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Sep 26, 2012

Orange Blueberry Muffins ~ Eggless N Butterless / Eggless Orange Blueberry Muffins

Today's recipe is a healthy n equally delicious muffins with Orange n Blueberry combo. This is completely a vegan recipe, no egg, no butter not even yogurt and above all its made of Whole Wheat flour. So good right? The recipe source is unknown to me, When I was cleaning my wallet, saw a stick note with this ingredient list and also it was scribbled like anything n it took more than 5 minutes to recognize my own handwriting :) May be I wrote it while shopping or while waiting in hospital from the magazines. Anyway I tried it daringly, the original recipe(which I wrote) had All Purpose Flour but I wanted to try it with whole wheat flour and it turned out so good.

Sep 25, 2012

Aloo Methi Mutter Curry / Potato Peas Methi Curry

Today's recipe is rich and creamy curry made with Potato/Aloo-Peas-Methi leaves combo. This is one of my experiment which turned out super doper Hit with my family. A month back H bought one Instant curry mix(dry powder) like spice powder of Paneer Butter Masala, Methi Malai Mutter n one more pack. That spice mix powder gives really a restaurant style taste n it was more liked by my kids especially the Paneer Butter Masala. Its my long time wish to recreate that spice mix at home and wanted to try a curry in that style.

Sep 24, 2012

Oats Spiced Buttermilk / Oats Buttermilk Porridge/Congee

Oats Spiced buttermilk / Oats Buttermilk Porridge, first Oats recipe in My space. Before My marriage because of some health issue i gained my weight little more. So Dr. advised to reduce weight and to follow strict diet, no junk foods, no deep fried snacks, no chocolate, ice creams, sweets n the list was too big n its all my fav :( But at the same time my health is also more important to me, so i sacrificed everything and about for a year n half i was in strict diet, medications n regular exercises. Only That time i was introduced to Oats n Oats recipes by dietitian. And this Oats Moor Congee was also taught by her. I used to take this for my breakfast, very simple healthy n filling recipe. A glass of this congee n a desired choice of fruit is enough to start your day in a healthy way.
As i was taking this for long time in daily basis, almost a year so i got strong aversion towards Oats n stopped adding oats to my diet in any form. More than 2-3 yrs i stopped it n recently felt that my aversion towards oats was reduced n started including it Weekly once or twice in idly, adai n paniyaram form(posting it soon). After a very very long time Friday made this Mooru congee for my breakfast n really loved it. And also wanted to share this healthy recipe with u. Now to the recipe...

Sep 19, 2012

Onion Masala Buns / Onion Khara Buns

Happy Vinayagar Chaturthi Wishes to all my friends n readers. May The Lord Ganesha Bless u with all Health & Prosperity. Hope some of you had a wonderful festival n some still enjoying the special occasion with friends n family sharing all delicious Prasad :) I am still getting ready for the pooja, planned everything for evening. So today bit busy with other things, not in a mood to blog but have to post for the final day of blogging Marathon. As I prepared the recipe in advance its now easy for me to simply write the recipe and post. Onion Masala Buns is more or less similar to Khara Buns/Savory Buns in taste, with the addition of more onions but this is really more soft like my Garlic Buns since I followed the same recipe.

Sep 18, 2012

Onion Peas Kurma

For Day 2 of Blogging Marathon under the theme Cooking With Onions, i have chosen my Mom's favorite recipe, Onion Peas Kurma. My mom makes this kurma mainly for Puri. It doesn't require more ingredients n big preparation, just simple kurma with usual coconut grinding and veg sauteing.

I just tweaked my mom's recipe and made it with frozen peas. If u r out of veggies but at the same time u want to make some rich n delicious side dish for your rotis, this kurma is the best option. Since this kurma tastes excellent even without vegetables but for a whoelsome n healthy meal u can also add a cup of finely chopped mixed vegetables of your choice. But try this version without veggies, u will love this kurma for its unique flavor n taste. I like the onions to be bit crunchy, sure that adds a good taste to this kurma. Hope u will also like this yummy n aromatic kumra. Now to the recipe...

Sep 17, 2012

South Indian Cooking Event Series # 2

Hello Friends,
    I am happy to announce that i am guest hosting the event, "South Indian Cooking" started by Anu. I am so excited and happy to be guest hosting this event, from September 15 - November 15, 2012. Thank you Anu for giving me this opportunity. I love all kinds of South Indian Cooking, Tamil Nadu is my most favorite for more regional special recipes. Not only TN, the irresistible Andhra's hot & spicy recipes, Karnataka's delicious delicacies and Kerala's mild & aromatic recipes. Our Indian cooking is mainly with spices which are very healthy n must for our daily needs.  So friends You can cook any South Indian recipes and it can be of any region / district specialties and link it to this event and make this a very successful one. Nothing is possible without your love and support, so please show your love and support by sending all your South Indian entries to this event and enjoy the festival season with your family.

Bhindi Do Pyaaz / Okra Onion Masala

Cooking With Onion is my theme For the 3rd week of BM n for day 1 am going to share Bhendi Do Pyaaz . When Valli announced this theme, very first recipe came to my mind was "do Pyaaz " which means cooking with double the addition of onions or more onions. Generally I love adding more onions to my cooking that too for dry curry, poriyals n stir fry too. This time tried Do Pyaaz with Bhendi/Okra. And it turned out so flavorful n delicious. Remember the tip given by my sister, adding yogurt/curd to any okra dry sauté gives nice taste n sliminess free okra fry/curry. So tried that too, over all Bhendi Do Pyaaz came out so well n tasted delicious. Sure a great combo with Rotis or even with Rice n Dal Tadka. Now to the recipe...

Sep 13, 2012

Orange Loaf Cake / Low Calorie Orange Loaf Cake With Olive Oil

Orange Loaf Cake / Orange Cake With Olive Oil Recipe. From this September my elder one started going Kindergarten, he liked his new school, friends and above all the School Bus ride. He takes School Bus one way, morning V drops him at school and evening he comes by School Bus. He loves going to new school because of School Bus ride. 

Sep 12, 2012

Modhagam / Thengai Ellu Poorna Kozhukattai / Sweet Kozhukattai

Today's recipe is Lord Ganesha's favorite sweet, Modhagam / Sweet Kozhukattai for final of Blogging Marathon under the theme, Vinayagar Chaturthi Special. My Grand pa used to say more stories about God(purana kathaigal), I remember the one about Lord Ganesha. In that story, He told about the birth n power of Lord Ganesha. Of that entire story, Ganesha's childhood part is my favorite, hope its favorite of many of us too rt?! I loved the recent movie about the childhood part, Bal Ganesh. In that movie also they have shown like Lord Ganesha love lots of Modhagam n he eats more n more and thus he got such fat body :) And that’s why we offer this Modhagam to Ganesha on Vinayagar Chaturthi, so that Lord will be more happy by our offering and Bless us with all our needs. These are all small beliefs n it does not necessary to offer something to God to get his blessings. Simply a whole hearted Prayer n strong belief makes our life peace & happy. May Lord Ganesha gives us all the happiness n peace.

Sep 11, 2012

Kondakadalai Sundal / Black Chickpea Sundal / Kala Channa

For the second of Blogging Marathon under the theme, Vinayagar Chaturthi Specials, I am going to share a simple n healthy neivedyam ~ Kondakadalai sundal. Sundal is one of the easy neivedyam and is made on all special occasions like, vinayagar Chaturthi, Krishna Jayanthi, Saraswathi Pooja, Navarathri n many more special days. Not only on special days u can make this sundal daily for your tea time snack, as its a very healthy n filling snack. I usually make twice or thrice in a week with different legumes. I have already share 4 types of sundal recipes and u can see them Here. Each recipes is simple n different from other. This kala channa sundal is with out adding onions, just tempering is needed. Good amount of freshly shredded coconut is added for more flavor n taste. Now to the recipe...

Sep 10, 2012

Ulundu Kozhukattai / Kozhukattai With Savory Filling

From today n for the next two days i will be sharing Vinayagar Chaturathi Special recipes as its one of the theme of Blogging Marathon # 20. Vinayagar Chaturathi / Ganesh Chathurthi falls September 19 this year. Kozhuakattai is one of the main neivedyam and it can be made it many ways, sweet n savory filling, ammini kozhukattai, pidi kozhukattai, uppu kozhukattai, neer kozhukattai etc. Today going to see kozhukattai with savory filling - Ulundu Kozhukattai.
My mom never made this ulundu kozhukattai, she makes Poornam kozhukattai with chana dal jaggery n savory kozhukattai with Yellow Moong dal. But i tasted this urad dal filling kozhukattai in my neighbor maami's house. She used to share all neivedyams with us n i like this one very much. So i made this n except my lil' one we 3 enjoyed it :) The recipe as follows.

Sep 6, 2012

Garlic Breadsticks / Bread sticks

I wanted to bake this breadsticks for long time and so happy that today i baked them n also it came out really good n tasted so soft n delicious. The smell from the oven made me so hungry. It was too fresh, soft n yummy than the restaurants. This is the first dish we tasted after coming here to US @ Olive Garden. And we both loved it a lot n often buy it from grocery store. But hereafter no need to pick bread sticks from freezer section :) These Homemade Garlic Bread sticks are the best n perfect ones!
I was cooking for lunch n baking the bread sticks (with step wise pics) simultaneously. And as soon as the breadsticks done, H n the lil' one came for. I wanted to take pics before serving them, so clicked in hurry n didn't concentrate on presentation. But sure the breadsticks tasted so delicious n going to make some tangy n spicy sauce to go with this garlic bread sticks for our evening snack :) I added 1/4 tsp dried parsley n finely chopped chili for extra flavor n taste n it is purely optional. Now to the recipe...

Sep 4, 2012

Chicken 65 / Indian Style Fried Chicken ~ Spicy n Juicy!

After a very long time I am posting a non-vegetarian recipe, and this is V's favorite chicken recipe. I started cooking/eating non-veg recipes only after my marriage and mostly I make Chicken Biryani or Chicken Curry and sometimes this chicken 65 for him. Initially I was not good at making chicken 65 & later learned myself to make a perfect crispy, spicy n juicy fried chicken from my faults.

Sep 3, 2012

Prune Pachadi / Sweet & Spicy Prune Chutney

Today's recipe is something sweet & spicy with Fresh Prune, Prune Pachadi. Last week H bought a big box of fresh prunes, it tasted similar to plum but few were raw n half ripe. So I wanted to experiment with those prunes, but not jam or juice something sweet n spicy which suits well with rice n rotis/dosa as a side dish. Then tried this pachadi, similar to my Raw Mango pachadi. Fresh Prunes are thoroughly washed, deseeded, chopped n boiled till mushy and then cooked with jaggery n chili powder. I did not do seasoning like the regular pachadi. The result was awesome n it tasted so delicious with mild spicy, i just love eating it as such :) But my kids were not attracted by the color n texture of it :( they liked only the fresh prunes. We both liked it n he said that the sweet n spicy reminds him of  Elantha Vadai(Indian jujube, pounded with red chili,jaggery,tamarind n salt). Ok Now to the recipe...