Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Methi Thepla Recipe | How To Make Methi Thepla | Methi Roti Recipe

Methi Thepla Recipe
Methi Thepla is popular Gujarthi Flat bread and is prepared using wheat flour/atta, gram flour, spices and fresh methi leaves. Methi Thepla or Methi Roti is a healthy, flavorful and delicious recipe that can be served as a main course for any meal. This Methi Roti doesn't require any fancy side dish, just a pickle or beaten curd is enough for a filling and satisfying meal. Due to the addition of gram flour, the rotis remains soft even after cooling. This way, it is good to pack for lunchbox or for picnic.
Try to use fresh Methi leaves for good taste and flavor. I used homegrown fresh methi leaves, as it was too tender and fresh I used the whole plant, just trimmed the root and finely chopped the plant and used it to make Methi Thepla. If using store bought methi bunches, just use leaves alone.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Channa Masala | Badami Channa Masala | Easy Chole Recipe | Chickpeas In Almond Onion Tomato Gravy

Channa Masala Recipe
Vacation is all over and school started for kids from last Monday. From this year my lil' one is going full day school, So I get more free hours to look after myself and my blog too. For the past 2-3 months, I could not concentrate on my blog but still I cooked and clicked dishes whenever possible. Hope from now on wards I will be able to share recipes without any break. Now coming to today's recipe, Channa Masala / Badami Chole Masala. Usualy I cook Paneer or Tofu in rich Nut Based Onion Tomato Gravy. This time, for a change tried Chickpeas in rich Onion Tomato sauce using Almonds/Badam. It turned out so rich and yummy. I served with plain Kulcha and my kids loved this creamy chole masala a lot.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Inippu Ulunthu Vadai | Inippu Medhu Vadai Recipe | Inippu Vadai | Sweet Medhu Vada Recipe

Inippu Medhu Vadai Recipe
Today's recipe is one of the traditional sweet recipe, Inippu Ulunthu Vadai or Sweet Medhu Vada. Inippu vadai is prepared using urad dal/black lentil and sugar combo with cardamom flavor. This sweet vada is one of my favorite sweet,but it is not prepared often like other sweets, my mom makes it only during special occasions or for padaiyal(pooja) or if we have guest at home. But we often buy it from our near by shop and enjoy it for our evening snack. My grandma used to say that dishes prepared using Urad dal are healthy for growing kids especially for girls. She suggest my mom to make Ulunthu kali, uluntham kanji, inippu vadai(with jaggery or karuppati)for me and my sister during the periods days. Ulunthu kali or kanji is good for girls' health and gives energy during those tiring days. These foods are not only healthy, tastes divine too. I will try to share the recipe for Uluntham Kanji sometime soon.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mango Mocktail | Mango Lemon Soda | Summer Mango Drink Recipe

Mango Mocktail Recipe
Summer started here and this week it was so hot and humid almost 91/94 F. I don't feel like going out, it is literally burning hot. Suddenly weather changes, it was only 65 -70 F till last week and it was pleasing to go out and enjoy. Also we got good showers alternate days and some days mornings were bit cold too. And now the real summer started and coming days going to be very hot and sunny.
To beat the heat and keep us hydrated, we need to take lots and lots of water, fluids and fresh juices. Kids love to have refreshing drinks more than the dairy based juices/smoothies.

So for them I make vegan and refreshing drinks with fresh fruit juices. This Mango Mocktail is one such easy and really refreshing drink to enjoy this summer. I clicked this picture almost 2 months back when the mango season started. That time, the mangoes we bought was not sweet enough and more of sour taste. So i decided to make Mango Lemonade.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Lemon Sevai | Lemon Idiyappam Recipe | How To Make Lemon Sevai

Lemon Sevai Recipe
Eid Mubarak to all who celebrate Eid. May The Almighty shower all his Mercy and blessing on you and your family. Have a Blessed Ramadan. Every year I miss to share Ramadan special recipes, hope at least next year i will share some best recipes.

During my school days, my best friend never fail to share the Ramadan feast with us. Auntie prepares elaborate meal on this special occasion, minimum of 7 or 8 varieties of sweets. I really miss those golden days. I still remember the taste of her sweets and the best Ramadan Biryani. As it is all prepared with lots of love it tastes the best. I will try to share some of her recipes here soon. Not only during Ramadan, whenever I visit my friend's place she treat us with feast and lots of love. She is one of the best Mom, my friend and her family are lucky and blessed to have her.
Lemon Idiyappam
Now coming to the recipe, Idiyappam is our family's favorite recipe. We love both sweet and savory version. But Idiyappan with Thengai Paal/Sweetened Coconut Milk is me and my kids' favorite of all. V love Jaggery Idiyappam. Sometimes I feel lazy to make jaggery syrup for him and that time he ask me to make savory version with lemon. This Lemon Sevai is one of the easiest breakfast recipe for me on weekends. You can use either lemon or lime juice to make this savory version.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Okra Rice Recipe | Spicy Okra Rice | Vendakkai Sadham | Indian Lunch Box Recipe

Indian Okra Rice
It is hard to feed my kids with some vegetables and one such vegetable is Okra aka Bhendi, Vendakkai. I usually make Poriyal with Okra(Okra Poriyal) and rarely Vendakkai Sambar or Puli Kuzhambu. V suggest me to serve poriyal mixed with rice rather than as a side dish for kids. It is easy to feed them the veggies, so I often make Cabbage Rice, Carrot Rice, Spinach Rice and this time tried Okra Rice with Okra and some Indian spices. To my surprise, this simple okra rice turned out super tasty and kids loved it. I served this mildly spiced Okra Rice With Boondi Raita. Boondi Raita paired well with the Okra rice. I used Pav Bhaji masala for this rice, it tasted almost like a Tawa Pulao with Okra. Now off to the recipe..

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Homemade Ghee | How To Make Ghee At Home | Homemade Ghee From Cultured Butter | DIY Clarified Butter At Home

How To Make Ghee At Home
Homemade Ghee recipe with step by step recipe. Making ghee at home is a very simple process and all you need is a good quality butter or homemade butter. Ghee or clarified butter Ghee is prepared by simmering butter, which is churned from cream or cultured cream and removing the liquid residue. The texture, color and taste of ghee depend on the quality of the butter, I prefer to use cultured butter than the regular sweet cream unsalted butter.

Traditional way of making ghee at home is from cultured butter and the process includes 3 stages- Milk is boiled well and after cooling to warm temperature then yogurt/curd(culture) is added to make curd(8 hours). Then the curd is churned well to obtain cultured butter then that butter is melted/simmered to make ghee. Spices or herbs are added to make ghee more flavorful and healthy.
I remember my mom and aunt churn a big pot of fresh homemade curd to obtain butter then that butter is used to make ghee. But in recent days, we do not have time and patience to make ghee the traditional way and rely on quick fix method by buying store bought unsalted butter for instant process. The store bought unsalted butter is not cultured and they are made using centrifugal force. It is then pasteurized by heating it rapidly to a high temperature to eliminate potential disease-causing bacteria and help the butter stay fresh longer.