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Dec 31, 2013

Aval Payasam / Aval Paal Payasam / Poha Kheer

Wishing all my readers, friends & fellow bloggers a very Happy New Year 2014! Wish You a New Year Filled with Prosperity, Joy, Good Health & Peace. Hope everyone is more excited to Welcome the New Year in few hours and ready for the New Year Party & Get together. Once again wish you all a splendid day :)
The year 2013 was a fun filled year and it terms of blogging also its been a wonderful year and am so happy that i had completed a another successful year of blogging. This time i could not get time to make a compilation of 2013 Best recipes - like the recipes which got featured in other websites, online journals, most popular post, most viewed post, my favorite recipes etc., As i was busy with personal work i couldn't have time so thought of posting a simple & delicious dessert/sweet for this special occasion.

Dec 29, 2013

Kadai Chicken | Kadai Chicken Curry | Chicken Karahi Recipe

Kadai Chicken is one of the popular Non-Vegetarian menu in Indian Restaurants. This Kadai Chicken & Butter Chicken are our constant Non Veg menu order along with Tandoori Roti or Naan. I wanted to recreate this popular restaurant dish at home for long time.

Dec 26, 2013

Tofu Tawa Masala / Easy Tofu Sabzi - Easy Tofu Recipes

I always look forward to try Tofu Recipes and this Tofu Tawa Masala is one of my recent try after Chatakedar Tofu. I simply tweaked the Paneer Tawa Masala recipe and made this Tofu Tawa Masala. Paneer Tawa Masala is a popular Punjabi sabzi, that is easy to make spicy curry with creamy texture. I recreated the famous North Indian Masala with Tofu and also prepared it as a complete Vegan dish. Instead of cream here, I used ground Cashew nut paste which resulted in rich and creamy taste and texture. And also compared to paneer dish this is low fat and protein rich. My family love Tofu and I started using it regularly in our diet and very rarely buy Paneer only for kids. Now off to the recipe...

Dec 24, 2013

Bienenstich Kuchen | German Bee Sting Cake

Wishing Everyone a Very Happy & Blessed Christmas and also a very Prosperous  New Year ahead.
As this is a Festive & Christmas Month, Aparna Chosen a yeasted cake, German Bee Sting Cake / Bienenstich Kuchen recipe. This is a very rich buttery yeasted cake with Custard Cream Filling which tasted so so delicious and definitely perfect for the Holiday Party. And this sure to add beauty to the Party table.

Dec 18, 2013

Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies | Red Velvet Cookies | Christmas Cookies

Red & Green colour is perfect for the Christmas season, that too red coloured baked goodies like velvet cakes and cookies are so beautiful and colourful treat enjoy the festive occasion. Actually I started to bake a Frosted cookies then in last minute my mind changed and decided to try this mess free and easy Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies. I completely had fun baking this cookies along with my little one. He was more excited to see the red coloured dough with his favorite chocolate chip. He also helped to scoop out the dough and shaping. Baking with kids is always a fun experience only till baking, after that definitely its a troublesome job for foodies. Since kids will not have patience to wait till our photo session. Somehow I managed him and took few pictures. Overall cookies were so soft and delicious, more or less a chocolate chip cookies. My kids loved it a lot.

Dec 17, 2013

Eggless Bread Pudding With Eggless Vanilla Custard Sauce | Left Over Challah Bread Recipe

Today's recipe is one of my favorite desserts, Bread Pudding. I have already posted an old Fashioned Almonds Oats Bread pudding, egg version and this is an Eggless Bread Pudding using Vegan Challah Bread. I baked a huge loaf of Challah bread and was bored with plain toast or eating with butter & jam. So decided to try bread pudding, but when I started the preparation then only noticed that no eggs in the fridge. Soon searched for an eggless bread pudding and happy to find this recipe in Tarla Dala site. Without any second thought tried it as i have all other ingredients in hand. I followed the recipe as such. Except the addition of oats which was not mentioned in the recipe. Oats gives a slight mushy and chewy taste to the pudding and makes it even more delicious and filling. This time I also tried a simple eggless Vanilla Custard Sauce to pair with the bread pudding. Both the eggless recipes turned out awesome and we liked it a lot. This is one perfect dessert that adds beauty and flavor to the party table on any special occasion. Here you go.,

Dec 15, 2013

Gingerbread Snack Cake | Eggless Gingerbread Cake | Spiced Snack Cake - Easy Christmas Cake !

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, mine too went well. Today am here with another easy to make Christmas Cake recipe, Gingerbread Snack Cake. This is a spiced snack cake that is perfect to enjoy Winter Holidays. Super moist, soft, mild sweet and rich spices flavored cake. Simply tried the egg free version with wheat flour/Atta. So the cake turned bit dense but it was soft and chewy like banana bread, we really loved the cake and the flavor while baking is awesome. So if you are looking for a low calorie or low fat spiced cake then this is one best choice. Now off to the recipe...

Dec 13, 2013

Eggless Tutti Frutti Cookies / Candied Fruit Cookies - Christmas Cookies Recipe!

Christmas is around the corner. This year also, I wanted to share few Christmas Bakes and Next to Challah Bread here come Eggless Tutti Frutti Cookies. Christmas/Winter is the right time for baking to enjoy holiday & festive occasions. And, also Winter Baking helps keep your house warm by turning on the oven ;) So I love to bake something alternate days or twice a week. I have bookmarked this cookies from Harichandana's Blog. This is one simple and very easy to make cookies that makes a perfect Edible gifts for your friends  & family. This so rich, flavorful butter cookies with the tutti frutti crunch, it just melt in mouth and it tastes similar to the Iyengar Bakery Vennai biscuits (white colour cubed biscuits). I am a big fan of those cute white vennai biscuits and badly miss it. And now happy that i could bake it at home so easily.
Here I added tutti frutti but you can very well replace it with any candied fruits/ dry fruits or chopped nuts.

Jewish Challah Bread / Vegan Challah Bread / Four Strand Braided Challah

Jewish Challah Bread was in my do list for long time and finally it happened this week. Thanks to Priya R for challenging Home Baker's Group Members with Christmas Bakes - Cakes, Cookies & Bread for this month's Challenge. This Jewish Challah Bread was one of the recipe given for this Month's HBC event. She given us the Traditional Challah Bread recipe with eggs and also a Vegan version. I tried the Vegan Challah Bread/ Four strand Challah braids this time and wanted to try the Traditional version with 6 strand braids sometime later.
The vegan bread turned out so soft, aromatic and delicious than to my expectations. I used besan flour instead of chickpea flour, so i felt very light flavor of chickpea flour. It was to me only, by hubby did not complain anything and the kids too. So i recommend to use chickpea flour and if you use besan flour, dry roast it for 2-3 minutes then use it in the recipe. My kids liked the bread as such with butter. I also tried Eggless Bread Pudding with few slices and that was super Hit, will be posting here soon. Now off to the recipe...

Dec 10, 2013

Chicken Kuzhambu / Tamil Nadu Hotel Style Chicken Kuzhambu / Spicy Chicken Curry Recipe

I prepared this Chicken Kuzhambu quite long back, a week before Purattasi and due to other events and special days this Non Vegetarian Post didn't got any attention. Finally, today decided to post it here as it fits to the Event, Tamizhar Samayal Tuesday by Nalini. This is a spicy Chicken Kuzhambu with freshly ground spices and this is traditionally prepared with Country Chicken / Naatu Kozhi. This chicken Kuzhambu tastes exactly like the one which I have tasted in one of the famous hotel, Selvi Mess in my home town. I made this kuzhambu 3 times and every time it turned out awesome, so spicy and flavorful kuzhambu. This pairs well with hot fluffy idlis, crispy dosa or with flaky parottas, biryani and even with plain rice.

Dec 9, 2013

Basic White Bread / White Bread Recipe

Its my long time wish to bake a White Bread since we completely stopped store bought breads i wanted to bake a fresh loaf for my kids. After My 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread baking i was so much tempted to try a White bread from the scratch. So after getting a new stand mixer this year this was the first recipe i tried and the result was awesome. The bread turned so perfect, soft and delicious than my expectation. I made a simple bread toast with butter and the toast was so yumm and flavorful. My kids loved the bread so much and the two loaves vanished in just two days.
This time the stand mixer did the kneading job so well in just 4 minutes and i was so so excited to see the soft, smooth, elastic dough in just 4 minutes. I am really enjoy kneading with my Stand mixer. But this bread recipe is so simple and it can be done by hand kneading too. The recipe is from the KitchenAid Stand Mixer recipe Book.

Dec 5, 2013

Peas Paratha / Peas Stuffed Paratha

Peas is the one of the veg that my kids do not eat. They even like Bitter gourd but did not know the reason why they dislike Peas. I love peas and Mr.V also do not complain with peas recipes but the kids they will not even taste it. They do not eat peas in any dish, even in their favorite Mutter Paneer Masala. I have experimented in so many dishes but, they constantly say big NO to peas. The I stopped compelling them to eat peas and sometimes they like to eat Peas in mashed form. So I rarely make Paneer Peas Paratha for them and the Sprouted Peas Paratha is my favorite.

Dec 3, 2013

Tomato Rice / Quick Tomato Rice ~ Easy Lunch Box Recipe !

Today's recipe is one quick, simple and easy to make Tomato Rice that is perfect for lunch box with some chips or any vegetable fry. I have already posted this recipe along with Homemade Ginger Garlic Paste post but then thought its a too lengthy post, so thought to share it here as a New post. This Tomato rice can be done with left over rice but for lunch box i recommend to try with freshly cooked & cooled Rice. This is my most favorite quick fix recipe and i love to add some masala powder to my tomato rice. Its sure gives nice flavorful and yummy rice.

Dec 2, 2013

Chatakedar Tofu / Tangy & Spicy Tofu - Easy Tofu Recipes !

I like to try new recipes with Tofu though we love Tofu Mutter Masala I wanted to try something different this time. I decided to make a starter or snack with it. I searched for Paneer Starters/Snacks and this Chatakedar Recipe with Paneer from Tarla Dalal site got my attention more. As the name and the recipe also very new to me and I wanted to try it with Tofu instead Paneer. This is a spicy, mild tangy appetizer or a dry side that pairs well with mild pulao or Fried Rice. A complete Vegan recipe and tried to make it a low calorie without harming the health benefits of Tofu. I slightly tweaked the Original recipe, if you want to try something new and spicy starter give it a try and a perfect recipe for this weather, I am sure you will love it, when served hot with onion slices and lemon wedges on a rainy or cold evenings. Here, goes my version of Chatakedar Tofu.

Nov 28, 2013

Lachha Paratha / Whole Wheat Lachha Paratha / Mulit Layered Paratha - Its Easy & Vegan too!!

Lachha Paratha is a Mulit layered Indian Flat bread/Paratha of Punjabi Cuisine that is traditionally prepared in Tandoor(a cylindrical clay or metal oven) and using ghee. But it can also be prepared using oil in tawa/griddle like chapathi or plain paratha. I love south Indian Paratto, a similar multi layered flat bread that is made with Maida/All purpose Flour. And recently learned the trick of making perfect Parotta and am planning to make a post of it soon here.
Now coming to the Lachha Paratha, mostly this lachha paratha is made using ghee and is not advisable for regular diet meal but i wanted to make it less calorie and also a complete Vegan Recipe, so i used whole wheat flour and oil to make this paratha. Even oil gives nice flaky and flavorful paratha. Hope the step by step pictures helps anyone to make this Paratha very easy and now lets move on to the recipe...

Nov 26, 2013

Pottukadalai Chutney / Roasted Gram Dal Chutney - Easy Chutney Recipe

Today's recipe is one quick & easy to make chutney that pairs well with many South Indian breafast or dinner recipes like Idli/Dos, Pongal, Chapathi, Paniyaram, Adai, etc., My Maternal mom makes this chutney for my Grand pa since he does not like coconut chutney or kurma recipes. So this kadalai chutney is his favorite sides for Idli and my favorite too. For today's Tamizhar Samyal Tuesday event by Nalini, I like to share this simple and tasty chutney.

Nov 24, 2013

Kanel Snegle / Kanelbullar (Swedish Cinnamon Snails/Rolls)

For this Month's We Knead to Bake we are baking Kanel Snegel or Swedish Cinnamon Snails. This bread contains two spices - cardamom & cinnamon which gives amazing flavor and taste to the snails. Aparna suggested to try both Snail shaped rolls and the twisted buns, so I tried both but the last minute Baking did not helped me this time and everything was not to my satisfaction and also the snails got burnt. Somehow I managed to take few pictures with a snail for today's post and definitely will be making it sometime soon. Anyway thanks Aparna for suggesting this wonderful bread recipe. Even though it burnt we loved it :) Now off to the recipe..

Nov 21, 2013

Godhuma Dosai / Wheat Dosa / Wheat Flour Dosa - Easy Breakfast Recipes !

If you are looking for an easy, quick, simple, healthy, low calorie and Instant Breakfast or Dinner recipe?, Then this Wheat Dosa / Godhumai Dosai is one perfect recipe & its a diabetic friendly recipe too. One humble recipe with tons of benefits & you can make it in a jiffy. No grinding, no soaking, no resting time, just mix flour with water add some chopped onions, cilantro, ginger and throw in little cumin & pepper that's it your Dosa batter ready. This Wheat Dosa is our breakfast/dinner recipe on my lazy days and we don't have any trouble eating this dosa daily. We love this dosa with some spicy chutneys or with pickles. It tastes great when it is served hot with some spicy chutney or kurma. Now off to the recipe..

Nov 19, 2013

Green Peas Kachori With Spicy Dum Aloo / Peas Kachori & Dum Aloo

I am happy to be a part of SNC / South Vs North Challenge Event, brainchild of Divya Pramil. SNC has completed a successful year and as a Celebration of SNC Anniversary, Divya announced a lovely giveaway at her space. If anyone interested to know about the giveaway please hop on to her space and do join in the Anniversary Celebration.
Last Month itself Divya suggested to try any of the 24 recipes ie 12 recipes challenged by South Team Members and 12 recipes challenged by North Team members. But I couldn't do it last month  and happy that Divya extended the Anniversary Celebration post to this month as well. So here's my post for the Celebration of this great Event. As i joined this just six months back so i have more choice of recipes to try. Of it I tried Green Peas Kachori With Spicy Dum Aloo challenged by Sanoli. This is one yummy combo and my kids loved it a lot. I enjoyed cooking this recipes and thank you Sanoli for this wonderful recipes. I slightly tweaked the peas filling to my taste. Now off to the recipes..

Nov 17, 2013

Chickpeas Curry Masala / Channa Curry Masala / Channa Masala with Coconut

I have planned few things to do this weekend, nothing special simply to Bake & Cook few recipes for blog. But all spoiled because of the bad weather, yes., it was too cloudy and rainy for the past two days. We did not go anywhere and simply watched online movies, TV shows & took complete rest. The weather gonna be like this for the next few months and I cannot cook & click any time. Here, after should keep watching the weather reports and have to cook on the Shiny Day alone :( I know many of my bloggers friends also depend on the Natural light and worrying like me.
Now Coming to the recipe, this is South Indian style Channa Masala / Chickpeas Masala with coconut-poppy paste and chicken masala powder. This is a very simple and quick channa masala and you do not need to pressure cook the chickpeas prior instead soaked chickpeas is enough. This chickpeas masala is done using a pressure cooker. Without any further delay will get into the recipe.,

Nov 14, 2013

Eggless Oats Chocolate Biscottis / Oats Chocolate Biscotti

For this Month's Home Baker's Challenge, Priya given us four Biscotti recipes. Biscottis arenothing but a twice baked cookies, originated in Italy. These cookies or biscuits are oblong shaped and crunchy cookies. Of the Four Biscotti Recipes, I picked this Eggless Oats Chocolate Biscotti. This recipe is Priya's own creation, she had used wholegrain - oats in this Italian cookies that is very innovative and nice way to include wholegrain in kid's snack. I am happy that I tried this eggless oats chocolate biscottis, they turned out good and my kids loved it a lot. All biscottis vanished in two days and not even a small single piece left to their dad. And, yesterday again they asked for biscottis, so I am planning to bake another batch by tomorrow. Thank you Priya for this wonderful recipe and I really enjoyed this month's challenge. This is sure a keeper.

Nov 12, 2013

Rava Kesari / Kesari Recipe - Easy Indian Sweet Recipes

Rava Kesari is a popular South Indian sweet that is made using Semolina/Sooji/Rava. It is made during all festive occasions & Weddings. This is a simple and quick sweet, you can make this sweet instantly if you have rava/sooji at home. This is one of the easiest & quick nivedyam. This Rava Kesari even makes a quick Cake to celebrate Birthday instantly. Have cut Kesari Cake few years and even this year for my husband's birthday i made this Kesari Cake since I was sick at that time. So prepared this Kesari cake instantly(see 4th collage pic)

I wanted to share this recipe for a long time, but every time one or the other reason prevented me to click. This is the first sweet recipe I learned to make and from the first time it was successful. As its very simple and also it can be prepared in 20 minutes, I often make this sweet for all special occasions. Recently made this on Diwali day and clicked few pictures to share here. I used only few drops of ghee for flavor so my rava kesari doesn't have the glossy, shiny texture and it looks dry like upma, but taste wise it was good and I am happy with the reduced calorie/fat :) I sometimes use oil also for this Rava Kesari. Either way it tasted good, but the addition of ghee makes it rich, delicious and flavorful sweet.

Nov 10, 2013

Orange Tutty Frutti Loaf Cake / Orange Fruit Cake / Condensed Milk Fruit Cake

Today's recipe is a rich, delicious & flavorful After School snack recipe, a loaf cake with Orange & Tutty Frutti combo. I baked this cake long back and because of Diwali recipes & other Events I completely forgot it. And today it is Sunday and its time for Lets Brunch On Sundays Event by Priya and Veena. So I found this recipe when i searched my folder for today's recipe. This is a very simple and easy Eggless Cake recipe with lovely orange flavor. I have already tried a  Orange Loaf Cake,a low calorie cake with Olive oil and that was Hit with my kids and I too loved that cake. This time got this recipe from Tarla Dalal site that is with Tutty Frutti combo. I just Love Fruit cake and the addition of tutty frutti or nuts makes it more filling and delicious, perfect to pack for your kid's snack box. The flavor and colourful cake sure to impress kids, so go ahead and bake it for your kids. Definitely they gonna love and ask you to bake often. Now off to the recipe..

Nov 9, 2013

Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes /Chocolate Mocha Cupcake with Chocolate Whipped Cream Frosting

After a long time I am sharing a Baking recipe, I did not bake anything recently and even not interested in baking. But when we friends planned for the Virtual Birthday Treat for Priya, decided to bake any recipe sweet or savory from her space. Since Priya loves baking and also her space is loaded with lots and lots of baked goodies, from sinful delight to healthy bakes.

Nov 7, 2013

South Indian Mixture / Madras Mixture / Diwali Mixture

Mixture is nothing but a mix of deep fried snacks like Kara BoondiOmapodi , Kara Sev  along with fried Peanuts, cashews & Poha. This is the simple South Indian Mixture, to this You can also add Maida Biscuits , fried Chana Dal and for a sweet touch raisins, sugar or sweet boondi also added. Today am sharing the simple & Basic South Indian Style Mixture / Madras Mixture. This is popularly made during Diwali time. We too make this mixture in a tall bucket to share it with our relatives, friends and neighbors on Diwali day. Mixture is one of my favorite childhood snack. More than a snack I love this mixture as a side dish. I can even have Thanni sadham(cooked rice with water n salt) with some mixture. I love the sweet biscuits/Maida biscuits in the mixture. So I reserved 1/4 cup Maida Biscuits to add in the mixture :)

Nov 6, 2013

Whipping Cream Pound Cake ~ My Guest Post for Rendez Vous With a Foodie, Priya's Versatile Recipes !

Whipping Cream Pound Cake
Today's post is a special Guest Post of mine featured in Priya's Versatile Recipes. So Thanks a ton Priya for this wonderful opportunity. I know Priya for the past two years and she is a Gem of a Woman, so kind, lovable, caring and down to earth person whom i met through this virtual world. I know more about her personally, we talked over phone for hours and hours and also chatted for hours together. Such a jovial person and she never fails to bring a smile on my face while chatting. Whenever i am down or tensed she is the first person whom i ping and she always there to console me with her humble and positive words. I am blessed to be her friendly sister and wish to be so forever.

Nov 5, 2013

Milagu Rasam / Pepper Rasam

After all rich and delicious Diwali Sweets & Savories here comes the simple, healthy and soothing recipe, Milagu Rasam / Pepper Rasam that is perfect for the Chill Weather now. I make Rasam weekly twice or thrice, since my lil' one prefer rasam and rice for lunch.
Every family has their method of making Rasam / Rasam Powder and this is our version. This Rasam does not require Rasam Powder just a coarsely ground cumin, pepper and garlic is enough. The recipe as follows..

Nov 3, 2013

Kaju Halwa / Kaju Kesari / Cashew Nut Fudge - Easy Diwali Sweet Recipe

Hello folks, Hope you had a blasting Diwali Celebration and enjoyed the festival with your family & friends. We too had fun eating sweets & savories which i cooked, simple lunch - Vegetable Biryani, Raita & Vermicelli Paal Payasam. The day went happily & peacefully with my family. Only thing which made my kids upset was they did not burst any firecrackers but what to do here we don't have such facilities. Hope in future they get a chance to enjoy Diwali in India with their Grand parents, Uncles & Aunts :)

Oct 31, 2013

KaraSev / KaraSev Recipe / Spicy Sev Recipe

Its been ages i had this spicy and yummy karasev. Though this is not my favorite snack i love to have this as a side with rice and rasam. But The karasev which is available here are not good, crispy and i do not like it. So i decided to try it by myself and that's the only way to taste a very good kara sev :)
Here's another Diwali snack from Spicy Treats, my version of karasev-crispy, spicy and mild soft karasev. This is one quick version and you can make instantly. Traditionally this Kara sev made using karasev ladle but i used murukku press for making this kara sev with the wide holes achu /plate. This time I tried it Vegan without using butter and it turned out perfectly.

Oct 30, 2013

Maida Biscuits / Diamond Biscuits ~ Kids Friendly Snack / Diwali Sweet Recipe

How many of you love this cute and delicious Maida Biscuits / Diamond Biscuits? Its my most favorite snack during my childhood days, have eaten this a lot. This is so addictive and yummy snack, you can't stop munching this sweet, crunchy and melt in mouth biscuits. But in recent years i have tasted [only tasted ;)] it only once because of diet..this and that.
Like me, my kids also love this biscuits a lot and after a way long time i made for them and they enjoyed eating and playing with this Diamond Biscuits :) As now its Diwali Occasion i wanted to share it here, so it will be useful for many to try this easy and simple, Vegan Snack. Usually this maida biscuits are done using butter or Vanaspathi/shortening but this recipe uses oil only. If anyone looking for a Vegan Diwali sweet then this is one best option, hope you like it too and give it a try...

Oct 29, 2013

Wheat Flour Laddu / Atta Laddu - Easy & Quick Diwali Sweet Recipe

Today's recipe is another simple and easy to make Sweet that you can try this for Diwali, Wheat Flour Laddus / Atta Ladoo. A healthy snack for growing kids. I bookmarked this Atta Ladoo in Raks Kitchen and tried it this week and the laddus tasted so so good and it just melt in mouth like Soan papdi. I felt so, the sweetness and flour texture was similar to the taste of soan papdi. I slightly tweaked the recipe by mixing the ground pistachios with Atta. And also here i used only 1/4 cup ghee and 1/4 cup oil. To me the flavor of ghee and taste of Atta ladoo was fine but you can use which ever is fine to you. One more Easy Diwali Sweet and its a must try, thank You Raji for this wonderful recipe and sure a keeper. Now off to the recipe..

Oct 28, 2013

Mysore Pak Recipe / Soft Ghee Mysore Pak - Easy Diwali Sweet

Hope everyone is busy preparing Sweets & Savories for Diwali. And all my fellow bloggers are rushing to post their Diwali recipes and after a short break i am here with one of the Easy Diwali Sweet - Mysore Pak / Soft Ghee Mysore Pak. Never thought that cooking Mysore Pak is so much easy and i can make it successfully in my first attempt itself. Yep.,this is the first time am trying this popular Diwali snack, since i do not like Mysore Pak and very rarely take one piece if its from Sree Krishna Sweets :)

Oct 24, 2013

100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread / Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

Its my long time wish to try a Sandwich bread and finally it happened today :) I all excited to see my own homemade 100% whole wheat bread fresh & hot out to oven. Thanks to Aparna for choosing 100% whole wheat Sandwich Bread for this month's We Knead to Bake recipe. We usually buy whole wheat bread and recently stopped buying it because of it preservatives, but now i will not worry for store bought ones since i got one fool proof recipe. The bread tasted so soft and my kids loved it. I am going to try some sandwich or Bread Upma tomorrow.
This bread is soft and very lightly dense than other whole wheat bread and also easy to make except it need lot of time. The soaker and Biga should be made ahead and totally it takes more than 24 hrs excluding bread baking time.

Oct 22, 2013

Boondi / Kara Boondi Recipe ~ Easy Diwali Snack Recipes

Here's another easy & tasty Diwali snack, Kara Boondi recipe. Really making boondi is not that much hard just little bit patience is required, yes.,you have to clean/wipe the boondi ladle every time to get round shaped boondis and also check batter consistency by dropping few drops and add flour or water accordingly, that's it its so simple and you can make this yummy snack. This is my kids and hubby's most favorite snack and every time we buy Provisions in Indian store definitely a packet of Boondi will be in the list. Not only for snack they love this as a side dish with Curd rice, Rasam & rice, Sambar Sadham and even mix it with Rice puffs which makes a great snack. This is my second time and am happy that this time my Boondis were near to perfect.  But i couldn't able to take detailed step wise pictures as i was making it alone without Hubby's help and also i don't have tripod so for a detailed pictorial checkout my Boondi Laddu recipe. Now off to the recipe..

Oct 21, 2013

Garlic Murukku / Poondu Murukku

Today's recipe is simple and easy to make savory snack that can be made for the upcoming festival, Diwali. This Garlic Murukku is one of my childhood favorite snack and my mom makes the best Garlic Murukku. I wanted to post this recipe for long time but did not get chance and now after seeing all other blogs with the Diwali Sweets & Savories recipes i too wanted to share few recipes here and this Garlic Murukku is first in the row :)

Oct 17, 2013

Vazhakkai Varuval / Vazhakkai Fry / Spicy Raw Banana Fry

This is one of the simple & quickest stir fry that pairs well with any kind of south Indian meal - with sambar, rasam & curd/Yogurt or with one pot meal like Arisi Paruppu Sadham, Sambar Sadham, Bisi Bela Batha and even with Variety rice like Lemon Rice, Tomato Rice, Curd rice. Mr.V even like this fry to eat like appetizer, he finish this whole bowl in one go. He loves this kind of fry a lot and Potato Fry is his most favorite. Mostly i cook Vegetarian on all special occasions and if i ask him for the menu his choice will be Sambar, Rasam, Potato Fry, Medhu Vada & Vermicelli Payasam. I love to talk about his favorites and liking a lot but will stop here and move on to the recipe. I have already posted a simple Vazhakkai Stir Fry but this is little different from it which involves tempering and also the addition of onions which took this simple fry to next level with lovely flavor and caramelized onions with the spices smells and tastes so good that cannot be explained you have to feel it, so next time when u get Raw Banana or Vazhakkai try this simple and easy to make fry without fail and please feel free to share your lovely feedback. Now off to the recipe...

Oct 15, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Fund Raising Event

Hello Friends,
We are feeling proud to announce this useful fund raising event to bring awareness among many people and also to help people who are already diagnosed and need help with regards to the cost of the treatment. Here, we bloggers joined together to spread this awareness lot faster and in a wider range in the network world. We would like to sincerely thank each of our blogger friends to put this forward and as well as help with regards to the donation as well.

Oct 14, 2013

Eggless Chocoalte Mug Cake / Eggless Chocolate cake in a Mug / Microwave Chocolate Cake

I have been posting all savory Sundals & side dish recipes for past week and for a change wanted to share this Instant Chocolate Cake recipe which i tried long long back and now only got time to click and share this easy & single serving Chocolate cake. Have tried many Eggless cake recipe even my Eggless Carrot Mug cake  & Mango Mug cake recipes are a very moist, soft and delicious cake with bit dense texture but this Chocolate cake is so so light, airy and fluffy cake and you will not say its a Eggless cake. That too with all simple & Basic cake Ingredients, just give it a try to feel the real taste and flavor. All you need is just 2 minutes to enjoy this Chocolaty treat. I have spared so many 2 minutes for this chocolate cake and enjoyed it a lot with my kids. They love it a lot and one time made 4 mug cakes for us :)  Ok now off to the recipe..

Oct 13, 2013

Announcing Diwali Delicacies Event

Hello Friends,
Welcome you all to an Another Interesting Event - Diwali Delicacies. Diwali or Deepavali popularly known as the "festival of lights," and is Celebrated all over India. Diwali involves the lighting of small clay lamps filled with oil to signify the Victory of good over evil. These lamps are kept in order to Welcome the goddess Lakshmi. And also on the special day Firecrackers are burst because it is believed that it drives away all evil spirits. During Diwali, all the celebrants wear new clothes and share sweets and snacks with family members and friends.

Pachai Payir Sundal / Mung Bean Salad / Green Gram Sundal Recipe

Happy Dussehra / Dasara Wishes to all who celebrate this special occasion. Dasara/Vijayadashami  is a Hindu festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil, the victory of Goddess Durga over the demons Mahishasur. As the name suggests Vijayadashmi or Dussehra is celebrated on the tenth day of the month of Ashwin according to the Hindu lunisolar calendar which corresponds to September or October of the Gregorian calendar. The first nine days are celebrated as Maha Navratri or Sharada Navratri and culminates on the tenth day as Dasara. On this Day people of the Hindu faith observe Dussehra through special prayer and food offerings to the gods at home or in temple. Many people also believe that it is lucky day to start a new venture, project or journey on Dussehra. So on this special occasion i wish all my readers & blogger friend and family a good health, wealth & peace.

Oct 9, 2013

Paneer Bhurji - Easy Paneer Recipe

Generally in Puratassi (Tamil month name) Month we do not eat any non vegetarian dishes including egg in this month. Though i am not a NV eater but i like to add eggs regularly in my diet and whenever i am lazy and run out of veggies i mostly prefer Egg Bhurji for my dinner with Chapathis. I love Egg Bhurji a lot and my kids too love it a lot and they can have a extra half chapathi with it :)

Oct 4, 2013

Pachai Payir Vella Sundal / Vella Sundal / Whole Moong Sweet Sundal - Navarathri Recipes

Today being Friday and also tomorrow Navarathri (in India it started today) i wanted to share this Vella Sundal / Pachai Payir Vella Sundal. This Vella Sundal is one of the recipe which is prepared on any one of the nine days as Nivedyam. My neighbor maamis also give this sweet sundal as Prasadham on one of the Nine Days when we visit their Home to see Golu. I would like to watch their Golu on all nine days, each day they decorate the Golu differently. Though my mom make this Vella Sundal during Ayutha Pooja or Vinayagar Chathurthi i love the sundal which is made by my Neighbor maamis during Navarathri. Dunno the reason but i love Maami's Sundals or Kozhukattais more than my mom's recipe.

Oct 3, 2013

Batata Poha / Aloo Poha / Potato Rice Flakes

Poha one of my favorite breakfast and I sometimes prefer Poha Upma for my evening snack too. One quick and easy to make recipe with great taste. Have tried few varities of Poha upma like Spinach Poha, Tomato PohaMango PohaBroccoli Lemon Poha and this Batata Poha is in my to do list for long time. And recently got to try it and it turned out awesome, Poha are best when it served hot. For this Batata Poha I used Ginger-Green chilli-Cilantro paste & love this combo a lot and have already used in many of my recipes and with this Potato Poha also it paired well and on the whole  a spicy, flavorful and yummy Poha. If you like Poha & Potato then you must try this combo for a more satisfying and comfort meal.

Oct 2, 2013

Cauliflower Capsicum Sabzi / Cauliflower Sabzi - Easy Side Dish For Chapathi !

Life without gadgets - laptop, internet, mobile is something different and also bit boring, today we had some internet issue and got the connection after 6 pm. I felt that I was left in an Island without no people around me. I even could not make India call or chat/call with any friends as my Landline also needs wifi. I don't know how to spend the day without my laptop and mobile but you know the day went very well, did some useful work.

Oct 1, 2013

Oats Curd Bath / Oats Curd Rice / Oats Savory Oatmeal

Today's recipe is one healthy, low calorie, filling and quick meal which is perfect for Breakfast or Lunch or even for dinner. Savory Oatmeal is my constant diet menu, so comfort and satisfying meal to me. Compared to the sweet version I love this savory oats, even my kids love this savory oats. For garnishing I used pom seeds, raw mango but oats good with plain yogurt and a dash of salt. Tempering and garnishing makes it look more attractive, colorful and also adds more taste and flavor.

Sep 30, 2013

Kadala Paruppu Sundal / Chana Dal Sundal ~ Easy Navarathri Sundal Recipe

Just only 5 more days for Navarathri and most of the Indian blogs are flooding with Sundal & other Navarathri related recipes. I too wanted to share few easy and quick to make sundal recipes here for the occasion. We do not have the custom of celebrating this Nine days Festival. But we lived in an Agraharam for more than 10 years and all the families in that area celebrate it in their own way and almost everyone keep kolu/Golu at their home and i love to watch the Golu settings-the lighting, toys(chettiyar bommai, marapachi bommai, park toys are my fav) and above all the Bakshenam they give on all nine days ;) I really enjoyed going to all the maamis' house to watch the Golu, they only give the bakshenam if we sing or recite slogam :) I don't know whether the maamis still remember us but I never failed to recollect the days where we had so much fun at their place watching golu and eating all those yummy foods :)
This Kadala Paruppu Sundal is one such easy and tasty sundal with very simple preparation. It just needs boiling chana and a simple tempering, no onions in this sundal recipe. Its even a perfect filling and healthy snack for Diabetic people.

Sep 26, 2013

Vegetable Rava Biryani / Rava Biryani - Easy & Quick One Pot Meal!

Today's Recipe is one easy & quick one pot meal with more satisfying taste & flavor - Vegetable Rava Biryani. Rava Upma is one such recipe which is not liked by most of the people, particularly men. Mr.V also hate Rava upma and never allow to me to cook it for him, i make it only for me and my kids. Upma is one of my fav breakfast/dinner menu. During my school days i even ask my mom to pack upma for my lunch box with sugar. I just love upma with sugar and plain yogurt.

Sep 24, 2013

Khaliat Nahal / Honeycomb Buns or Bee's Hive Buns

I love baking breads and it all happened due to Aparna's We Knead To Bake group, special Thanks to Aparna for all her best choices of Bread recipes and definitely i am learning new bread & baking technique every month. And for this Month we are baking Honeycomb Buns/Khaliat Nahal. This is one of the cute and softest bread i ever had. And so delicious and flavorful too. I just loved the aroma of freshly baked bread and these buns are so so good and addictive. Traditionally these buns are made as sweet with plain cream cheese filling, glazed with honey flavored syrup. I too baked the sweet version but with Sweetened Coconut, tutty frutti, & nuts filling. I think now i don't need to explain the taste of these buns, rt? My kids loved it to the core and they enjoyed eating the buns by dipping it in the sugar syrup. These buns makes a perfect tea time snack with some warm milk or hot chai.

Sep 23, 2013

Kalan Kuzhambu / Spicy Mushroom Gravy

Kalan Kuzhambu / Spicy Mushroom Gravy is one of the popular South Indian kuzhambu variety that too its popular in South Indian Wedding Dinner. In recent years, have seen in many wedding receptions in my hometown. Many people prefer this Kalan Kuzhambu and Parotta for dinner menu in Wedding Receptions. Even i tasted Mushroom first time in a wedding reception dinner only. I liked this spicy kuzhambu, its so flavorful and yummy with parotta & Ghee Rice. Then my mom got the recipe from a Cook and tried it few times. We all love this mushroom kuzhambu and i love it with hot idlis and with Jeera Rice or Ghee Rice.
If you haven't cooked Mushroom this way, please give it a try to feel the real flavor and taste of this kuzhambu. Dunno why i did not posted this recipe in my space, Thanks to Nalini for starting Tamizhar Samayal Tuesday event, in which one should post traditional or regional recipes of Tamil Nadu on every month's 2nd and 4th Tuesday. So keep watching i am gonna share few of my hometown special recipes here in coming weeks.

Sep 22, 2013

Dill Leaves Cabbage Pakora / Dill Leaves Pakora

Dill Cabbage Pakora Recipe With Step by Step Photos. Thanks to Priya & Veena for starting Lets Brunch On Sundays Event, in which a blogger should post any recipe on 2nd and 4th Sunday under no theme & specific rules. Really I need a commitment to post on Sundays or else will be lazy and postponing it to Monday morning, afternoon or evening. Now this Event pushed me to come up with a recipe today.

Sep 20, 2013

Broccoli Masala / Broccoli Onion Tomato Masala

One more addition to my Broccoli Recipes, Broccoli Masala. This recipe was lying in my draft more than a month, somehow this did not get my attention these days and there are few more recipes like that which i cooked and clicked long back. For some reason and events the other recipes took the priority and now these recipes helps me to feed my blog since i did not cook anything recently. Almost spending my days sitting idle not interested in anything. The weather also dull and dark one more reason for my laziness, hope my mind change in coming days so that i can cook some yummy recipes to share here :)