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Jan 30, 2013

Devil's Food Cake / Devil's Food Cake With Chocolate Whipping Cream Frosting - My 500th Post !!

I am so happy to share my 500th post today and also i have one more reason for this special treat, my lil' space now got more than 10000 comments...that's really a big "wow" to me since those lovely comments, encouraging words are my strong strength and without that i couldn't able to reach this level. I thank from my bottom of heart to each and every one who visit and comment here for my lovely creations. I hope U will continue this and support in all my future creations also.

Jan 29, 2013

Calzone / Tandorri Gobi Calzone / Calzone With Spiced Cauliflower

Its my long time wish to Bake Calzone and it happened last week with successful result. Calzone is nothing but a folded pizza. Typically Calzone is made with usual pizza toppings and mozzarella cheese.  I had already tried Pizza - Veggie Lover'. But this time wanted to try topping/stuffing with Indian touch so i used Tandoori Gobi. First i thought of making it with paneer but felt it would be more filling n added calories, so tried with Cauliflower :) The Calzone turned out so perfect and tasted soft, delicious n spicy with Tandoori Gobi/Spiced Cauliflower stuffing. Its so easy to make and u can choose any desired filling. The recipe as follows...

Jan 27, 2013

How to make Idli/Dosa Batter / Homemade Idli/Dosa Batter /Soft Idli & Crispy Dosa Batter without Idli Rice

I wanted to post this Idli/Dosa Batter recipe for long time, but today only got the right time with pics & step wise pics ready. Though its not a special recipe i wish to have some Indian Basics in my Spicy Treats' Recipe Index. Definitely making a soft idlis and crispy dosa for a beginner is a challenging task, so this post is specially for the beginners in cooking.

Jan 24, 2013

Onion Cheese Pull Apart Bread / Cheesy Pull Apart Bread - We Knead to Bake # 1

I love Cooking and Baking equally, and this blog really helps me to improve my skills on both Cooking recipes from different cuisines and Baking fresh breads, cakes, cookies. This really makes me more happy on seeing my own baked goodies which come out of oven fresh and perfectly. I came to know about the New Group "We Knead to bake" started by Aparna author of My Diverse Kitchen. I mailed her and she kindly accepted my request and sent me the bread#1 recipe- herb & cheese pull apart bread. I am so glad go be a part of this group thanks to Aparna for adding me, through this group i got to know more enthusiastic bloggers and their baking skills, its really fun baking together. This month for this pull apart bread everyone is so creative and am stunned on seeing their interesting filling both sweet and savory.

Jan 23, 2013

Chicken Kuzhambu / Easy Chicken Kuzhambu Using Pressure Cooker / South Indian Style Chicken Curry

Thank u friends for your idea to make blue color paratha for my kid, most of u suggested to try with Blueberries...hmm, that's really an interesting choice n now i got a recipe in my mind and soon will try it and share here :)
Right now kids liked the red paratha more, somehow am managing with dosa/Adai/tomato chapathi for dinner, once he get bored then he will ask for blue or some other color:)
Now coming to today's recipe Chicken Kuzhambu, again this is my Mom's version. Of her all non vegetarian preparations I love this kuzhambu n chicken curry more. Compared to vegetarian my mom is great in cooking NV recipes, all our relatives love her chicken recipes n meen kuzhambu.
I like to have this chicken kuzhambu with idly/dosa. Last Sunday made idly n this kuzhambu for our breakfast.

Jan 22, 2013

Chilli Tomato Paratha / Spicy Tomato Chapathi

This is one of my recent experiment which turned out Super Hit with my kids. Week days dinner will be mostly Chapathi & Curry. My kid wanted his chapathi to be colorful, like green(Palak Paratha), Yellow(Dal Paratha), Pink(beets Paratha) and this time he asked me,
Sanjay - Mommy, do u know to make red color or blue color chapathi?! Daily its boring to eat plain            
               chapathi...can u make some red or blue chapathi today?
Me -   sure dear, which color u want Red or Blue?! (Praying myself that he should say "Red" and not
           blue :)
Sanjay - after lil' red color chapathi & tomorrow blue ok?!
Me -   Thank God!! :) and started thinking what to add for red color?!
First thought to make chapathi with Pizza sauce then changed my mind since wanted to use fresh vegetables and made this mild Tangy & Spicy Tomato Chapathi. The chapathi tasted so good and both Sanjay & Akshay loved it and asked me to make it again :)I served this chili tomato paratha with Coconut Chutney and that combo also worked. I was happy that becoz of Sanjay i got one new post to share here..U too try this for your kids and let me know the result. Now off to the recipe...

Jan 20, 2013

Paruppu Podi / Sadham Podi / Spiced Lentils Powder / Homemade Paruppu Podi For Rice

Hope u all had a joyful weekend, me too had fun with my family. As the outside weather is too cold we went to near by Mall and had fun for more than 3 hours. I enjoyed shopping/Window shopping and kids had fun playing indoor games there and Sunday cooked chicken(recipe coming soon) and the day went well. And now expecting for another pleasant week.
Coming to Today's recipe Paruppu Podi / Sadham podi, we love all kind of podis and this paruppu podi is my most fav one. That too i love Paruppu Podi from Home Foods, a famous shop(in my home town) for all kind of spiced powders, Instant mixes, etc. Their podi and instant mixes are really fresh, flavorful and tasty. Its my long time wish to recreate their podi at home. I bought about 1kg of Paruppu n poondi podi from Home foods while coming here for first time. Since i love to have podi rice daily for lunch. But the podi lasted only for few months, after that i bought podi from Indian grocery but they were not tasty and i don't like it too, so i asked my mom for homemade version and tried it and happy that my podi matches 75% to home foods podi :)  Now off to the recipe....

Jan 19, 2013

Andhra Chicken Pulao / Chicken Pulao (Using Coconut & Poppy Seeds)

Its been long time i shared Chicken recipes in my space. One of my friend requested me to share some Non vegetarian recipes, particularly she asked me for easy and quick chicken recipes. And me too felt that i have only few Chicken & one Fish recipes on my Non Vegetarian Recipe Index and wanted to add some more recipes to it. So after long time started cooking chicken on Sundays :)
As I don't know more varieties of non vegetarian recipes i used to search for more interesting, spicy and yummy recipes and i found this Super flavorful & Tasty Chicken Pulao from
And remember once Nalini also recommended to try this chicken pulao and the recipe also sounds so flavorful and delicious, above all i felt its so simple and easy to make. If u love Chicken then its a must try!!!

Jan 17, 2013

Mix Veg Paratha / Mixed Vegetable Paneer Paratha / Mixed Veg Stuffed Paratha - Kids Lunch Box Recipe!

During my Knee treatment i was not able to walk, cook or do any work by own, that time H managed to cook and took care of me n my kids. But sometimes he wasn't able to cook due to his work pressure and  that time we have managed with some bread, fruits & with some ready stuffs like frozen parathas n store bought idli/dosa batter etc. Once He bought two packets of Haldiram's Frozen parathas - Gobi Paratha & Mix Vef Paratha. Both Parathas tasted so good and i liked the mixed Veg Paratha. Its a combo of mixed vegetables - aloo,gobi,peas,carrots and with Paneer. I had already posted a similar recipe but without potato/aloo and cauliflower but with capsicum and cabbage. That;s also one of my kids' fav recipe, check out the link for Veg Paneer Chapathi Roll.

Jan 16, 2013

Soya Chunks Pulao / Soya Chunks Pulao Using Yogurt(Curd) - Easy & Quick Lunch Box Recipe

Thanks Everyone for your hearty wishes on my Blog's Second Anniversary Post and u all made my day! Thank u so much and with the all your wishes started another New year of blogging with all your support and encouragement. And now coming to today's recipe, If you are looking for a quick, mild and healthy rice to pack for your kids lunch box, then this Soya chunks Pulao is one of the best choice and u can make this within 30 minutes. Soya chunks are rich in protein and its good to include in your diet once in every week. I usually make soya chunks recipes once in 10 days and i love to add it in all my Biraynis. Like me my kids too love soya chunks more so this time made this pulao mainly with soya chunks. To make it even more colorful and healthy added some chopped carrots and frozen peas. The combo turned out so good and we all loved it with Onion Raita. This pulao is so easy to make and very aromatic and tasty pulao.

Jan 14, 2013

Molten Centered Chocolate Cupcakes / Mini Lava Chocolate Cupcakes - Spicy Treats' 2nd Anniversary !!!

Spicy Treats turns two today, am so excited and can't believe that my lil' space successfully completed two years and entering in to another New Year of Blogging with more hopes. I have no words to express the joy, though the journey was short, the happiness which i got through this was more - completely changed my life, got to know more interesting things around world, more good friends and  little recognition for my hard work and passion.

Jan 12, 2013

Eggless Pear Streusel Coffee Cake - Guest Post By Priya !

As a part of my Blog's Second Anniversary Celebration i asked few of my friends to do a Guest Post. And my dear friends also accepted my request and send their delicious recipes with very kind words about me n my space. I asked them only two weeks back and they are sweet enough to send me their recipes within 2 or 3 days. Thank u friends for all your timely help and for these delicious recipes at my space. Thanks to Sobha, Julie, Vardhini for your Fabulous Guest Post here. Hope U all liked their Guest posts here.

Jan 10, 2013

Aloo Capsicum Bajji / Potato Bell Pepper Fritters / Potato Bajji

Bhaji, deep fried snack using gram flour with any desired veg like potato, onion,capsicum, brinjal, Banana Pepper and even with paneer n bread slices. It's one of the easy Indian snack which u can make it in jiffy. My favorite is Milagai Bajji and this Potato Bajji. But due to health & calorie conscious not making this fritters often but once in a while would love to have one or two bajjis. That too this chill evenings made me to crave for such hot & spicy fritters. So after a very long time I made this yummy bajji last week and served along with ginger cardamom tea for our evening snack. It was Very refreshing n filling. As i don't have banana pepper in hand i used capsicum and we loved it. Now off to the recipe...

Jan 9, 2013

Thavalai Adai - Guest Post By Vardhini !

I am so glad to present u all with another Guest post by my dear friend Vardhini of Cooksjoy.. The bonding started via blogging n the first thing which connected us was her first event Dish it out. That's the first event which I participated n sent more recipes with new combos. As a token of appreciation she send me a small surprise gift. My first ever gift which I got for my passion n creativity that really boosted my energy n lifted me to another level .

Jan 8, 2013

Pinwheel Pizzas

Its time for The Gourmet Seven recipes and this month we have to cook from BBC Good Food under the theme "Picnic Food". I don't have the habit of packing foods while we go out for a picnic or long trip except some snacks and fruits. With the same thought, when the group members decided to cook under Picnic Food theme, I started searching for a snack/appetizer recipe. And my search ended after seeing this Pinwheel Pizzas @

Jan 6, 2013

Paal Pidi / Sweet Rice Dumplings In Coconut milk Sauce - Guest Post By Julie !

I am so glad to share a Lovely Guest Post by my another dear friend, Julie of Erivum Puliyumm. First, thanks a ton Julie for all those kind words and wishes. Really i am gifted to get such good hearted people around me. Like Julie said, we almost started the blog same time and now i know her for more than a year. But our friendship turned so deep & strong like we know each other over decade. When I took break becoz of my leg injury, almost daily or the other day she messaged me and asked about my health and how i am managing my family this n that, she even said that she can get any medical help from her sister who is a Siddha Doctor, thanks Julie i will never forget it in my life...Not only Julie, my previous guest Sobha and the coming guests' were so supportive and their caring words were my only strength that time. Their sincere Prayers helped me to manage everything and come out of my pain soon. And also for all occasions, happy moments they never failed to Wish & Bless Me & my family!!!

Writing this blog makes my Mom happy more than me, since before this blogging i have none to share my feeling or no recreation for me except my kids...So she was worrying about me all the time that am alone here and she can't come and look after me or to take care of me when i need attentions. But after started blogging, there's lots of good changes, She seeing me engaged in one or the other work and now-a-days am with tension and free from other family stress also. Above all i used to tell her about my friends' mails/messages/calls with their kind n caring words. sometimes she even felt more emotional than me :) And told me to continue this blogging mainly for my friends.

Julie's Erivum Puliyumm has lots of Kerala Tradition dishes, and her Appetizer collections are my favorite. I tried her Chicken Tikka and its my kids favorite too. The chicken turned out so yummy n juicy. Planning to make a post of it soon. She is also an amazing baker, love her Perfectly baked cakes, cookies, muffins and her  Homemade Puff Pastry is notable one. I really love her Fondant cakes too. I know most of you aware of her space if not do drop by her space to enjoy all those lovely collections with all inviting pictures.
Today also she shared a traditional recipe from Kerala, Paal Pidi. Recipe sounds too delicious and looks very tempting. Ok without no further delay present U all Julie in her own words...

Sangee is one of the dearest friends gifted to me from the blogosphere. When she requested me to do a guest post for her, I was very very happy to be part of her blog anniversary celebrations. She has a very beautiful space with all great appetizing clicks. She has a vast versatile collection of more than 400 recipes in her space. I also admire her patience to capture all the step by step pictures of mostly all recipes. Our friendship started from the blogosphere but very soon we became very good friends as if we know each other for over a decade. We also share a few things in common like we almost started the blog at the same time & same year. Also she & me have two sons almost the similar age. She is one of the most dedicated bloggers in blogging, who kept her blog alive even during her illness, respect her devotion to her lovely space. I would like to thank her sincerely for all the inspiration and motivation through her detailed comments every time she visits my space and for this great opportunity to share my recipe at her space.

Coming back to today's recipe, its a very traditional recipe from Kerala (which looks similar to rasagullas) mainly originated from Kuttanad. The recipe is Paal Pidi. 'Pidi' refers to rice dumplings & 'paal ' refers to milk in malayalam. A simple healthy yet elegant sweet that can be prepared for any important occasions.  It has a aromatic flavor of coconut and we love it mildly sweet. Do try this out &enjoy,kids will surely love this !!!
  1. roasted rice flour 1 cup(refer notes)
  2. water 1 cup
  3. salt to taste
  4. medium thick coconut milk /2 nd milk 400 ml
  5. sugar as desired
  6. cardamom powder 1 tsp

-Boil water in apan or kettle.take the rice flour in a bowl,add salt.Pour the boiled water in it and mix well using a wooden spoon or spatula,like for kozhukatta or idiyappam.When its warm enough to handle,make a smooth dough.make small marble sized balls and place it in a steamer,plate smeared with a little oil.Steam for about 10-15 minutes or till done.
-At the same time,heat the coconut milk with sugar in another wide pan.Add the cooked balls /pidi in it and let it cook for a few minutes until thickened.(takes about 7-10 minutes)Add cardamom powder and put off flame.
-Serve with some chopped nuts too if desired.
Servings ~ 2 adults
* You can use boiled milk too instead of coconut milk but let the milk thicken before adding the pidi(reduce milk to half the quantity u started boiling)
* Use store brought pathiri podi or roast the plain rice flour before use.
* I used store brought coconut milk diluted the thick milk in 1 cup water to make medium thick coconut milk. Don't boil the thick coconut milk or else it will curdle. Keep on low medium flame.

Thanks Julie for sharing this delicious recipe as your Guest Post here :)

Jan 3, 2013

Homemade Yogurt Recipe / How to make Yogurt(Curd) at Home

Actually this is not a recipe but got more request to share How to make Yogurt/curd at home. Even some of my friends also asked to share this Basic Recipe. Yogurt/Curd is one of the staple ingredient in most of the house and we have the habit of including yogurt in our daily diet. I rarely buy yogurt from stores or mainly for the first culture. Otherwise I use only homemade yogurt, the store bought one turns sour soon and also it doesn't have that fresh flavor of curd. So I rarely buy them and rely on Homemade ones. Homemade yogurt tastes so delicious, fresh and even after a week it remains fresh. I love buttermilk made out of homemade Yogurt and Me and V daily drink at least 1 or 2 glasses of Buttermilk.

Jan 2, 2013

Eggless Thumbprint Cookies / Jam Cookies - Guest post By Sobha

Wishing Everyone a Happy & Healthy 2013 and hope u had enjoyed your Holidays and back to the routine :) The past two went smoothly and am able to cook and click few pictures for upcoming posts. Now i am having 5 recipes in hand and am so happy n feeling relaxed now :)

Starting the New Year's Special Post with a Guest post of my Intimate friend, Sobha of Good Food. I would like to present here few of my friends with Guest post as a celebration post for my Blog's Second Anniversary. So Stay tuned for more good recipes from more special people :)