Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Minty Chickpeas Vada / Mint Chickpeas Vadai

For the last day of BM #16, I am going to share a super yummy n healthy snack, vada/vadai recipe with my Star Ingredient - Chickpeas/Channa. First i decided to make oven roasted chickpeas for snack then changed my mind and made this crispy n tasty vada with mint flavor. To make it healthy n filling, i added some finely chopped Spinach,Purple Cabbage and Carrots. And this vadai is fully made with chickpeas n i did not add split yellow peas/chana dal like my Green Peas Cabbage Vada. It come out beyond to my expectation and we all enjoyed,yes...after a very very long time i made deep fried snack at home. My kids n H loved this vada a lot. As they were so much tempted with the color,flavor started urging me for this yummy vadas So i first served with few vadas and at the end of my work i left with some 5 vadas only for final pics. I was completely blank n dunno how to present them n h to click with  few vadas?! Quickly remember that many of my blogger friends had presented their cookies/brownies/chewy bars using cut cookie sheet/MW liner. Then without other options i tried doing it of my own, as the vadas were not flat one i couldn't stack them. Really thanks to those creative minds which helped me this time to present my recipe :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Poornam Boorelu With Chickpeas ~ Low Calorie Version!

Hi Folks,Hope you all enjoyed your weekend n buddies Here in US still in the holiday mood rt?! due to Memorial day- holiday!! Actually we planned for a trip to enjoy this long weekend but from Friday i caught with cold n Flu suffered with severe body ache. So all our plan was dropped ok we planned again next month :) Today i am feeling much better.
For Day 6, under the theme Pick One Cook All with my star Ingredient, "Chickpeas/Channa" here comes a Sweet recipe, Poornam Boorelu with Chickpeas. Poornam Boorelu is a traditional Andhra Recipe which is done with channa dal and deep fried with urad dal batter. I replaced channa dal with chickpeas and instead of deep frying i used my Paniyaram Pan to fry them. I love anything with jaggery in any form. I just love this version a lot n my kids too. Urad dal n Jaggery n Chickpeas are well know for its nutrients n vitamins n iron contents so without spoiling its health factor i simply made this delicious sweet in Paniyaram Pan as low calorie guilt free sweet. Hope u too like it and do try this at home and enjoy! Now to the recipe...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cilantro Lime Chickpea Salad

For Day 5 of BM#16, I am going to share a simple and very refreshing Salad with my star ingredient, Chickpeas/Channa/Garbanzo Beans. Usually i make Sundals for my evening snack and sometimes will skip cooking n simply toss the legumes/dals with lime n carrots or even sometimes with yogurt. Salads which doesn't require cooking/half cooking process impress me a lot. One such recipe was this Cilantro Lime Chickpea Salad which i bookmarked @ Heather's Dish. In the original recipe, she added pulsed baby spinach but i skipped it becoz i don't have it in hand and also I Indianised it with the addition of kashmiri chilli,chaat masala n cumin powder. I loved eating this salad a lot than the chickpeas Sundal. This is very refreshing, tangy n lil spicy. Perfect for both Sunny n Rainy  days. Friends do give it a try, its very simple n i am sure you will love it to the core. Now to the recipe...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mixed Veg N Chickpeas Clear Soup

For Day 4 of BM # 16, I am going to share a very healthy n yummy soup with my Star Ingredient "Chickpeas" along with mixed vegs like carrot,beans n sweet corn. Running 4th day of Blogging Marathon under the theme "Pick one Cook All" with Healthy n light Soup. This soup recipe was adapted from Priya's Blog. I am a big fan of Her easy n healthy soups n this Broccoli Chickpeas Clear Soup is one of my fav recipe n bookmarked it long back. I am not much fond of soups and also so lazy to make it but i love the Instant Maggi/Knorr soups. This chickpeas clear soup is one of the easiest n simple recipe, Instead Broccoli i added mixed vegs of my choice n it turned out so good n filling. Even my 3yr old enjoyed sipping the soup. I love to much the croutons dipped in hot soup...Mmmm!! Thank you so much Priya for this healthy n tasty soup. The recipe as follows...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Curried Chickpeas Masala Dosa

Today also we are going to see a another Main course entree with Chickpeas/Channa/Garbanzo beans. For this i made, Masala Dosa with curried chickpeas/chickpeas curry. I love dosa with stuffing a lot, i have posted a few variety of masala dosa recipes. Click Here for the recipes. This curried chickpeas recipe was slightly adapted from Thaifood.about.com. For this masala dosa i added few finely chopped onions,cilantro n drops of lemon juice. It tasted so yummy with refreshing flavors. I have tried a similar one with my Tomato Masala Dosa. This curried chickpeas masala dosa is very nutritious and filling...No need for special sidedish but it tasted yummy with Onion Tomato Cilantro Chutney n Sambar. First time i made this recipe with chutney n sambar but on that i couldn't able to click neatly, so again next day i made this curry but with store bought dosa batter...and also didn't get time to make chutney n sambar...on that day i was in hurry n also kids were at home...lots of confusion, so totally forgot to take Curried Chickpeas separately n clicked some closeup shots with dosa alone. If kids are at home, then i can't do any of my work properly...two naughtly boys will be troubling me lot. okk will move onto the recipe...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chickpeas Coconut Milk Biryani / Channa Biryani with coconut milk

For Day 2 of Blogging Marathon under the theme "Pick one Cook All" with chickpeas/channa as my star ingredient, we are going to see a Main course entree, yummy Chickpeas Biryani with coocnut milk. Its been so long time i made biryani using coconut milk. Due to calorie conscious i completely stopped using coconut milk in my cooking. For a change, i tried this chicpeas coconut milk biryani. I marinated the chicpeas with yogurt n other spices like chicken/meat and cooked in non-veg biryani style. Biryani turned out so delicious, still the taste n flavor lingering in my mind. Now to the recipe...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chickpeas Tikkis ~ Healthy Starter !

I am so happy to join Blogging Marathon # 16 after a month break. This time i made everything in advance ie., i prepared all seven recipes soon after the theme announcement. Keeping my health issue in mind this time i have chosen all simple n easy to do recipes. And also i did not concentrate/spend much time/energy for presentation n pictures. But at the same time wanted to share a pleasing  n inviting clicks....somehow worked on it n hope u all will like my recipes :) For this edition, i am going to share recipes under the theme "Pick One Cook All" with Chickpeas/Channa as my Star  ingredient. ie. have to cook all course (starter,maindish,sweet,soup,salad n snack) of recipes with Chickpeas as the main ingredient. So lets start with a interesting n healthy starter recipe. This is very easy and quick starter with simple ingredients. For this tikkis i made spiced yogurt dip, which suits well and tasted so yummy. But still you can enjoy this tikkis with simple ketchup or with both it tasted so yummy. Now to the recipe...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sandesh / Kesar Sandesh ~ My 400th Post !!!

I am so excited to write my 400th post today with a very delicious sweet, Sandesh. A very simple yet Yummy sweet made out of Paneer. First, My heartfelt thanks to all my readers and fellow bloggers who constantly supporting and encouraging me. Without all your boosting comments i cannot reach this position in short period. Thanks n Thanks a ton for everything you showed to me till date and hope you will continue forever :) As i said in my previous posts,blogging had changed my life n taught me so many new n unknown things/recipes n so on. And the most special thing to mention, I got so many friends...some of them are really very very close to me n i use to think about them in my daily life for some reason n they become a part of my life. Really I am so lucky and proud to be a part of this blogging world.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Broccoli Chutney

Broccoli Chutney, Chutney with Broccoli sounds new n interesting to me when i saw this recipe on Priya's Blog. I was so much impressed and tried it long back. Thanks a lot Priya for sharing such healthy n yummy recipe...I have tried so many recipes from her space n never got disappointed. Still have so many bookmarks to try :) Sure will make it soon n let u know. Thanks Priya for all your wonderful creations. First time,I made this chutney for lunch along with rice n papads. When i served it to my H, he did not recognize that its made out of Broccoli...tasted like the regular cilantro chutney. With curd rice it tasted so so yummy!! That day i couldn't click as i made it in hurry. Then again last week i made this chutney for our breakfast n had with dosa...that was also a yummy combo. The only change i made was i added some onions n chana dal, on the whole it was very tasty n nutritious chutney, particularly for kids who hate broccoli can easily have it with their fav dosa/puri/idly without any complaints. Do give it a try!! Now to the recipe....

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ginger Thuvaiyal / Inji Thuvaiyal With Pepper Corns

I could not stay away from blogging but at the same time couldn't able to do much like before. So i try to make very simple dishes and also not spending/caring much time for presentation n pictures. Simply wanted to click few appealing shots. Since i am not completely back to normal but somehow manage to do my routine work. For some kind of passion/attraction i am not able to leave my lil' space which is going to reach its 400th post soon. I am so much excited about this great achievement and planning to treat/thank my viewers with a special post but not sure h will i able to do it?! Let me try my best :) Now coming to Ginger Thuvaiyal, very healthy and tasty thuvaiyal with lots of healing properties. This is also my Grandmom's recipe. The only change i made, instead of dry red chillies i used more pepper corns for the spiciness. This thuvaiyal.chutney goes well with hot white rice, curd rice  n other rice varieties also. One of the best home remedies for all kind if seasonal illness. Do give it a try n let me know h u like it?! The recipe as follows...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Southern Biscuits

Today's recipe is very popular American Breakfast recipe, Southern Biscuits. I thoroughly enjoyed baking this biscuit and the result was also awesome and the taste was like the one we get from Mc.Donalds n even more fresh n yummy. My kids love Mc.D's chicken biscuits a lot and i was so happy to made their fav biscuits @ home. I don't have biscuit cutter or special equipment to knead and cut the dough. I simply used my hands to knead n my idiyappam mould to cut out the dough. And also i replaced shortening with butter. The texture,taste,color everything was perfect to me. My kids love to eat the biscuits with butter cream. Me n Hubby had with Potato Spinach patties. The recipe as follows...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Caramel French Toast ~ Delicious English Breakfast !!

This Month's The Gourmet Seven edition ends with me. And the theme was English Breakfast and i chose the very popular French Toast. French Toast is nothing but a bread dish soaked with egg, milk n sugar and then toasted. This recipe is little different from the regular toasted French Toast, this is oven baked with Caramel sauce. The entire process was done ahead and kept in refrigerator for overnight and next day it baked. First time i tried this recipe and fallen in love, too delicious and a satisfying breakfast. My kids loved it to core. I got the recipe Here and for detailed step wise pictures click Here. In the original recipe, they used half n half cream but i replaced it with 2% milk  and i also i did not add cinnamon powder to my toast . If u r a sweet tooth person, this recipe is for you!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chole Mint Bhat N Aloo Raita

Time for Blog Hop Wednesday, and for this Month again i am paired with Hema of Hema's Adugemane, yup last month also she was my pair but bcoz of my health i am unable to try n post a recipe from her space. This time i don't want to miss and i picked her Aloo Pudina Bhat. I slightly tweaked her recipe and tried with Chole/Chickpeas instead Aloo. To my surprise the combo worked out and was too tasty n flavorful. To pair with this i made Aloo Raitha/Potato Raita. This Aloo raita recipe was my creation which i tried after tasting a similar raitha recipe in our Temple Cafeteria. This raitha was my kid's fav...they even love this raitha with some tikkis/cutlets too. Both chole mint bhat n Aloo raita suited well and we had a super delicious and filling meal. Friends, do give it a try and let me know how it turned out to you. Now to the recipe...