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Mar 24, 2013

Hokkaido Milk Bread With Tangzhong ~ Eggless Version

For this month's We Knead to Bake Aparna has given us this wonderful, soft, light and delicious Hokkaido Milk bread using Tangzhong and also this is an Eggless Version. This dough is versatile u can make a loaf bread, dinner rolls, stuffed rolls with both sweet/savory filling. If u are creative then u can play with the dough n make desired animal patterns also. Aparna tried tortoise n hedgehogs and shared us with detailed description n nice pics. And many of we knead to bake group members are creative n tried tortoise, bunny, hedgehogs, etc. I couldnt try anythis time but will try it in future ;)

Mar 20, 2013

Chocolate Mousse / Eggless Chocolate Mousse - Guest Post for Priya Ranjit

This is another special post for a special person Priya Ranjit ,who came in to my life via blogging. I know her as a fellow blogger for more than 2-3 months but as a close friend/sister only a month ago. I never thought that i will get such good hearted people in this virtual world and i would be so close to them. Priya is one of my bestest friend like Divya Pramil, so affectionate down to earth person. I am so blessed to have found them.  Have learn't many things from her in this short period. She writes at "Cook Like Priya", her blog contians all sorts of recipes South Indian Traditiona/Home Style Recipes, So perfeclty Baked goodies - Cakes/Cookies/Breads, Non Vegetarian recipes including a variety of Sea Food recipes. Her pictures and presentation are so unique and impressive. Love reading her precised intro and so each and every thing in her lil' space are so beautiful and its always pleasure visiting her space.

Mar 18, 2013

Curry Leaves Paruppu Podi With Sesame Seeds / Karuveppilai Paruppu Podi For Rice

Today's recipe is a healthy and tasty Curry Leaves Podi for Rice. I have already posted a another version of curry leaves podi for Idly/Dosa. This curry leaves podi is for rice/plain rice alone like Paruppu Podi. This karuveppilai Sadham podi is made using Tuvar Dal, Roasted Gram Dal along with sesame seeds and garlic. This is a very flavorful and tasty podi which is healthy too.

Mar 15, 2013

Vermicelli Biryani / Vermicelli Vegetable Biryani

Today's recipe is interesting and delicious everyone's favorite Biryani using Vermicelli. I love vermicelli, its so easy and cok so fast. And also you can make many variety of recipes with this vermicelli and have experimented few recipes with vermicelli like, Tomato Rice Vermicelli Pulao, Vermicelli Broccoli Biryani, Garlic Methi Mutter Vermicelli. This biryani is also one of my favorite vermicelli recipe which I have already posted and few days took pics to update my archived post. But i couldn't upload any pics to that post, dunno the reason. As its one of the Hit post i don't want to delete it, so today am sharing as a new post with new pics. But this time didn't took step wise pics will update it later. Instead of plain Vermicelli Upma or Khicdi this Biryani is loaded with more vegetables and flavor which sure loved by both kids and adults. If u haven't tried this, try it for ur weekend lunch and enjoy this awesome one pot meal with your family. Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

Mar 14, 2013

Italian Garlic Knots / Garlic Knots Recipe

After some time Yesterday baked these flavorful, light, airy, chewy and delicious Garlic Knots. Nothing can beat the homemade fresh hot n flavorful bakes, these knots turned out so so good than to my expectation. It was very soft n flavorful even my 4 yr old loved it. The addition of Italian seasoning, garlic n oregano makes it more flavorful and tasty. I usually do yeast bakes on the day itself and never tried with refrigerated dough. Recently read this on a blog, that the refrigerated yeast dough(for any bread/bun etc.,) will give you a very soft, airy and delicious breads.

And for this Garlic knots also few recipes suggested to work with chilled dough which is easy to handle while u make knots. So with these in mind i refrigerated the dough overnight and am really happy with the result. But still u can make this Garlic knots as soon as the dough risen.

Mar 12, 2013

Chana Dal Halwa / Chana Dal Burfi

This is my first post for the very popular n successful event, SNC / South Vs North Challenge a brainchild of my sweet sis Divya. I know am too late to join her event but its better to late than never.
So from this month am also one of the member of Southern Team. Thank u dear for accepting my request. If u wish to participate or to know more about the event plz click here.
For this month's Challenge the Northen Team member, Kirti challenged us with the traditional Mughalai sweet- Chana Dal Halwa/Burfi. This is entirely different from south indian traditional kadala paruppu poornam. This halwa is made using milk, ghee n sugar so rich, delicious n healthy too. As it contains dal n milk its protein rich dessert and good for kids. My kids loved this sweet to the core. The recipe as follows...

Mar 11, 2013

Spicy Chicken Fry / Quick Chicken Fry using Freshly Ground Spices

Hi all, hope u enjoyed your weekend and wishing u a very pleasant n successful week ahead. This week have planned to cook and bake few recipes since for the past 10 days becoz of the weather(gloomy & cloudy) i did not make anything for my blog baby. This week comparatively going to be better than the past days, so decided to cook/bake few recipes. Wish me good luck buddies :)

Mar 8, 2013

Jeera Paruppu Podi / Jeeraga Podi For Rice / Cumin seeds Lentils Powder

Jeera Paruppu Podi Recipe is a simple flavorful podi variety for rice. Jeeraga Paruppu podi is one of my favorite podi for rice, very aromatic and healthy podi with the goodness of freshly roasted cumin, pepper n lentils. Its good to add cumin seeds/Jeera in our daily diet, Cumin seeds/Jeera helps in stimulating  energy and helps in recovering fatigue and low spirits. Jeera also used in treating flatulence, constipation, hemorrhoids.

Mar 5, 2013

Hariyali Dal / Greens & Lentils Curry

Today's recipe is easy and healthy, comfort side dish made using Dal/Moong dal and Greens combo. Hariyali means "Green" or Green colored, so Hariyali Dal means dal curry with greens n green color. I saw this recipe in a cookery show long back and had tried this many time and now its one of our family fav side dish. This curry goes well with both rice n rotis. I slightly tweaked the recipe to my taste, very healthy n nutritious side dish. For this recipe i used both Spinach and Methi Leaves and also Cilantro for Greens and Moongdal. But its traditionally made using masoor dal. This is so easy to make very healthy n filling Side dish.

Mar 4, 2013

Pink Velvet Roulade / Cake Roll - Guest Post For Divya Pramil

Today's post is a special guest post for Divya of You Too Can Cook -Indian Food. She is such a lovely and friendly person and am so blessed to have found her. I really amazed on her authentic Indian Foods, both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian especially Her Chicken Preparations are so mouth watering and it looks like my Mom's Recipes - the color, texture and oil float on top everything looks exactly like my mom's Chicken Curry, Meen Kuzhambu.