Monday, November 16, 2015

Homemade Ladi Pav Recipe | How to Make Pav Buns At Home | Eggless Ladi Pav Recipe

Homemade Ladi Pav
Homemade Ladi Pav | Pav Buns recipe with step by step photo. Today's recipe is a Mumbai Special Ladi pav a soft, airy and flavorful eggless buns. These buns are easy to make it at home without eggs. I often bake this Pav Buns at home and have taken pictures too but somehow the pictures got deleted 2 times and again last month took pictures when I made Pav Bhaji for our weekend Lunch. Pav Bhaji is our family's favorite recipe that too with Homemade Pav Buns. The pav has nice buttery flavor and extremely soft and fluffy texture. I like to eat these buns as such with jam and butter. I have tried this pav using Tangzhong method and using my Basic White Bread recipe. But this time tried Aparna's recipe and only added 1.5 tbsp milk powder to it. The Pav turned out super soft and flavorful. My kids enjoyed it a lot. Also this time made extra Pav Buns and tried Masala Pav, Vada Pav, so keep watching for more chaat and street food recipes.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Kesar Peda Recipe | Kesar Doodh Peda | Saffron Flavored Milk Peda Recipe - Easy and Quick Diwali Sweet Recipe

Kesar Peda Recipe
Kesar Peda Recipe with step by step photos. Just a day for Diwali and hope everyone is busy with Diwali preparations. I have started mine and this year I prepared Boondi Ladoo, Thenkuzhal, Ribbon Pakoda and planned to make few more sweets and snacks tomorrow. Today's recipe is a simple and quick sweet recipe, Kesar Peda / Saffron Flavored Milk Peda. I followed my Doodh Peda recipe and extra I added some milk & Saffron strands. Milk and saffron gave nice flavor and smooth and soft texture to the peda and the it turned out so good. Here, I used Milk Mawa Powder but you can also use milk powder(full fat or low fat milk powder).

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Savory Maida Biscuits | Spicy Diamond Cuts Recipe | Kara Maida Biscuits Recipe

Savory Maida Biscuits
Diamond cuts/savory Maida Biscuits are one of the easiest spicy crunchy snack that is perfect for any occasion or anyday for tea time snack. I have already shared the recipe of Sweet Maida Biscuits and for this Diwali sharing the savory recipe. This is almost similar to the Namkeen/Namakparre. I have tasted Namakparre prepared by my Neighbor Aunt, she added extra spices and kasoori methi. And also the shape is slightly different will share that recipe sometime later. Now coming to Spicy Diamond cuts, i added Andhra Chilli powder, and my diamond biscuits were bit spicy and also got nice reddish golden color. This recipe is so simple and anyone can make them perfectly. These spicy biscuits are so addictive, even though my biscuits were spicy my kids loved it and the biscuits vanished in no time.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Coconut Besan Burfi Recipe | Besan Burfi With Coconut | Besan Burfi Diwali Sweet Recipe

Besan Burfi
Easy to Make Coconut Besan Burfi Recipe with step by step photos. Besan Ki Burfi was in my to do list, I have tasted Besan Burfi prepared by my friend. She makes Besan Ki Burfi for all special occasions at their house. But V doesn't like the authentic Besan Burfi with gram flour and lots of ghee. Hence I wanted to make Besan Burfi with some change and found this Coconut Besan Burfi recipe Here. This recipe was so simple and has our favorite coconut addition in the burfi. So immediately without any second thought tried it. The burfis turned out super good and Besan paired well with coconut and the burfis tasted so good and melts in mouth like Ghee Mysore Pak. I stored this Burfis in an air container for Diwali.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Pasiparuppu Murukku Recipe | Moongdal Chaklis | Moongdal Murukku - Diwali Special Snack Recipe

Pasiparuppu Murukku Recipe
Today's recipe is also a Diwali special snack, Pasiparuppu(Monngdal) Murukku recipe with step by step photos. This is one of my earlier post that I wanted to update with new pictures. Finally, for this Diwali I listed this crunchy melt in mouth Moongdal Murukku recipe along with other snacks & sweets recipes to share here. Like Butter Murukku, this is also a flavor rich, crispy and melt in mouth murukku. Traditionally, this Murukku is fried in coconut oil but I used Peanut Oil. Still the murukku got rich flavor due to dal and butter addition.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Milagu Karasev Recipe | Easy Pepper Sev | Black Pepper Karasev - Diwali Snack Recipe

Milagu Karasev Recipe
Just 10 days for Diwali and I am yet to start my Diwali preparation. This year Diwali falls on our special day and it is double special for us, I have shared about how special day is Nov 10 to us on my old Post Here. It interested do checkout that post and some of blogger friends might have remember that I guess. Even though it is working day for V and kids, I planned few things to refresh and enjoy one of our life's special day.
Ok Now Coming to the recipe, Milagu Karasev. I am not much fond of Karasev but I like the Yellow colored Milgau Sev that is soft and mildly crunchy sev with full of black pepper flavor.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Badam Katli Recipe | Almond Burfi Recipe | Diwali Special Sweet Recipe - Badam Burfi !

Badam Katli
Badam Katli/Badam Burfi recipe with step by step photos. Badam Katli is another easy and equally addictive sweet like Kaju Katli. I wanted to try this Badam Katli for long time and finally last week gave it a try. The first attempt wasn't successful, the burfis turned out too sweet and hard crisp due to more sugar i think. Then again tried with little less sugar quantity and the burfis turned out pretty good. I followed the same recipe of my Kaju Katli and only difference is instead of raw Almonds / Badam I used Blanched Almonds. If you have blanched almonds in hand then you can make this burfi in 15 minutes or less. My kids loved it a lot and I am planning to make it again for Diwali.