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Sep 22, 2022

Mushroom Sandwich Recipe / Easy Masala Mushroom Sandwich Recipe / Stir Fried Mushroom Sandwich

Mushroom Sandwich Recipe

Mushroom Sandwich Recipe is an Instant Breakfast recipe if you have some breads in hand. Mushrooms are healthy alternative for meat/Eggs. As Purattasi(Tamil Month Name)started we don't eat eggs & meat this whole month. So Mushroom, Soya Chunks, Paneer & Tofu are our most preferred recipes for our breakfast & weekend Biryanis.

Sep 14, 2022

Bajji, Bonda, Pakora Mix/ 5 In One Recipe /One Batter for Bajji, Potato Bonda & Onion Pakora

     Bajji, Bonda, Pakora Mix
Bajji, Bonda(potato masala Bonda) & Onion Pakora all in One Recipe. One Batter Mix and you can make any varieties of Bajjis - Vazhakka Bajji, Potato Bajji, Mirchi Bajji, Onion Bajji, Eggplant, Paneer, Egg, Cauliflower, Appalam Bajji anything and also Potato Bonda & Crispy Onion Pakora. Yes., with this one batter you can prepare 8-10 varieties of snack

Vendhaya Kuzhambu Recipe / Arachivitta Puli Kuzhambu

Once in a week I make puli kuzhambu without coconut & vegetables and if it is with veggies, it will be Vendakkai Puli  Kuzhambu with coconut.  I also love kuzhambu with freshly ground Masala and this Vendhiya Kuzhambu is one of my favorite recipe. 

Sep 5, 2022

Brinjal Gravy Recipe / Roasted Brinjal Gravy/Curry For Biryani & Rotis /Roasted Eggplant Gravy

Roasted Brinjal Gravy

Today's recipe is a simple version of Brinjal Gravy which served for as a side dish for Biryani/Pulao. This is not the authentic version with dal & meat broth but a quick version with peanut-sesame seeds addition. I also added some roasted potato chunks as we love potato in curry/gravy. I planned to serve this with Tomato Biryani & Frozen Rotis for our lunch.