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Aug 30, 2013

OmaPodi / Plain Sev

Omapodi / Plain sev is one of the popular savory snack made during Diwali Festival. My mom too never fails to make a big batch of this crispy & crunchy sev during the Festival time. But she mostly make Omapodi with Yellow Moongdal Flour, this is with Besan flour which is even more simple version and this plain sev can be used in Chaat Preparations. So part of my Chaat posts this sev recipe follows :) This plain sev or omapodi can be served as a tea time snack or as a side dish with rasam or sambar rice. Now off to the recipe...

Aug 29, 2013

Vegan Vanilla Cake / Vegan Vanilla Cake with Tutty Frutti

Today's recipe is a complete Vegan Vanilla Cake. This cake has no egg, no butter, no milk, no dairy, just few simple and basic ingredients needed to make this simple yet delicious snack cake. Super moist and soft cake, the cake might looks mushy but its well cooked and tasted so good with crunchy tutty frutti bites.

I should have baked this cake in loaf or small cake pans but i baked it in my 12 cup bundt cake pan ,so it come out like a bite sized cake pieces :) Otherwise cake was super hit, morning i baked this cake and now only one small piece left out. My kids and H liked it a lot and they enjoyed this simple Vegan Vanilla cake.

Aug 28, 2013

Maida Seedai - No Burst Seedai ~ Gokulashtami Special !

Janmashtami Wishes to all my friends, readers and who celebrate this great festival. This Krishna Jayanthi is so special to me and i have already shared about the reason behind it here with a small real story of mine. The day where i came to know that i am Pregnant and soon in few months one kutty krishnar or ratha coming to my home, that was one of the most emotional moment that i can't forget in my life. No special words to describe my feelings, only a mother/expecting mom can feel it. Thanks to the Almighty for giving me a lovable Husband and adorable two sons who are the meaning of my life.

Aug 27, 2013

Chaat Chutneys / Green Chutney & Dates Tamarind Chutney

Today's recipe simple and easy to make chaat chutneys which is one of the main and common ingredient in most of the chaat recipes like Bhel puri, samosa chaat, paani puri, Dahi puri, aloo patties, cutlet chaat and the list goes on. Dunno why I did not post any chaat recipes here except the Papdi chaat that too a fusion - South Indian popular street food - Thattai set with North Indian chaat chutneys, a must try snack. Next time you make papdi or buy papdi don't forget to try this refreshing and yummy snack.

Aug 26, 2013

Healthy Breakfast Thali / South Indian Breakfast Thali

Today is special day for our friends and its a Birthday of a Wonderful Friend of us, Manjula who blogs at Desi Fiesta. Manju is such a sweet person whom I came to know her via Facebook just 5 months back. From the day one i never felt that she is a new friend, she really has some magical power/spark with her which really attracts everyone who talk to her. She is so bubbly, jovial and lovable person with whom i can share both my joys and sorrows. We talk daily and we talk a lot and i got to know more about her. She always bring a smile/laugh on my face while chatting.

Aug 24, 2013

Laugenbrezel (German Style Soft Pretzels) / Soft Pretzel

Pretzels are our family favorite bread and we love the famous Auntie Anne's Soft Pretzels. Pretzels are in my to do list and wanted to try it for long time. For this Month's We Knead To Bake, Aparna gave us a choice to bake Soft & Hard pretzels. I picked soft pretzels as everyone at home preferred soft pretzels. The pretzels come out perfect and except the shaping needs practice and patience. My kids love cheese dip and sweet mustard sauce but i tried Chocolate cream dipping sauce and the combo was super hit and we loved it a lot. The whole batch vanished in no time :) The pretzels were soft, bit chewy and flavorful, taste to that of the store bought ones. I wanted to try the Hard Pretzels also and will be baking it sometime soon.

Aug 23, 2013

Kadamba Chutney / Quick & Easy Chutney for Idli / Dosa

Today's recipe is one quick and easy chutney recipe that goes well with most of the south Indian tiffin variety like Idly, Dosa, Pongal, Paniyaram, Adai, Upma etc., Kadamba Chutney is nothing but a combo of many ingredients like onion, tomato, ginger, chillies, garlic, mint leaves, cilantro, coconut, dal etc. This is one quick and yummy chutney and one of my favorite too. If u have all this veggies in hand but not enough to make a specific variety like Coconut Chutney or Mint Chutney or Tomato Chutney then you can make use of all those tiny bits in one recipe and make a delicious side dish for your tiffin. Now off to this simple chutney recipe....

Aug 21, 2013

Callaloo Stir Fry / Amaranth Stir Fry / Mulai Keerai Poriyal

After a way long time i find this Amaranth Leaves / Mulai Keerai in the local Grocery store, like Indian here we do not get varieties of Greens only spinach. And in Indian Grocery store can get Methi leaves and rarely Drumstick leaves & Sorrel Leaves. During our this month's visit to Chicago's Devon street shopping i am happy to saw this Amaranth leaves in one shop in the name of Callaloo. I have no idea on the name but the leaves look like that of Amaranth leaves/Mulai Keerai. So i searched on web for Callaloo and finally happy to know that its same Amaranth leaves with different name. Soon i picked a bunch of it since i love Mulai keerai poriyal and masiyal a lot. After coming home next day made this poriyal and loved it so much. Wanted to try Keerai Masiyal with it soon.
Callaloo Stir fry is one such quick and healthy stir fry which can be served with plain rice or as a side dish with variety rice, sambar sadham, rasam n rice. I served with Rice & Tomattilo Dal, that was a delicious & filling combo.

Aug 18, 2013

Chettinad Fish Fry / Chettinad Meen Varuval / Masala Fish Fry - Chettinad Style

Today's recipe is a spicy n yummy Fish Fry from the popular south Indian Chettinad Cuisine. My kids love Salmon Fry but recently tried Fry with other fishes - king fish, Rohu fish. And also For a change tried Chettinad style fish fry. Me n H love Chettinad recipes and i cook often both vegetarian & non vegetarian recipes. This Chettinad Style Fish Fry is a spicy and tasty fry using freshly ground masala with pearl onions/shallots, ginger, garlic & other spices. This is a very simple and easy to make fish fry with ground masla and only one thing is necessary for this simple fry, that is marination duration, the more the resting time more the taste and flavor. I always marinate the fish by morning around 8-9 and make the fry around 2 or 3 pm. I shallow fried the fish but you can also deep fry or toast in tawa for healthier option.
This recipe was lying in my draft for more than 2 months and i completely forgot about it. Today while cleaning my disk i came across these pictures and decided to post it without any further delay. Now to the recipe..

Aug 16, 2013

Marbled Asian Bread / Chocolate Marble Asian Bread (Roux Method) ~ Home Baker's Challenge # 4

This month's Home Baker's Challenge hosted by Manjula of Desi Fiesta and she picked four different breads for this Month's Home Bakers Challenge. Namely, Rainbow Swirl Bread, Strawberry chocolate stuffed Monkey Bread, Anadama Bread & Marbled Asian Bread. Out of the four i tried this "Chocolate Marble Asian Bread" using Water Roux Method. This is a simple and easy to make bread and you don't need any bread machine. This bread is made using Water Roux or Tangzhong Method, this is nothing but a mixture of water and bread flour is heated and stirred just until it forms a paste. This paste act as a dough enhancer and helps the bread to get right texture and improves the moisture in the final baked loaf. I have already tried a bread recipe using this Tangzhong method, Hokkaido Milk Bread. Both the breads were so soft, milky flavor and delicious. But this Marbled bread tasted slight bitter with the chocolate part but if its served with any spread like Jam, Nutella it tastes great. The bread remains soft and fresh even the second day. My kids loved it a lot.  Thanks Manjula for this wonderful challenge, except the braids shape and marble pattern the bread texture and taste was awesome. I really liked it. Proper Braids needs practice and patience i think, will try it next time with more patience and interest ;) Now off to the recipe....

Aug 15, 2013

Green Tomato Dal / Green Tomato Pappu / Tomatillo Lentils Curry

Today's recipe is simple, easy to make comfort side dish Dal curry using Green tomato / Tomatillo & Masoor dal/Red Lentils. This is a quick & simple recipe just involves cooking of dal and seasoning. This kind of simple recipes comes in handy to make our busy weekdays' lunch more easy and healthy. As it is a mild or less spicy recipe kids will definitely love it. You can serve this dal/pappu with rice and topped with ghee or sesame oil. My kids love this dal with rice and dosa. Best and easy side dish for rice to serve kids.

For a change, With the simple dal/Pappu i added tomatillos and the  Tomatillo pappu tasted mild tangy and delicious. I served this Tomatillo pappu with rice for lunch and rotis for dinner. Tomatillos more or less like the raw tomato in taste and i even tried chutney with it (to be blogged soon). Now off to the recipe..

Green Tomatoes and Tomatillos are not same, i mean here that you can use either green tomato or tomatillo for making this dal. So don't confuse that both green tomato and tomatillo are same.

Aug 12, 2013

Kesar Pista Kulfi / Pistachios Popsicle With Saffron Flavor ~ SN Challenge # 11

Kesar Pista Kulfi recipe is a summer special rich creamy ice cream that can be prepared at home easily with simple ingredients. Kulfis are nothing but a frozen treats like Ice cream but its frozen using a special molds.

Aug 9, 2013

Mango Rice Kheer / Rice Kheer / Paal Payasam

"Friends are hard to find. In a life time you get only a few. And when you find them you always know them by sight and heart alone. You always grow a little bit taller in your soul, and you know you have been Blessed just to know them" - Ashley Rice.
The above quote definitely fit to me, have found few friends whom i met on Internet via blogging and now know them more by heart and am really Blessed to have them in my life. One such friend is Priya of  Priya's Versatile Recipes. She is such a inspiring woman to me in all ways, personal, blogging, character, attitude everything she is Gem of a Woman have met so far. I don't have to explain about her blogging skills, about her versatility on her recipes, baking passion, healthy recipes, she is an enthusiastic blogger and also very supportive and inspiring for any new blogger. Her recent event, Rendez Vous With A Foodie is one best example for her helping and supportive nature. Every 7th and 15th of a month she show case a New blogger's post, that's really a nice thought and appreciate it. I came to know few new bloggers via her event and definitely for them also its a great opportunity to be featured on her great Space , "Priya's Versatile Recipes" isn't it?!

Aug 8, 2013

Bengali Khichdi

Khichdi, nothing but a healthy n delicious one pot meal in which rice cooked with vegetables and lentils. I usually make khichdi with moongdal and i have already posted simple Carrot Peas Khichdi. This Bengali Khichdi is an interesting recipe which i came across in Tarla Dalal site. This khichdi is loaded with spices, which we use for biryani /pulao very flavorful and healthy. Kids will definitely love this khichdi as its mild spicy and very flavorful. If u are looking for something quick, easy & delicious one pot meal for lunch on busy weekdays then this Bengali Khichdi is one best option with loaded nutrition.

Aug 6, 2013

Chettinad Chicken / Chettinad Chicken Masala

Recently i am getting request for more Non Vegetarian recipes. And also getting good feedback for my Chicken Biryani, Chicken pepper masala, Pepper chicken curry(without coconut). Thank you readers for trying my recipes and taking time to share your lovely feedback via mail, comments. it means a lot to me n so encouraging, keep trying and feel free to share your suggestions & feedback. For any doubts n questions email me -

Aug 5, 2013

Raw Mango Rice / Maanga Sadham / Quick Mango Rice

Belated Friendship Day Wishes to all My Readers & Blogger friends. Hope you all had a lovely Weekend, mine too went well. I know Mango Season is almost over but only a month back we got Raw Mangoes from Indian Store and tried few recipes with it. Last week posted Instant Mango Pickle recipe. And today I am here with Raw Mango recipe which i made a month back but for some reason other recipes took the priority. Today decided to share this Instant and Quick Mango Rice recipe. A mild tangy and delicious rice with only two simple steps. Perfect for lunch box or you can prepare this for quick Nevadiyam on Fridays. Now off to the quick & easy to make Mango Rice recipe...

Aug 1, 2013

Tofu Palak / Spinach Tofu / Crispy Tofu In Spinach Gravy ~ Healthy Vegan Curry

Palak Paneer is one of the popular North Indian Curry and our favorite recipe too. But i wanted to make a very simple and quick version of palak paneer with Tofu. No cream, no great preparation, just simple sauteing and cooking with spinach puree. A complete Vegan & Healthy recipe. I did only one extra step, just toasted the tofu cubes in tawa and added it to the spinach gravy. The crispy Tofu tasted good with the spinach gravy. So healthy accompaniment for rotis/Naan/Pulao. Now off to the recipe...