Friday, May 22, 2015

Spinach Pulao | Palak Peas Pulao | Quick Palak Pulav - Easy One Pot Meal Recipe

Spinach Pulao Recipe
Quick Palak pulao - One Pot Meal / Lunch Box recipe with step by step pictures. I prefer to cook one pot meal at least once in a week, it can be a Non-Veg Biryani for Sunday's lunch or Arisi Paruppu Sadham for Vegetarian Saturday Lunch or simple and quick one pot meal like pulao for weekdays lunch. I mostly pack rotis & sabzi/Dry side for my kid's lunch box but making rotis and sabzi all five days is not possible since I cook separate lunch for V.  So once in a week I pack rice for sanjay too, sanjay likes mild pulao for lunch, and the pulao should me mildly spiced and not loaded with more vegetables. Keeping that in mind, I prepared this easy peasy Spinach Pulao / Green pulao and he loved it a lot.
Spinach pulao/ Palak Pulao can be prepared in less time with simple ingredients. Recently,I started to use my freezer more, yes.,I started following few of my friends' technique
and freeze beasn, greens, chopped vegetables, seasonal fruits, coconut etc., And it really help me to cook both breakfast and lunch in an hour. For this pulao i used my frozen chopped spinach, put them in microwave with couple of tsps of water and cook in high heat for 2 minutes then blend it with green chilli, ginger and garlic. If you are using fresh spinach, then cook or blanch or use as it is.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jackfruit Smoothie | Jackfruit Chia Smoothie Recipe | Jackfruit Banana Chia Smoothie | Chia Smoothie Recipes

Jackfruit Smoothie Recipe
Last month V bought a whole Jackfruit from Farm Fresh Market Store, yes., the whole fruit. We get Jackfruit here during season time but not as a whole fruit, they cut the whole fruit into 6 or 8 pieces and wrapped individually for sale. But this year, luckily got the whole Jackfruit here and that too the fruit was fully ripen with nice pretty golden color, tasted so so sweet and delicious. Even the honey dipped jackfruit will not taste that much sweet. We enjoyed the fruit to the core. First, I thought will make Kerala style Payasam and Halwa using that Jackfruit but you know the sweetness and the color of the fruit was so tempting and ended up eating them as such. I only tried this yummy and filling smoothie using Jackfruit and Banana Combo. So before the jackfruit season ends, try this tropical fruit smoothie and enjoy.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mung Bean Pakora | Green Moongdal Bhajiya - Easy Savory Tea Time Snack

Mung Bean Bhajiya
Moongdal Bhanjiya or Moong dal Pakora is a popular Mumbai Street food. It is nothing but a simple and easy to make savory snack, that is light and mildly spiced and perfect for evening tea time snack with hot garam chai or chilled beverage. Instead of yellow moongdal I used whole moong dal/green moongdal or mung bean for making this bhajiyas. Whole moong added nice texture and flavor to the bhajiya than the yellow dal.
These bhajiya has a great taste and flavor of freshly ground pepper, dhaniya seeds. Adding finely chopped onions is optional but I added few finely chopped for good crunch and flavor. My kids loved this bhajiyas a lot, this is sure an addictive and yummy snack. Please do try this for your kids and family and let me know how it turned out to you.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mushroom Peas Kurma | Easy Mushroom Peas Kurma Recipe | Easy Side Dish For Chapati/Roti

Mushroom Kurma Recipe
Easy, flavorful and delicious South Indian Style Mushroom Peas Kurma recipe with step by step pictures. Most of our dinner menu will be Phulka rotis and any vegetarian curry or Kurma or Sabzis. Sometimes for a quick side, I make Egg Bhurji or Paneer Bhurji With fresh Homemade Paneer. If I plan ahead then I will cook some Restaurant Style dishes like Aloo Gobi, Channa Masala, Gobi Mutter Masala. But there are some days when I feel lazy or sick, I wanted to make Simple Dinner with less or minimal preparations. This Mushroom Peas Kurma is one such easy side dish for rotis/Puris. I blend spice powders together with coconut and added to the boiled with veggies. That's it.,Kurma ready to enjoy with rotis or dosa. This recipe is easy to cook with less preparation and here I used Mushroom and peas but you can make it with any desired vegetables or mixed vegetables too. Now off to the recipe..

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Watermleon Mango Popsicle | Melon Mango Popsicle Recipe | Easy Summer Popsicle Recipes

Melon Mango Popsicles
Hi friends and readers, Hope you are doing great and everything is fine from my end too. Due to some reason I took short break and happy to be back.
Fruit popsicles are the best refreshing and yummy treat to enjoy anytime and that too during hot sunny days. I love to make popsicles with different fresh fruit juices and this time tried it with 2 fruits combo, Watermelon and Mango. Both Mango and watermelon are summer/seasonal fruits and making popsicle with it is a must try. The combo turned out great and we all loved it a lot. This watermelon Mango Popsicles was lying in my draft for long time, now it is time to clear my drafts so that I will cook and click new more interesting recipes.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nutella Trifle Recipe | Nutella Mousse Trifle | Nutella Mousse Chocolate Trifle

Nutella Mousse Trifle
Nutella Mousse Trifle is a rich, delicious and elegant dessert that is perfect for any special occasion. This is another treat for Nutella lovers, this trifle contains a layer of chocolate cake, Nutella Mousse, Fresh Strawberries, Whipped Cream & some dark chocolate shavings. Easy to assemble or you can layer it to your desired choice of cake and fruits with Nutella Mousse. Strawberry pairs well with any kind of cake and with chocolate and nutella mousse it tasted so good. I limited my portion with only 2 spoons and my kiddos enjoyed it a lot. Once in a while or on special occasions make this simple yet delicious Nutella Trifle and treat yourself and your family.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Kara Chutney Recipe | Tomato Chutney(without Coconut) for Idli/Dosa | Hotel Style Red Chutney For Idli

Kara Chutney Recipe
Kara Chutney or Hotel Style Red Chutney is one quick & easy to make chutney that pairs well with many South Indian Tiffin recipes like Idli/Dos, Pongal, Chapathi, Paniyaram, Adai, etc., This Chutney tastes similar to the hotel red chutney, mildly tangy and spicy chutney without coconut. It requires only few basic ingredients and can make it in a jiffy. This is one of my favorite chutney and I love it with hot Idlis and Paniyaram. The color of the chutney depends on the variety of tomato used.