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Apr 8, 2015

Nutella Trifle Recipe | Nutella Mousse Trifle | Nutella Mousse Chocolate Trifle

Nutella Mousse Trifle
Nutella Mousse Trifle is a rich, delicious and elegant dessert that is perfect for any special occasion. This is another treat for Nutella lovers, this trifle contains a layer of chocolate cake, Nutella Mousse, Fresh Strawberries, Whipped Cream & some dark chocolate shavings. Easy to assemble or you can layer it to your desired choice of cake and fruits with Nutella Mousse. Strawberry pairs well with any kind of cake and with chocolate and nutella mousse it tasted so good. I limited my portion with only 2 spoons and my kiddos enjoyed it a lot. Once in a while or on special occasions make this simple yet delicious Nutella Trifle and treat yourself and your family.

Apr 6, 2015

Kara Chutney Recipe | Tomato Chutney(without Coconut) for Idli/Dosa | Hotel Style Red Chutney For Idli

Kara Chutney Recipe
Kara Chutney or Hotel Style Red Chutney is one quick & easy to make chutney that pairs well with many South Indian Tiffin recipes like Idli/Dos, Pongal, Chapathi, Paniyaram, Adai, etc., This Chutney tastes similar to the hotel red chutney, mildly tangy and spicy chutney without coconut. It requires only few basic ingredients and can make it in a jiffy. This is one of my favorite chutney and I love it with hot Idlis and Paniyaram. The color of the chutney depends on the variety of tomato used.

Apr 3, 2015

Mango Popsicle Recipe | Easy Fruit Popsicle | Mango Summer Recipe Ideas!

Mango Popsicle Recipe
Today I am here with an another easy, yummy kids friendly summer treat recipe, Mango Popsicle. I love mangoes in any form and if it is a chilled treat like Mango Milkshake, Mango Lassi, Mango Kulfi or Mango popsicle is my most favorite of all. I have already shared the Mango Kulfi/Mango creamsicle recipe and this time tried simple fruit popsicle with mango puree. This popsicle also doesn't require more ingredients just 2 or 3 ingredients is needed to make Mango Popsicle. Nothing can beat the homemade fresh fruit popsicle.
 Recipe is simple to make but I find it hard to take pictures of this Mango popsicle. It started melting soon, no matter temperature is hot or cold. I have seen many popsicle pictures showing nice and smooth texture of popsicle but I couldn't able to click one like that. May be next time will try to present fruit pop with neat pictures. Now off to the recipe...