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Jul 26, 2012

Snake Gourd Fry / Podalangai Poriyal

Snake Gourd Poriyal is one of my most favorite vegetable poriyal but for the past 5 years or more  not able to find this vegetable here. But now getting this vegetable very fresh in our Indian Store and started cooking it often.  Recently made Podalangai Kootu with Coconut n it was hit with my kids too. And few weeks back, I wanted to make poriyal/fry with this veg and made this simple recipe.

Jul 25, 2012

Broccoli Coconut Dry Curry / Broccoli Coconut Poppy Seeds Dry Curry

For day 2 of Blogging Marathon under the theme, Dry Vegetable Saute, today we going to see Broccoli Coconut Dry Curry. This is another interesting and nice recipe with Broccoli, this dry curry serves as an best accompaniment with both rice and rotis. I simply altered the kurma recipe and made this dry curry. In this way Broccoli tasted so delicious and very aromatic. you can simply roll with chapathis or stuff your bread and pack it as your picnic/travel food. If cooked properly/without moisture this curry stays good for 2 days in room temperature. Now to the recipe...

Jul 24, 2012

Potato Capsicum Stir Fry / Potato Fry / Varuval

After 10 days of sickness now getting better n hope to recover completely soon. Thanks a ton friends for all your Prayers n Wishes. As per my schedule i will be posting my Blogging Marathon posts this week. Last week for I am not able to do BM - Indian Basic theme,as i didn't prepare rough draft n also it requires more writing n a elaborate recipe since i was struggling lot with my headache n dizziness. So i quit that week from Blogging Marathon. But This week I will be posting under the "Theme - Dry Vegetable Saute". Potato is my Family Favorite vegetable n i often do this Sliced Potato Fry. But for a change this time added 1/2 cup of chopped capsicum n masala powder to my fry. It was so flavorful n yummy, we had this potato capsicum fry with Mixed Beans Dhal Bhat. Very Simple Recipe, even kids will love this stir fry if it made less spicy. So please adjust spices to your taste. For this fry i used Yukon Gold Potatoes n Red Potatoes. Both tastes good for stir fry/curry/roasting. Now to the recipe...

Jul 17, 2012

HomeMade Ginger Garlic Paste / How To Make Ginger Garlic Paste

For the Past two years, we faced so many health issues and we felt that we are recovering from all those problems but from last week i am having severe headache n dizziness. And on this Weekend i suffered lot due to Dizziness, went to Urgent Care n now in medications. Still Having headache and dizziness comes n goes. That's the reason i couldn't spend much time on Blogging n blog Hop. I couldn't sit and read , i feel like riding on a boat, n in worst condition the dizziness leads to vomiting n dehydration. Dr. told that theres no specific reason n no need to worry about it n will be alright within a week. Hoping for the best. I really really miss visiting other blogs for their recipes,pictures and writing. But still some of my blogger friends are more supportive n never fail to visit mine...They are very prompt but i couldn't be like that, So Sorry friends n don't mistake me will check your posts once i am back to normal. All my Blogging Marathon recipes for this week n next week were made ahead and even few were scheduled. So will be posting for the committed one and hope U all will continue your support n keep visiting my space. Thanks!!
Another session of BM starts today n for this week I have chosen the theme, Indian Basics. I should say that this is the first Basic recipe in my blog, so far I did not shared any such recipes, becoz of one main reason, h to click n present them?!. But after seeing this month's BM theme I decided its time for me to work on it n some how tried my best!! In that row, today we going to see Ginger Garlic paste, one of the main basic ingredient for most of the Indian curry, Biryani/Pulao, stir fry, gravies etc.

Jul 16, 2012

Celebrate ~ Month Of Shravan Event Announcement

I am happy to host Jagruti's Celebrate Event for the Month of July under the Theme - Celebrate ~ Month of Shravan. Shravan Month is one of the Auspicious month of the year and its special for Lord Shiva, particularly the The Mondays of Shravan Month. This Shravan month is famous for Naga Chathurthi, Naga Panchami, Varalakshmi Vratam n Sri Krishna Jayanthi and some more festivals n Vratams. All these important festivals are coming up this month, and the Shravan Month starts from July 20th - August 17 and the event also runs throughout this month. To know more about this month n its specialty click here.
Though i live thousand n thousand miles apart from my Country , I still follow all the traditional Poojai for all festive n special occasions. This Event is also for the same, to remember and celebrate those special days with all traditional& delicious Prasadhams and Offer God.
So you can submit recipes which you cook specially for Festivals like Vara Lakshmi Vratam, Sri Krishna Jayanthi, Gauri Vratam n other foods for fasting/Vrat days n special occasions of this month like Raksha Bandhan, Ekadashi etc.

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Now Coming to the Rules...
  1. Event Runs from July 20 - August 18
  2. Cook only Vegetarian recipes. No Eggs are allowed.
  3. Dishes can be of any course, starter, main course, snacks,sweets, desserts etc.
  4. All the entries are linked to this Event announcement page and Jagruti's Event Announcement Page. Both are Mandatory.
  5. Multiple Entries are accepted, You can also link your archived entries only if they are re posted with both the announcement links.
  6. Usage of logo is highly appreciated as it helps to spread the word.
Looking forward all your Festive Special Recipes and lets make this Month more Special n Offer God With all our Delicious Prasadhams & the Almighty Shower His Blessings To One & All !!!

Jul 11, 2012

Ridge gourd Thogayal / Ridge gourd Cilantro Chutney

Ridge gourd-cilantro-cumin-coconut were the four main ingredients for this delicious Thogayal. It turned out awesome n such a delicious accompaniment for rice. I love this thogayal, often make this with ridge gourd instead of curry, pulao, chutneyStir Fry form. We had this Thogayal for our lunch along with rice, Brinjal Roast & Paruppu Rasam. This goes well with curd rice also it tasted so so give it a try, sure u will love it. Now to the recipe.

Jul 10, 2012

Spinach Masiyal / Keerai Masiyal

I love eating greens/keerai in all forms, poriyal,sambar,n masiyal with dal n this recipe is without dal n very quick and easy too. I just love eating this keerai masiyal with rice n papad, so comfort n satisfying meal. This is my Mom's n Grand Mom's recipe, they use to make this masiyal with all types of greens/keerai. And also they use Homemade Thalippu Vadagam for tempering to this keerai masiyal, that really gives nice flavor n unique taste to the masiyal. But i don't have that in hand so did with usual tempering ingredients. I love adding more garlic to Keerai masiyal if u don't like you can skip or just add only 1 or 2 garlic cloves. The recipe as follows..

Jul 9, 2012

Mixed Beans Dal Bhat / Mixed Beans Paruppu Sadham

Today's recipe is very Delicious and Protein packed one pot meal,Mixed Beans Dal Bhat. This recipe is nothing but my home town special Arisi Paruppu Sadham with Mixed Beans and few drumstick leaves. I totally forgot what i typed the intro before n am so tensed now, since i have typed my full recipe with all step wise pictures this n that n published it, even i saw the post with full recipe as soon as i published but now after few minutes it was blank with only one picture, h it happened?! Something went wrong :( ok will move to the recipe...

Jul 4, 2012

Shammi Kabab-Veg Version / Veg Shammi Kabab

Again its time for The Gourmet Seven, we have successfully completed five months with all exotic gourmet recipes from various cuisine. And for this month we picked up Kababs - Indian Cuisine as our theme. We decided to choose any source for our recipe of the month. I have chosen Vegetarian Shammi Kabab and referred Chef Sanjay Thumma's recipe. This is the first time i tried shammi kabab and it was very new combo of ingredients to me, but the kabab was so flavorful and tasty. We really loved the inner cheesy-sweet-sour part of the kabab. This is stuffed with paneer-pom seeds and the kabab tasted so so delicious with chaat chutneys. With out this group n the challenging themes i never tried such recipes at home. Special Thanks to Anamika for choosing this month's theme as Indian Kababs :) Now to the recipe...

Jul 3, 2012

Garlic Buns / Chili Garlic Buns

I love any kind of savory bakes and i never got failed working with yeast :) Last week i baked this soft, delicious buttery garlicky buns for our tea time munch and used the same for dinner with pav bhaji masala. This was so soft n flavorful buns, got the recipe from USMasala. Sure a keeper recipe and i tweaked it slightly, the result was awesome. Cut the buns, spread some green chutney add any veg dry saute close it n yummy n satisfying. But i couldn't click such way :( Now to the recipe...

Jul 2, 2012

Pumpkin Dal / Yellow Pumpkin Dal Curry

Hi friends, Hope you all had enjoyed your weekend and wish you all a great week ahead. Today's recipe is very simple and comfort Dal With Yellow Pumpkin. This dal and Pumpkin Poriyal are the only two recipes which i know to cook with Yellow pumpkin. Really this dal goes well with both rice and rotis. Less spicy and tasty dal.