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Mar 21, 2017

Kolkata Egg Roll Recipe | Egg Roll Recipe

Kolkata Egg Roll
Egg Paratha are my kids favorite dish and I make it often for their breakfast. It is a simple dish but quite filling and delicious. Egg Roll is nothing but egg paratha wrapped with some fresh vegetables, sauces and chaat masala. This Egg Roll is one of the popular street food of North India. Very simple and easy to make kids friendly recipe, not only kids this is perfect for adults too.

Mar 14, 2017

Blueberry Shrikhand Recipe | Shrikhand(Sweetened Yogurt)With Blueberry - Easy Kids Friendly Indian Dessert

Shirkhand With Blueberries
 Past two weeks weather got dropped down, 20s/30s range and from Sunday night its snowing and going to have 6-8 inches by tonight. This cold weather making me dull and sick and hoping to get better soon. I haven't cooked anything interesting to blog and last only made this Blueberry Shrikhand for kids as after school snack/dessert.

Mar 2, 2017

Bread Roll Recipe | Bread Potato Rolls | Bread Rolls Stuffed With Potato - Easy After School Snack For Kids

Bread Roll Recipe
Bread Roll | Bread Potato Roll is an easy and delicious kids friendly snack recipe. Any snack with potato are my kids' favorite and if it is with bread then its a double treat for them. Few days back made this bread roll for my kids after school snack and they enjoyed it. I had a mind set that anything deep fried with bread slices will be oily and greasy and I often bake the bread roll and I have already shared Baked Soya Bread Roll Recipe Here. But after trying this roll I came to know that my thought wasn't true, thanks to my friend Shweta for suggesting this recipe. I had some left over aloo/potato masala and few bread slices in hand, then remembered about her fried version of bread roll and tried immediately. To be on safer side I just rest the shaped bread rolls in paper towel for 5 minutes so that the excess moisture will be absorbed by the paper towel. The fried bread rolls were so crispy and delicious and they are not oily/greasy and also didn't consume much oil. So once in a while you can serve kids the deep fried bread roll with their desired vegetable or meat filling.