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Oct 30, 2015

Milagu Karasev Recipe | Easy Pepper Sev | Black Pepper Karasev - Diwali Snack Recipe

Milagu Karasev Recipe
Just 10 days for Diwali and I am yet to start my Diwali preparation. This year Diwali falls on our special day and it is double special for us, I have shared about how special day is Nov 10 to us on my old Post Here. It interested do checkout that post and some of blogger friends might have remember that I guess. Even though it is working day for V and kids, I planned few things to refresh and enjoy one of our life's special day.
Ok Now Coming to the recipe, Milagu Karasev. I am not much fond of Karasev but I like the Yellow colored Milgau Sev that is soft and mildly crunchy sev with full of black pepper flavor.

Oct 28, 2015

Badam Katli Recipe | Almond Burfi Recipe | Diwali Special Sweet Recipe - Badam Burfi !

Badam Katli
Badam Katli/Badam Burfi recipe with step by step photos. Badam Katli is another easy and equally addictive sweet like Kaju Katli. I wanted to try this Badam Katli for long time and finally last week gave it a try. The first attempt wasn't successful, the burfis turned out too sweet and hard crisp due to more sugar i think. Then again tried with little less sugar quantity and the burfis turned out pretty good. I followed the same recipe of my Kaju Katli and only difference is instead of raw Almonds / Badam I used Blanched Almonds. If you have blanched almonds in hand then you can make this burfi in 15 minutes or less. My kids loved it a lot and I am planning to make it again for Diwali.

Oct 27, 2015

Coconut Burfi Recipe | Coconut Burfi Uing Mawa | Easy Diwali Sweet Recipe Ideas

Coconut Burfi Recipe
Today i am sharing another easy and tempting Diwali sweet recipe, Coconut Burfi. This coconut burfi is very simple and you can make it in a jiffy. V and myself, both are fond of coconut burfi, the one we get in theaters crispy sugary coconut burfi made using fresh coconut. I have tried it many times but every time I ended up making hard burfi or soft juicy burfi, due to the moisture from fresh coconut or wrong syrup consistency. I referred and followed all the tips n tricks from my co-bloggers' post but i couldn't get it correctly.

Oct 26, 2015

Thattai Recipe | Rice Flour Thattai Recipe | Diwali Snack Recipes

Thattai Recipe
Crispy & Crunchy Instant Rice Flour Thattai Recipe with step by step photos. Thattai is one of favorite savory snack but I rarely make thattai, since every time my thattai will end in soft and not a crispy and crunchy thattai. I have tried many recipes and none have come out good. Finally after attempting so many failure experience I got to know the proper trick and recipe for making crispy and yummy thattai. I have already shared a easy thattai using Ragi Flour, Ragi Thattai and today I am sharing the best and no fail Rice Flour Thattai Recipe. This recipe uses instant/readymade/store bought rice flour.  No need to use processed raw rice flour.  Simple isn't ?! Do give it a try for this Diwali and let me know how it turned out to you. The only trick is always use cotton cloth or paper towel to flatten the dough, by this way the excess moisture from the dough is absorbed and when fried in oil you get a nice crispy and crunchy thattai. I also made some mini thattais to enjoy my hometown special snack, Salem Thattuvadai Set. But my kids finished most of the thattais as such, may be will make it some other time to enjoy my favorite thattai set. Now off to the recipe...

Oct 16, 2015

Maa Laddu Recipe | Maladdu(Roasted Gram Dal Ladoo) | Pottukadalai Urundai

Maa Laddu Recipe
Today's recipe is another easy and quick traditional Indian Sweet, Maa Laddu. If you are looking for simple Prasad for Navaratri, then this Maa Laddu is one best choice. It is not only easy, a healthy snack/sweet for growing kids. During my childhood days, we used to eat sugar and roasted gram dal as snack when we don't have snack at home. Mostly, we powder it coarsely and have it as such or along with coconut. Whenever, me, my sister, cousins play with our cooking set, we make this pottukadalai maavu and we all ate together with those miniature dinner sets :) We used to play for hours together with our kitchen set. Those are golden days, wish i had some rewind button to go back and enjoy once again those childhood fun and care free life.
Now off to the recipe, For This Ladoo along with ghee, I also added 1 tbsp milk to get soft and smooth ladoos. Milk gives nice texture and taste to ladoos, but if you can skip it and use ghee alone to make Maa Laddu.

Oct 13, 2015

Black Beans Sundal | Varuthuaracha Sundal | Beans Sundal Using Roasted Spices | Masala Beans Paruppu Sundal Recipe - Navaratri Sundal Recipes

Beans Masala Sundal
Happy Navaratri Wishes To all Who Celebrate the occasion. Navaratri started from today and my FB news feed is flooded with sundal varieties and Neivedhyam recipes for the occasion. Actually, I don't have any plans to share Sundal recipes this week since, last week I cook and clicked almost 10 recipes including chaats and main course. But today after seeing so many Navaratri related recipes I am tempted and wanted to share something related to the occasion.

I had some cooked beans in freezer, so decided to make Black Beans sundal without onion and garlic using freshly roasted and ground spices. Also there's some left over cooked Moongdal used after for Poriyal, so added that too and to my surprise Black Beans Sundal turned out so awesome with lovely flavor and taste. Even though i don't like Sundal, I liked this Black Bean Sundal with Moongdal and roasted spices. I did not onions, so it can be offered as Prasad to God. If you have cooked beans in hand then you can make this sundal in just 10-15 minutes. Black Beans is a versatile Ingredient you can cook any kind of recipes from any cuisine, it tastes so great and this Authentic South Indian style Black Beans stir fry one such example. Now off to the recipe...

Oct 11, 2015

Sooji Uttappam | Rava Onion Uttappam(Oothappam) Recipe | Instant Uttappam Recipe |Savory Semolina Pancakes

Sooji Uttappam Recipe
Rava Onion Oothappam Recipe with step by step pictures. Sooji Uttappam is an Instant South Indian Breakfast recipe and this Uttappam doesn't require fermented batter. And It can be prepared instantly like Rava Dosa. How Cool Isn't?! This Sooji Uttappam comes in handy whenever you don't have Idli/Dosa Batter in hand. During weekends for breakfast I make this Sooji Uttappam and it
is one of our favorite breakfast recipe too. Onion Uttappam With Coconut Chutney is my favorite combo, I love Onion Uttappam and is my constant order at Salem KCB Hotel. They serve the best soft, flavorful and yummy Onion Oothappam. Next to the regular Idli/Dosa batter Oothappam we love this Sooji Oothappam as it quick, easy and tastes yummy too. For a change, Do try this Sooji Oothappam and enjoy with your family.

Oct 7, 2015

Pani Puri Recipe | Golgappa Recipe | How to Make Puris For pani Puri | Golgappa - Street Food Recipe

Puri Recipe For Golgappa
Pani Puri Recipe with step by step pictures. Pani Puri or Golgappa is a popular Indian street food snack and my most favorite of all chaats. Golgappa is  nothing but a crispy hallow puris stuffed with mashed potato, Sweet Tamarind chutney, some onions, cilantro and finally dipped in Spicy Mint Flavored Pani(water in Hindi) and the whole puri dunked in pani, then the whole stuff is stuffed into mouth..mmmm delicious!! The name itself enough to make me drool.

Oct 4, 2015

Homemade Flour Tortillas Recipe | Flour Tortilla Recipe Without Lard | Vegan Flour Tortilla Recipe

Flour Tortillas Recipe
Homemade Flour Tortillas Recipe with step by step photos. Tortilla is a soft, round flat bread that is prepared using White or Wheat Flour or Maize. Flour tortillas are used to make Soft Flour Tacos, Quesadilla, Burritos & Wraps. We rarely eat Quesadilla/Burritos at Qdoba & Chipotle. We like Mexican dishes and I wanted to recreat some of our favorite recipes at home. Initially, I used to buy ready made flour tortillas but V doesn't like the flavor and taste of those ready made ones. So, we completely stopped buying the ready made ones. Few weeks back, my little one asked me whether he can have school lunch/hot lunch from school. Even Though I pack his favorite dishes for lunch box he still impressed with the hot lunch served at school.

Oct 1, 2015

Aloo Kulcha Recipe | Amritsari Aloo Kulcha | Punjabi Aloo Kulcha Recipe | Stove Top Aloo Kulcha Recipe

Aloo Kulcha Recipe
Amritsari Aloo Kulcha recipe with step by step photos. Aloo Kulcha is a popular Punjabi flat bread that is prepared using aloo/potato stuffing. Traditionally, kulchas are prepared in a clay oven but alternatively, you can make soft and puffy kulchas on stove top method too. This recipe is a fail proof recipe and it doesn't involve yeast to make dough. I have already shared Plain Kulcha and I followed the same method for making dough.
The potato stuffing I used here, is a simple recipe without any sauteing or use of fancy ingredients. Just a few simple ingredients/spices from your pantry is enough. Adding ajwain seeds to the stuffing gives good flavor and also aids in digestion. My kids loved this Aloo Kulcha a lot and asked me to make for their lunchbox sometime. Not only kids, even adults will love this soft and yummy kulchas a lot. You can even use this potato stuffing to make Aloo Paratha.