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Jun 28, 2012

Minty Roasted Carrots Cauliflower

If you are looking for some easy, healthy and yummy roast, this is one of the best delicious recipe which which is loaded with more taste and flavor. We love roasted vegetables and i have already posted few roasted Broccoli,Beets and Masala Broccoli recipes. This is little different from the previous recipes and this time i made with Mint flavor and less spices. And also i added few teaspoons of corn flour for extra crispy and crunchy taste to the carrots and cauliflower. I combined carrots n cauliflower but if you want you can combine any desired vegs like cauliflower potato or mushroom or bell pepper or simply with mixed vegetables. The recipe as follows...

Jun 26, 2012

Hara Bhara Kabab / Spinach Peas Potato Patties

For the last day of Blogging Marathon under Kids Delight ~ Evening snacks/Tiffin theme, I am sharing the healthy and delicious Hara Bhara Kabab. Few months back, we had this kabab in an Indian Restaurant, first on looking the kabab my boys doesn't like it n thought it as a spicy or bitter dish and they refused to eat. In restaurant it was served with spiced yogurt dip, so i asked them to taste the kabab with some yogurt and after two bites he thoroughly enjoyed eating with yogurt dip. First time i tried this kabab after watching Sanjeev Kapoor's recipe video on youtube. This Hara Bhara kabab is made out of spinach,peas and potato along with spices and is deep fried or shallow fried. To make it healthy i simply toasted the kabab on tawa and served with ketchup. Now to the recipe...

Jun 25, 2012

Chola Paniyaram / Corn Paniyaram

Today's recipe is one of my favorite Paniyaram, Chola Paniyaram/Sola Paniyaram. For every summer vacation me n my sister go to our Grandmother's House. Those two months were so joyful with our grandparents and cousins. Daily my grand mom used to make some yummy snacks or light tiffin for our evening tea time munch. She often makes tasty Paniyarams for our evening snack with left over idly batter, moongdal and this chola paniyaram. This is traditionally made with sorghum but i couldn't find it here, so i simply tried with Dry Corn kernels(used to make popcorns). Yes, i made this with Dry corn kernels, the idea was supported by the Versatile blogger Priya and Nalini. But this dry corn kernels requires more soaking time at least 24 hours of soaking time. So if u want to make it quicker and easier you can simply try with adding corn meals to idly/dosa batter. Let me try that too and update here soon.
But i am so glad that my experiment doesn't fail and the paniyaram come out so well and tasted too yummy. The pictures are the proof of my experiment :) Like me my kids too love paniyarams and they loved this too. Served this chola Paniyaram with Spicy Tomato Chutney(recipe coming soon). Now to the recipe...

Jun 24, 2012

Murungai Keerai Masal Vadai / Keerai Vadai

Murungai Keerai MAsala Vadai Recipe. Another week of Blogging Marathon started from today and for this week I am gonna share some yummy Evening snacks/Tiffin recipes. First comes the very famous South Indian Tea Time snack ~ Masal Vadai / Paruppu Vadai with Murungai keerai/Drumstick leaves.

Jun 21, 2012

Carrot Mug Cake / Microwave Carrot Cake ~ Eggless!!

I am in love with this quick and easy mug cakes. These mug cakes are very simple, instant preparation with so satisfying taste and above all its Eggless microwave recipe. Actually i wanted to bake some carrot loaf cake for my Show Me Your HITS~Carrots & Beets event and also started ready with the stuffs, then suddenly a thought came why don't i try it as a mug cake?! then searched for an Eggless carrot mug cake recipe and glad to have tried this recipe. With very very little alterations i did my carrot mug cake and the result was awesome, We 4 finished the mug in no minutes and again  i made another one for me. Yes, more than my kids i loved this carrot cake a lot. So soft and delicious. This time i used Vanilla imitation, and the flavor dominated more and on the whole cake was Superb!!! I could say that this is A Must Try recipe!!! Now to the recipe...

Jun 20, 2012

Podalangai Kootu / Snake Gourd Kootu with Moong dal

Today's recipe is very easy and comfort recipe, South Indian Special Kootu with Snake gourd/Podalangai  and moong dal combo. This kootu is little different from my Cabbage kottu(with Coconut) and Chow Chow/chayote Kootu(without coconut). I love Snake gourd and its one of my fav veg, but for the past 4 years i did not cooked this Snake gourd/Podalangai and few weeks back happened saw it very fresh n green in Indian Grocery. Then immediately picked two medium gourds and with one i made this scrumptious kootu and another one i made stir fry(posting soon). This recipe involves simple preparation and tastes so yummy with plain rice and rotis too. I just love it with curd rice, Mmmmmm!!
Do try this recipe, am sure you will love it. The recipe as follows:

Jun 18, 2012

Eggless Mango Mug Cake Recipe / 2 Minutes Mango Cake Recipe

Today's recipe is very quick and delicious Mango cake in less than 2 minutes. Yup, you can enjoy this super soft n yummy cake instantly with very less and basic ingredients along with some Mango pulp.

Jun 13, 2012

Poppy Seeds Parsley Savory Muffins ~ Eggless!!

Now its time for Blog Hop Wednesday, brainchild of Radhika. I think most of the bloggers might me knowing about this wonderful event. If not, do drop by Radhika's space to know more about the event. For this month i was paired with Jagruti Dhanecha of Jagruti's Cooking Odyssey, JCO in short, wow...she had lots of delicious recipes and i loved all her sweet delights and North Indian Chaats/Snacks. First i thought of making Pani Puri from her space, but i lack mint n chilies to make chutney n pani :( so dropped that idea...Then after going through all her recipes i decided to bake her Poppy Seeds and Parsley Savory Muffins. As we love savory muffins a lot and also the recipe sounds simple n very interesting that too with little touch of spices n ginger-garlic paste, i was so much impressed n tried it without second thought. I made very little changes to the original recipe since i lack wheat germ i used Milled Flax seeds. The muffins come our really too good n tasted like savory bread, she suggested to serve with green chutney, gonna make it for our evening snack. My kids too liked it very much, these muffins are very flavorful, soft n yummy. Now to the recipe...

Jun 12, 2012

Mixed Beans Mango Salad / 15 Beans Mango Salad

How can a summer special post ends without a mango recipe?! So for the final day post on the theme "Summer Salad" going to share a super delicious n nutritious salad with Mixed Beans and Mango, both raw n ripe mangoes. Long back i bookmarked this salad from Taste of Home site. The original recipe is with Black beans only but i recreated with mixed beans/15 beans combo. Usually i make Sundal and curry with the 15beans. This 15 beans pack are available at all local grocery stores. It comprises of mixed beans, peas, lentils and are as beans, red beans, Dark and Light Red kidney beans, navy beans, great northern bean,Large and,Baby lima beans,pinto beans,Green and Yellow split peas, black-eyed peas,Various forms of lentil- Red Chief, Eston, Pardina, Crimson, Cranberry beans (shell beans), chick peas, Small white bean, Pink Bean.
For today's post i actually wanted to share a fruit salad but except mangoes n apples everything was over. Then i decided to make some simple salad with mango n mixed beans which i soaked to make sundal. Leave some setting time for this salad, so that the dressing blends completely with the beans n fruits. This recipe was adapted from Taste of Home.

Jun 11, 2012

Carrot Salad With Orange Honey Dressing

For the Day 2 of Blogging Marathon # 17  under the theme "Summer Salads" I am going to share you another refreshing and healthy salad - Carrot Salad with Orange Honey Dressing. First time i tried this orange-honey combo for my salad as dressing and it turned out awesome. It was superb! n i have no words to explain the taste...Friends do give it a try, sure you will love it to the core, even if u don't like salad i am sure you will love to eat this healthy n colorful salad. You won't believe, my 3yr old loved this salad very much but he didn't like raw ginger pieces. Other than that he loved it :)
This recipe was slightly adapted from In the original recipe they used lemon juice n sugar for dressing but i replaced lemon with Fresh Navel Orange n sugar with honey. To make it even more healthy n tasty i added a handful of cooked black eye peas, finely chopped raw mango,red onion n tomato and few ginger stripes. I also tried the same with fresh lime juice that was also so refreshing and yummy. This salad can be served along with your meal too, so that u will consume more salad n less food ! The recipe as follows...

Jun 10, 2012

Cucumber Salad ~ Tangy N Refreshing !!

Time for Blogging Marathon # 17 with a new Format, instead of 7 days of blogging only 3 days for two/four weeks that too with posting on alternate weeks options too...Very interesting right?! To know more about the Blogging Marathon n the Rules plz hop over to Valli's Space. For this edition i picked to post for 2 alternate weeks. For this week i chosen "Summer Salads" as my theme. Me n My H love salads with or without meal n any time of the day. He doesn't like the dressing part only the tossed raw/fresh fruits/vegs but i love salads with dressing only, that too if it is sweet-sour-spicy!!
Here the past few days were too hot n reached to 75F-80F, i made lots of refreshing drinks like Orange Mocktails, Minty Blueberry Mocktails n lemonades to beat the heat. In that row, this Cucumber Salad is another refreshing n perfect summer recipe. I made a very simple, light n tangy dressing. And also added few Raw striped mango and kashmiri chilli powder to the salad along with few almonds for crunchy taste. On whole i turned out so delicious n refreshing, Do try this at home n let me know h it turned out to u. The recipe as follows...

Jun 6, 2012

Mango Mint Sparkler

Today's recipe is very delicious n refreshing drink with Mango n Mint Combo. I made this recipe long back for The Gourmet Seven April Edition under theme Summer Drinks. Because of my health issue i couldn't able to post that time and every time i kept postponing for one or the other reason. But that was also for a good reason i think, Yup that time i was not feeling well and the pictures were also not much impressive n inviting. Now after seeing so many mango recipes in the blogosphere i was tempted n made this drink today n clicked again. Hope i clicked well this time :)
I like mint touch in any fruit drink n with mango mint suits very well and this is on the perfect drink for Hot Sunny days. Very simple and easy to make. The original recipe calls for canned mango drink but here i used fresh mango pulp. Do give it a try, am sure you will love it!!
This Mango Mint Sparkler was adapted from 

Jun 4, 2012

Onion Tart With Mustard N Fennel

We are entering in to the Fifth edition of The Gourmet Seven, and for this month we decided to bake some Pies/Tarts/Galattes/Quiches from Smitten Kitten. I have chosen a very flavorful n yummy Onion Tart With Mustard and Fennel two main reason to pick this recipe, one fennel is my fav spice n i love adding it in all my cooking and the other one i don't have tart pan! wanna buy one soon :) I rarely eat pies/tarts at restaurants and never thought to make one at home that too from the scratch. For this i would like to thank the members of The Gourmet Seven. Yes, without this group n their unique themes i would have not tried such recipes from the scratch. Thanks to those creative brains and i am so proud to be a part of this group!!
This was my first experiment with tarts, and this base/pastry was new to me...with yeast-egg combo. Honestly, i didn't like the smell of the dough with yeast n egg. I thought that my choice of recipe wasn't good this time:( But i didn't drop my work n proceeded  with some hope and instead of cheese I sprinkle Tandoori masala powder on top. To my surprise the final product was too good n it doesn't  have any yeast/egg smell. It tasted bit spicy and yummy like savory bread/pizza. My H and the elder one loved it. My kid asked me Y u made pizza spicy didn't add cheese?! My choice of recipe was successful and liked by my Family. The memories behind this creation will be in my mind forever :)
You could also add some veggies like mushroom,cabbage,carrots,spinach along with onions and make it a wholesome n yummy flavorful Tart. Now to the recipe....