, Paneer Fried Rice. Instead of adding plain paneer pieces I just spiced up paneer with dry spice powders and roasted in Cast Iron pan before adding it to the rice. This way the paneer was crispy and tasty and everyone at home loved it. You can serve the roasted paneer separately along with some grilled vegetables as a started/side.

Jun 9, 2022

InstantPot Sambar Recipe / How To Make South Indian Sambar Using InstantPot / Masoor Dal Sambar Recipe

Instant Pot Sambar Recipe

Another easy and simple south Indian Sambar recipe using Instant pot. For sambar, I used masoor dal today as this suits best for one pot sambar. This recipe can also be done in pressure cooker following the same method n steps. This quick sambar goes well with rice and tiffin also.

Jun 8, 2022

Elephant Yam Fry Recipe / Yam Fry Recipe / Senai Kizhangu Varuval /Frozen Yam Varuval Recipe

Yam Fry Recipe
Senai Kizhangu/Elephant Yam is one of my most favorite vegetable. Mom makes this varuval super crispy and tasty. After moving to US, I missed this vegetable a lot. Recent years was happy to get Frozen Yam in nearby Grocery stores. Frozen Yam will be cubed into big chunks, if you are making puli kuzhambu then you can use it as chunks but for Fry/Varuval it need to be sliced thinly. Preparation of Yam is must to avoid itching and irritation, Some Yams gives itchy & irritation so it is always best to soak the cut Yam pieces in Turmeric -Tamarind water prior to cooking. Now off to the recipe..

Jun 6, 2022

Hotel Style Kara Dosa Recipe / Khara Dosa Recipe / How to Make Hotel Style Crispy Kara Dosa


Kara Dosa Recipe
Recent years we use only mobile for taking pictures for all occasions/Trips. My Camera was used only for taking Food Pictures. And after 2018, I did not use my camera and even forgot about such thing. Even all my recent post recipes pictures were taken using mobile camera only. Then I thought I should use my camera since was not happy with mobile pictures. Finally, took it out last week, Cooked few dishes and took pictures. While transferring the pictures to my Laptop was so excited to see some food pics which I took in 2018

Jun 4, 2022

Hotel Style Chicken Kurma Recipe / Easy Chicken Kurma / Hotel Style Chicken Curry In Pressure Cooker

 If you are looking for an easy and one pot Chicken curry, then this Pressure Cooker Chicken Kurma recipe is for you. This Chicken Kurma or curry is coconut based recipe, along with coconut added some whole garam masala, cashews and a secret ingredient - Blackstone Flower/Kal Paasi Poo. This ingredient adds great flavor that is similar to South Indian Hotel Kurma/Curry. In my home town, Salem in most of the Non-Veg Hotel they usually add this Kal Passi poo in all curries & Biryani. Do try this Chicken Recipe & share your feedback.

Masala Makai Mamra Recipe / Masala Corn Puffs Recipe - Easy Tea Time Snack !

Mamra, one of the best choice for low calorie and filling snack. My kids love this Makai Mamra/Corn Puffs more than the Rice & Wheat mamra. Desi style Masala Makai Mamra/ Masala Corn puffs recipe is so easy to make with simple Ingredients. We love Coconut Oil for making masala corn puffs but you can also use butter or ghee. 

Jun 2, 2022

Red Bell Pepper Peanut Chutney Recipe / Red Capsicum Peanut Chutney Recipe / Red Pepper Chutney

If you are looking for Super healthy and tasty side dish for Idli, Dosa then this Red Pepper Peanut Chutney is a must try recipe. Red pepper is loaded with nutrients & anti oxidants and peanuts are good source of good fat & protein. This chutney along with Multigrain Dosa makes a perfect wholesome breakfast. 

Jun 1, 2022

Masala Podi Paniyaram Recipe / Podi Paniyaram Recipe

If you have Dosa batter in hand, then this Podi Paniyaram will take only 20 minutes to cook. I often make Podi Idlis for kids lunch box and this Podi Paniyaram as Snack or Evening tiffin when they come from home. They love this Masala Podi Paniyaram a lot. This Podi Paniyaram is a versatile recipe, you can serve for Breakfast, Evening Tiffin or as a snack too. 

May 31, 2022

Palak Khichdi Recipe / InstantPot Spinach Dal Rice / Palak Dal Khichdi Using InstantPot

Hello all, Good to be back after 4 years. Hope to keep my website active from now on and planning to update recipes frequently. Heartfelt thanks to my followers who kept emailing me now and then for updates & recipes. Some of your messages motivated me to come back.