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Apr 30, 2012

Jeera Gobi / Cauliflower Sabzi With Cumin N Cilantro

       Again I am back with another interesting and flavor rich sabzi with Cauliflower/Gobi. This is a kind of dry sabzi with more onions and spices. I have a strong like/love to this combo - ginger,chilli,cilantro, the unique flavor n the strong spicy taste tempts me a lot....I have used this combination in many of my recipes like,Sweet corn Cilantro rice,Corn Adai,Gobi Paratha,Coconut chutney. I tried this recipe long back for Julie's EP series event ~ Cumin n cilantro but becoz of my health issue i couldn't able to send it in time. So Sorry dear!! I used blanched cauliflower florets for this sabzi and didin't cook it for long time, this way cauliflower stayed crunchy and absored all the spices and tasted so good. Do give it a try and let me know the result.
I am almost normal but still walking n standing hurting my knee, so don't want to strain much but at the same wanted to keep my blog live i am sharing some recipes in my drafts. Like before i am not able to spend much time sitting n checking all my fellow blogger's recipes that's y i am not commenting on any of your blogs these days :( To keep myself active n engaged i am decided to come and check all yours at least once in a week.
Thank you!! Now to the recipe....

Apr 23, 2012

Tofu Masala Paratha N Cucumber Raita

Hi friends
Hope You all doing good and I m so so happy to meet(virtually) you all after a very long time. Today's recipe is a protein rich and filling Paratha with Silken Tofu  and a super easy and tasty Cucumber Raita to go with. I made this paratha long back and this was the last recipe I prepared n clicked for blog before my knee issues. This Tofu Paratha recipe was slightly adapted from Show me the curry site. I tweaked to my taste. Paratha turned out so tasty and filling. I served with cucumber Raita and Moongdal curry /Moongdal Tadka. So satisfying and delicious lunch. 

Apr 2, 2012

Summer Splash Event - Round up !!

Hi folks
Today happy to post the roundup of the event,Kitchen Chronicle-Summer Splash. Thank you Kalyani for letting me to guest host the event. I got some lovely and refreshing entries from you all. Thank you buddies who all participated in the event by sending in your entries. without any further delay, lets ready for the visual treat of all coolers/juices n other refreshing summer recipes....