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Dec 31, 2012

Spicy Treats - Recap & Best Of 2012 & Thank U Note!!!

As i said in my previous post i don't have any recipes in hand, so would like to present U the best & a small recap of 2012 recipes of my Lil' space :) My blog is going to complete its 2nd year in two weeks and in terms of Blogging 2012 was a great year to me. I posted about 135+ recipes, got more new friends and followers, did more interesting n innovative recipes and above all have improved myself lot in presenting a recipe with neat pictures, hope so :)

Dec 27, 2012

Ginger Pickle / Homemade Ginger Pickle

Kids are at home and they are sick too, really its very hard to manage two boys/kids...always fighting and complaining each other. Eagerly waiting for the school reopening day!!! Now coming to Today's recipe Ginger Pickle, I made this pickle 2 or 3 weeks back. This is one of the easiest version of making ginger pickle.

Dec 21, 2012

Carrot Cake With Chocolate Ganache / Eggless Carrot Cake With Chocolate Ganache

Wishing Everyone a very Happy Christmas!!! Most of u might be busy in preparing for Christmas Celebration - Baking, Decorating house and cooking for your guests this n that. Me too really loved this year's all festival/special occasion, Yup i cooked few recipes for Diwali & Bakes some cookies n cakes for Christmas and enjoyed eating it with my family :)

Dec 18, 2012

Dates Cake / Eggless Dates Cake / Dates Loaf Cake

I know that today there won't be enough sunlight and its not a suitable day to take food pictures, not only today this whole week is going to be too cold, cloudy n don't want to postpone my baking till next week. So proceeded to bake Dates Cake which i recently saw in Vimitha's Space. The cake doesn't contain any egg and butter, its a very simple and healthy dessert too. So without any further delay i tried and it turned out so good, moist, soft n delicious cake with crunchy nuts n chocolate chips bites. Try this Delicious Dates Cake, a healthy choice for this Christmas treat. Sure your friends and family will love this!!!

Dec 16, 2012

Chocolate Cookies / Chocolate Cut out Cookies / Christmas Cut out Cookies

After my successful attempt on baking a perfect batch of Snowball Cookies gave me a confident to try some more cookies. My bookmarked list on cookies is little huge and i wanted share those lovely recipes here on my space. In that row, first i tried out this crunchy, melt in mouth Chocolaty cookies with a hint of coffee. I slightly tweaked the original recipe and to my surprise it turned out awesome. A must try recipe for those who love chocolate n its flavor. These cookies are perfect for tea time snack, it tasted so good when dipped in hot coffee. Do give it a try...This is so simple recipe and u can seek help from ur kids in cutting and decorating. I really enjoyed making these cookies with my lil' one :)

Dec 13, 2012

Vengaya Sambar / Onion Sambar

Onion Sambar / Vengaya Sambar, very tasty, flavorful and quick sambar recipe. If u have cooked dal in  hand then it takes only 10 minutes to make this sambar. This is my version of Vengaya sambar with very simple ingredients. Here i used both small onions/pearl onions n onions but for more taste n flavor use only small onions. This tastes great with rice, dosa, paniyaram, Ven Pongal etc.

Dec 11, 2012

Coffee Cupcakes | Easy Coffee Cupcakes Recipe | Cupcakes Using Instant Coffee !

Its my long time wish to try Coffee flavored cakes/cookies. And finally Yesterday baked this Flavor rich, soft, light n delicious Coffee Cupcakes. This recipe is from a Book, Cupcakes by Susanna Tee. the original recipe is with Feather frosting, i tried it but couldn't make it perfectly :( Feather frosting is nothing but cupcakes coated icing sugar frosting no cream icing(the one we use for Christmas sugar cookies) then added liquid coffee in parallel pattern. Its little tricky job and i couldn't get it at first time.

Dec 9, 2012

Chocolate Snowballs / Eggless Snowball Cookies - Easy Christmas Cookies

Baking a perfect batch of cookies is really a challenging task for me. Most of the time i end up with burnt cookies or my experiments on cookies like egg substitute, making it vegan ended up in grand failure :( Yes so many times wasted flour, sugar, butter, coconut flakes, chocolate chips etc n my energy too in baking cookies and after that completely stopped trying it. But I wanted to share some Christmas related recipes here, Christmas cannot be completed without freshly baked goodies. So last week i tried baking the easiest cookie recipe - Snowball Cookies. Yup, really its very easy, simple recipe with basic baking ingredients and i bet any one can bake this beautiful looking snowballs :)

Dec 7, 2012

Khara Pori / Spiced Wheat Puffs with Garlic ~ Healthy Snack !

If you are looking for a spicy, crunchy, tasty and healthy snack then this Spiced Wheat Puffs is the right choice. Perfect for evening snacks along with some hot tea or coffee. V's favorite snack next to Sundals. So I often make this khara Pori but never get a chance to click but this time made specially to post here.

Dec 5, 2012

Moongdal Aloo Paratha / Dal Potato Paratha / Mashed Potato Lentil Paratha

I love Dal Parathas more than the Masala Paratha / Stuffed Parathas. This Moondgal Aloo Paratha recipe is one of my experiment n i chosen this for October month's BM under the theme "Cooking using Moongdal". But becoz of our car accident n other related issues i couldn't able to post it that time. But i would like to share those recipes here, this is one of the easiest, soft, aromatic n delicious Paratha loved by both adults n kids. Very simple recipe u have to add cooked n mashed dal n potato to the regular chapathi dough, for extra flavor n taste i added little spices n finely chopped cilantro to it. It turned out so good and we had this Stuffed Brinjal Curry. 

Dec 2, 2012

Vazhakkai Podimas / Grated Plantain Fry

Finally am done with one of my old drafted recipe Vazhakkai podimas, its been sitting in my draft for more than 5 months, I made this long back along with my Keerai Masiyal but was not satisfied with the pictures, so didn't post it. After that have tried this two times unfortunately my bananas turned mushy after pressure cooking so this time didn't used pressure cooker n got to make it perfectly :)