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Jan 6, 2013

Paal Pidi / Sweet Rice Dumplings In Coconut milk Sauce - Guest Post By Julie !

I am so glad to share a Lovely Guest Post by my another dear friend, Julie of Erivum Puliyumm. First, thanks a ton Julie for all those kind words and wishes. Really i am gifted to get such good hearted people around me. Like Julie said, we almost started the blog same time and now i know her for more than a year. But our friendship turned so deep & strong like we know each other over decade. When I took break becoz of my leg injury, almost daily or the other day she messaged me and asked about my health and how i am managing my family this n that, she even said that she can get any medical help from her sister who is a Siddha Doctor, thanks Julie i will never forget it in my life...Not only Julie, my previous guest Sobha and the coming guests' were so supportive and their caring words were my only strength that time. Their sincere Prayers helped me to manage everything and come out of my pain soon. And also for all occasions, happy moments they never failed to Wish & Bless Me & my family!!!

Writing this blog makes my Mom happy more than me, since before this blogging i have none to share my feeling or no recreation for me except my kids...So she was worrying about me all the time that am alone here and she can't come and look after me or to take care of me when i need attentions. But after started blogging, there's lots of good changes, She seeing me engaged in one or the other work and now-a-days am with tension and free from other family stress also. Above all i used to tell her about my friends' mails/messages/calls with their kind n caring words. sometimes she even felt more emotional than me :) And told me to continue this blogging mainly for my friends.

Julie's Erivum Puliyumm has lots of Kerala Tradition dishes, and her Appetizer collections are my favorite. I tried her Chicken Tikka and its my kids favorite too. The chicken turned out so yummy n juicy. Planning to make a post of it soon. She is also an amazing baker, love her Perfectly baked cakes, cookies, muffins and her  Homemade Puff Pastry is notable one. I really love her Fondant cakes too. I know most of you aware of her space if not do drop by her space to enjoy all those lovely collections with all inviting pictures.
Today also she shared a traditional recipe from Kerala, Paal Pidi. Recipe sounds too delicious and looks very tempting. Ok without no further delay present U all Julie in her own words...

Sangee is one of the dearest friends gifted to me from the blogosphere. When she requested me to do a guest post for her, I was very very happy to be part of her blog anniversary celebrations. She has a very beautiful space with all great appetizing clicks. She has a vast versatile collection of more than 400 recipes in her space. I also admire her patience to capture all the step by step pictures of mostly all recipes. Our friendship started from the blogosphere but very soon we became very good friends as if we know each other for over a decade. We also share a few things in common like we almost started the blog at the same time & same year. Also she & me have two sons almost the similar age. She is one of the most dedicated bloggers in blogging, who kept her blog alive even during her illness, respect her devotion to her lovely space. I would like to thank her sincerely for all the inspiration and motivation through her detailed comments every time she visits my space and for this great opportunity to share my recipe at her space.

Coming back to today's recipe, its a very traditional recipe from Kerala (which looks similar to rasagullas) mainly originated from Kuttanad. The recipe is Paal Pidi. 'Pidi' refers to rice dumplings & 'paal ' refers to milk in malayalam. A simple healthy yet elegant sweet that can be prepared for any important occasions.  It has a aromatic flavor of coconut and we love it mildly sweet. Do try this out &enjoy,kids will surely love this !!!
  1. roasted rice flour 1 cup(refer notes)
  2. water 1 cup
  3. salt to taste
  4. medium thick coconut milk /2 nd milk 400 ml
  5. sugar as desired
  6. cardamom powder 1 tsp

-Boil water in apan or kettle.take the rice flour in a bowl,add salt.Pour the boiled water in it and mix well using a wooden spoon or spatula,like for kozhukatta or idiyappam.When its warm enough to handle,make a smooth dough.make small marble sized balls and place it in a steamer,plate smeared with a little oil.Steam for about 10-15 minutes or till done.
-At the same time,heat the coconut milk with sugar in another wide pan.Add the cooked balls /pidi in it and let it cook for a few minutes until thickened.(takes about 7-10 minutes)Add cardamom powder and put off flame.
-Serve with some chopped nuts too if desired.
Servings ~ 2 adults
* You can use boiled milk too instead of coconut milk but let the milk thicken before adding the pidi(reduce milk to half the quantity u started boiling)
* Use store brought pathiri podi or roast the plain rice flour before use.
* I used store brought coconut milk diluted the thick milk in 1 cup water to make medium thick coconut milk. Don't boil the thick coconut milk or else it will curdle. Keep on low medium flame.

Thanks Julie for sharing this delicious recipe as your Guest Post here :)


  1. Creamy! I often prepare it using milk but never tried it with coconut milk. The words about Juile from you and her view abt you are very true.:-)

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