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Apr 9, 2023

Churumuri Recipe | Masala Kara Pori(Karnataka Style) | Churmuri Recipe

Churumuri Recipe

Churumuri/Churmuri Recipe is a popular street food snack prepared using Puffed Rice aka Pori. Churumuri is popular in Karnataka region. Churmuri is nothing but a Masala Kara Pori with fresh vegetables & spicy roasted peanuts.  In Salem, the Masala Kara Pori is very famous and they add 2-3 different chutneys to the puffed rice along with grated carrots & beets. This Churumuri is similar to that without the addition of chutneys.

For more than 2 years we happened to live in the main part of the Salem Town Agraharam region. In front of our house, one Uncle brings a moving stall around 6-6.30pm and runs the stall until 10pm. His stall is famous for Thattuvadai set, Kara Pori & Masala Buns. All those snacks costs around Just 5 Rs. to 10 Rs. each that time. The taste of thattuvadai set & masala kara pori still lingers in my mind. Though you can find many mobile stalls in and around salem town for this thattuvadai & kara pori snacks, this Uncle makes the best ones. We used to buy Kara Pori or Thattuvadai set almost every other day. 

After moving here, we cannot find those snacks here even the Bhel or North Indian Chaats won't be that tasty. So to enjoy those yummy treats we have to make it at home & there's no other way. That's how I learned and started making them at home and now-a-days I do not even like eating chaats outside since I make them better :) 

This Churumuri recipe is also a very easy to make yummy snack. You can add more or less veggies, try to include cucumber & raw mango if available. 

Churmuri Recipe

Churumuri Recipe | Easy Churmuri Recipe
Prep Time : 10-15 Minutes | Cook Time : Nil
Recipe Category : Snacks | Serves 2

  1. Puffed Rice/Murmura/Pori 2 - 3 cup
  2. Roasted Peanuts   1/4 cup or less
  3. Onion, finely chopped  1/8 cup
  4. Carrot, grated   1/4 cup or less
  5. Tomato, finely chopped  1/8 cup 
  6. Cilantro, finely chopped   2 Tbsp 
  7. Lemon Juice  1 tsp 
  8. Red chilli or Kashmiri Chilli powder   3/4 tsp
  9. Salt   As needed
  10. Mixture/Farsan  1/2 cup
  11. Coconut Oil   2 tsp
Use Roma/Plum tomato without seeds part. 
Add more or leas veggies as you want.
You can also add finely chopped cucumber & grated Raw Mango to the churumuri. As I didn’t have them I skipped it.
Using coconut oil is recommended it adds lovely flavor and taste to the masala kara pori. 
Adding mixture/farsan is optional but gives extra crunch and taste. Or you can also add kara boondi & fine sev too.
Churumuri must be served immediately after the rice puffs is mixed with vegetables. 
If the pori/puffed is not fresh & crunchy dry roast them in a kadai for 5-7 minutes, let it cool for a while then use it the recipe. 
I bake them in toaster oven at 200 F warm mode for 5 minutes.

  • In a mixing bowl, add onion, tomato, carrot, cilantro, salt, chilli powder, lemon juice and mix everything well using a ladle or spatula. 
  • To it add puffed rice/pori, roasted peanuts, coconut oil and mix everything well. 
  • Taste and check for spice & salt, if needed add salt or chilli powder now. 
  • Then add mixture or Farsan now combine everything well.
  • That’s it..Churumuri ready serve then right away with extra mixture on top. 
Churumuri Recipe with Step By Step Photos 
In a mixing bowl, add finely chopped onion, tomato, grated carrot 
churumuri recipe
 cilantro, lemon juice and mix everything well using a ladle or spatula. 
churumuri recipe
salt, chilli powder and mix everything well.
Churmuri recipe
Now add pori/puffed rice, roasted peanuts, coconut oil
kara pori
combine the pori with vegetable masala. once done add mixture/farsan.
masala churmuri
Mix everything vigorously, so that all the vegetables, rice puffs, peanuts, farsan, coconut oil everything gets blended well.

Churumuri Recipe

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