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Apr 30, 2023

Paneer Jamun Recipe | Easy Gulab Jamun With Paneer | Fresh Paneer Jamun Recipe

Paneer Jamun Recipe
Easy Paneer Jamun Recipe with step by step by photos. Paneer Jamun is nothing but a Gulab Jamun prepared with fresh paneer without mawa or other ingredients. Just Freshly prepared paneer is enough to make this Tasty Jamun Sweet Recipe. I have prepared this Jamun few times and they tastes so delicious and kids & V love it a lot. Jamuns are their favorite sweet, I rarely use Instant Mix and mostly make it from the scratch using this fail proof Gulab Jamun Recipe.

Apr 25, 2023

Banana Berry Oats Breakfast Smoothie Recipe | Banana Oats Breakfast Smoothie - Better Than Overnight Oats

Banana Berry Oats Smoothie

Looking for a healthy, protein & fiber rich delicious and filling breakfast recipe ? Then you should try this Banana Berry Oats Breakfast Smoothie Recipe. This is an easy and quick to make recipe, much better than overnight oats. We eat breakfast and never skipped that important meal of the day or ate cereals. Either Indian food or sometimes I prefer Breakfast Smoothies or Chia Seeds Pudding. Breakfast smoothies are so easy to make and also makes a healthy delicious filling breakfast.  Dump it all kinda smoothie - You can add any desired fruits, seeds, nuts & milk or yogurt.

Apr 23, 2023

Rose Lemonade Recipe | Rose Lemonade With Sabja Seeds | Rose Sharbath With Sabja Seeds

Rose Lemonade
Rose Lemonade/Rose Sharbath Recipe with full video & step by step photos. Rose Lemonade/Rose Sharbath Recipe is an easy to make summer drink. Rose Lemonade is nothing but a Lemonade flavored with Rose Syrup. Rose Flavor blends perfectly with the Lemonade and tastes delicious and refreshing. This Rose Lemonade reminds me of the Red color Sharbath sold in road side shops during summer time in India.

Apr 20, 2023

Bread Pulao Recipe | Bread Pulav Recipe | Easy Bread Pulav with Bread Croutons

Bread Pulao Recipe
Bread Pulao/Pulav recipe is an Easy and simple One Pot meal that can be prepared in 20-30 minutes. This Pulav is prepared with bread croutons /crispy bread pieces that are baked and not deep fried. Addition of bread enhances the flavor of the pulao and also tastes delicious. This bread pulao is my kids' favorite lunchbox recipe during their elementary & Middle school times.

Apr 18, 2023

Rose Milkshake Recipe | Easy Summer Special Milkshake Without Ice Cream

Rose Milkshake

Rose Milkshake, one of 90s favorite summer drink. Rose Milk, Rose Milkshake, RoseMilk Popsicle, Rose Freeze pops(we call as Ice tubes) are our favorite summer coolants. Rose Freeze pops are so popular during that time, not even a single day goes without buying them from the near by Store. Rose Freeze pops are nothing but frozen Rose Milkshake sold in a tiny popsicle pouches. Those Ice pops are very cute and costs only 50 paise that time. It was a budget friendly frozen treat for us to enjoy everyday or most of the days. Simple recipe but has brought some wonderful memories back. 

Apr 14, 2023

Fennel Cardamom Tea Recipe | Saunf Wali Chai Recipe | Fennel Milk Tea

Fennel Cardamom Tea

 Fennel Cardamom Tea Recipe with video & step by step photos. Fennel Cardamom Tea was introduced to me by my Punjabi Aunty. Few Weeks back went to their place and had this Fennel Cardamom/Saunf Wali chai. Fennel seeds, my most favorite spice of all love its flavor and I add fennel seeds in most of my dishes. Even in Sambar Tadka, Fennel is not only rich in flavor but also has tons of health benefits. I start my day with just Fennel water. If you haven't tried Fennel seeds in your milk tea please give it a try. 

Apr 13, 2023

3 Ingredients Chocolate Milk Recipe | Homemade Chocolate Milk Recipe


Chocolate Milk

Homemade Chocolate Milk is nothing but a chocolate flavored milk, making chocolate milk at home is very easy and simple and that too with simple basic ingredients. My kids especially the elder loves chocolate milk more than the regular milk. He prefer cold milk/cold coffee than hot ones. During summer times I often make chocolate milk for him as an after school treat. Instead of using store bought chocolate Mix or other sugary drink mix make this flavorful, tasty chocolate milk at home which is more fresh and healthy without any other additives & preservatives.

Apr 11, 2023

Egg Fried Rice Recipe | Indo-Chinese Style Egg Fried Rice Recipe | Easy Egg Fried Rice

Egg Fried Rice
 Egg Fried Rice is a quick and simple recipe that can be prepared in no time & perfect for lunchbox or weekend lunch. Egg Fried Rice is also one of the easy way to cook left over rice in a yummy way. Most of the time I finish my left over rice with this Egg Fried Rice Recipe. My kids favorite rice recipe, they will eat Egg Fried Rice everyday. So I Often make this egg fried rice for their lunchbox or weekend lunch along with their favorite Chilli Chicken.

Apr 9, 2023

Churumuri Recipe | Masala Kara Pori(Karnataka Style) | Churmuri Recipe

Churumuri Recipe

Churumuri/Churmuri Recipe is a popular street food snack prepared using Puffed Rice aka Pori. Churumuri is popular in Karnataka region. Churmuri is nothing but a Masala Kara Pori with fresh vegetables & spicy roasted peanuts.  In Salem, the Masala Kara Pori is very famous and they add 2-3 different chutneys to the puffed rice along with grated carrots & beets. This Churumuri is similar to that without the addition of chutneys.

Apr 5, 2023

Batata Poha Recipe | Aloo Poha Recipe - Breakfast Poha

Batata Poha
Batata Poha / Aloo Poha recipe with step by step photos & video. Batata Poha is nothing but a simple Poha Upma aka Aval Upma with Potato. Batata Poha is an easy recipe that can be prepared in 10 minutes and any one can cook, a suitable recipe for Bachelors or Dorm students with very less ingredients yet gives you a filling and delicious meal. This Batata Poha is not the authentic recipe but sure one of the Best Poha Recipe gives you a super tasty, soft, spicy and mild tangy Poha. Addition of coarsely ground ginger-green chilli gives lovely taste & texture to the Poha. 

Apr 2, 2023

Corn Cheese Toast Recipe | Simple Sweet Corn Cheese Toast

Corn Cheese Toast
Quick Corn Cheese Toast Recipe with step by step photos & Video. This recipe is a simple and quicker version of corn toast without much vegetables & white sauce but still gives you a buttery cheesy toast. When kids are at home, they need some kinda snack/light tiffin  in between meals. Mid day I give them fruits & nuts but evening they demand for some filling snack or light tiffin variety.  If you have bread in hand, then the snack options are endless.