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Aug 29, 2012

Sprouted Peas Paratha / Peas Paratha / Stuffed Peas Paratha

Stuffed Parathas are always hit with my kids, so once in 10 days i make stuffed parathas n this time made with sprouted peas. I had already posted Paneer Peas Paratha with fresh peas n paneer. This time with dried peas. Actually i soaked to make it for Saturday Lunch n thought to click on the same day but this weekend was rainy, cloudy and i couldn't get sufficient light to take pics, so kept soaking for 2 days  i just washed n replaced the water for every 8 -10 hours. At the end of 2nd day the peas started sprouting beautifully and also it was a shiny day. Then without any second thought i proceeded and parathas tasted so yumm n overall its very nutritious n delicious with Carrot Raitha. U can't eat not more than 2 parathas, it was filling so its good choice for dieting and as its made with whole wheat flour its a fiber n protein rich, complex carb meal. Now to the recipe...

Aug 28, 2012

Celebrate ~ Month Of Shravan Round up

I am happy to post the round up of Celebrate ~ Month of Shravan Event. First i would like to thank Jagruti for this wonderful opportunity and also my blogger friends who send in some authentic and delicious recipes of both Fasting & Feast. Thanks each n everyone for your wonderful entries and through this event i came to know more  lovely recipes which are taken on Fasting days. I have bookmarked few to try. Hope u too like these delicious recipes n try it at home n enjoy. Thanks for your support.
Now to the Round up!!

Aug 26, 2012

Fresh Tomato Salsa / Chunky Salsa / Salsa

Hope u had a wonderful weekend n mine also went smoothly and wishing my readers n friends a very pleasant n successful week ahead. After a hot hot sunny days today it drizzled and the weather was too good n everyone at home is sleeping after a wonderful n filling lunch with some spicy chicken curry n mild pulao, rasam n rice. So i got some time now for my blog, i couldn't be active like before due to some personal issues but i really inspired by friends' support n lovely comments. Thank you friends, so i don't want to leave my blog n blog buddies n decided to post some simple recipes. And this Salsa made with fresh tomato n other stuff is one such simple n easy to make recipe. I think this is loved by all group of people n can make it to their individual choice particularly the spice level. This recipe is also from the Natural Health Magazine, under the heading "Five Foods Which Gives u Instant Energy". I had already shared the first recipe under that heading, "Mixed Bean Corn Salad" and this Salsa is second n other three are Chinese Ginger Chicken Soup, Honey Salmon n Creamy Berry Salad. Will try to make it soon n share with u. I made very little changes to the original recipe, i did not add garlic Jalapeno, and also added cumin powder extra. My kids love Salsa n tortilla chips, particularly the one from Chipotle. So i often made this simple version for them. Now to the recipe...

Aug 23, 2012

Mixed Bean N Brown Rice Adai / 15 Bean Brown Rice Adai

I used to make Adai once in a week since its rich in protein and taste and of course my favorite too. Especially Adai with Drumstick leaves. Recently i saw adai recipe in Nalini's blog with Mixed bean n dhal which is even more healthy with the combo of more legumes n lentils. I loved that idea and made it using 15 bean mix and Brown rice. The Adai turned out so tasty, crispy n inner soft and delicious. As i used brown basmati rice, the adai/dosa turned crisp. Its nice to add more legumes n lentils to our diet in a super easy n delicious way. My H n kids loved this protein n fiber rich Adai. Even its good for diabetic & dieting people since its low carb and high protein. Good for breakfast n dinner too. Now to the recipe...

Aug 20, 2012

Black Bean And Corn Salad

Now-a-days i am not much interested in cooking n blogging :( Dunno the reason, may be after my sickness, one after the other got infected and still My H suffering with Bronchitis. So i am not cooking much and finish my work with simple cooking or like one pot meals. But sometimes i like to click my regular cooking and used to update my archived recipes with new /step wise pictures on Spicy Treats' Facebook Page. So if anyone interested, plz click "Like" and Stay connected :)
Today's recipe also doesn't involve sauteing, this and that, simply chop and assemble. Long back, i saw this recipe on a magazine, The Natural Health Magazine under the heading, " Five foods which gives you instant energy" and i noted it on my mobile. After coming home, next day itself i tried this salad with little changes. And it tasted so delicious, refreshing n filling. Great for lunch to cut down your meal or even good for snack. I love this salad a lot n this time i tried by roasting the corn kernels n bell pepper in oven, it turned out so good. Will share the other four recipes also soon. Now to the recipe...

Aug 15, 2012

Palak Khichdi / Spinach Khichdi

Happy Independence Day to One n all!! Today August 15, India Celebrated 66th Independence Day n my fellow blogger friends were very creative n they Posted recipes with the Tricolor of India's National Flag-Saffron,White n Green to show their Tribute n Love. Great Work Gals!!
I always prefer easy n quick one pot meal for lunch at the same time i want to make it as healthy n wholesome. This Palak Khichdi/Spinach Lentil Rice is one such recipe. Very easy to make n also filling and wholesome recipe. I have some left over Snake gourd after using it in Poriyal, so i added that also to my khichdi. If u want u can also add some carrots,peas n potato to this khichdi n make it even more healthy n tasty. My kids love Spinach Rice, so i pureed the spinach n added to it, if u want u can also chop them finely n proceed. Now to the recipe...

Aug 14, 2012

Homemade Curry Masala Powder / Curry Masala Powder Recipe

Curry Masala Powder is nothing but a spice powder similar to Garam Masala Powder or chicken masala powder etc. I love this Curry Masala Powder flavor a lot n i used to add it in most of my fry, varuval, sabzis, masala rice etc. If u are my reader for long time u might noticed that :) Really i love this masala powder in my cooking, this not too strong n spicy like Garam Masala powder but gives lots of flavor n unique taste to your dishes. I mostly use store bought Curry Masala Powder either Shakthi or Aachi Brand. When i googled for the recipe i couldn't find the perfect spice powder mix, there's for only Curry Powder recipe which is different from it. But i got the recipe here n also referred the Ingredients list at the back of Store bought masala packet. I added everything in the list except Jathi Kai but the home made curry masala powder was so flavorful n my Potato Fry Tasted awesome with this Masala. Give it a try n let me know h u like it:) Now to the recipe...

Aug 13, 2012

Homemade Tamarind Paste/Pulp N Easy Tamarind Rice

Today's recipe is an Indian Basic, Tamarind Paste/Pulp. I recently started making this Tamarind Paste at home. The process is simple and money saver recipe too. Here, 50gm Tamarind Paste costs $4.99 and also i did not like n dark blackish color of that paste n also it has some iron smell, i hate that too. So i started making this at home after seeing Menaga's Recipe. Really very handy n a must for me, You can make any Tamarind based recipe instantly, no need for soaking the tamarind slab,extracting this n that. Just take 1-2 tsp of this tamarind paste n u can use it in Sambar, Rasam, Puli Kuzhambu, Rice recipes n many more which calls for Tamarind. Everything made simple with this Handy paste. Now to the recipe...

Aug 8, 2012

Rava Laddu / Rava Ladoo

Hi Friends
Happy Krishna Jayanthi wishes!!!...
Along with that I am happy to share that I got my own domain, . Thanks for your support and encouragement, hope you will continue the same in the future also.
Because of my health issues I am unable to post for the past few weeks n Today felt better and back to Blogging :) 

Wanted to start with a sweet recipe, Rava Laddu. Rava Laddu is a simple and quick Indian sweet. And its one of the easiest neivedyam too. Yes, You can make this rava laddu within 15 minutes and offer to God as Prasadham. I am not much fond of this sweet but my kids n V love this a lot. This is my friend's recipe and I made this for the first time and it came out really good n tasted so delicious. Now off to the recipe...