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Jun 12, 2012

Mixed Beans Mango Salad / 15 Beans Mango Salad

How can a summer special post ends without a mango recipe?! So for the final day post on the theme "Summer Salad" going to share a super delicious n nutritious salad with Mixed Beans and Mango, both raw n ripe mangoes. Long back i bookmarked this salad from Taste of Home site. The original recipe is with Black beans only but i recreated with mixed beans/15 beans combo. Usually i make Sundal and curry with the 15beans. This 15 beans pack are available at all local grocery stores. It comprises of mixed beans, peas, lentils and are as beans, red beans, Dark and Light Red kidney beans, navy beans, great northern bean,Large and,Baby lima beans,pinto beans,Green and Yellow split peas, black-eyed peas,Various forms of lentil- Red Chief, Eston, Pardina, Crimson, Cranberry beans (shell beans), chick peas, Small white bean, Pink Bean.
For today's post i actually wanted to share a fruit salad but except mangoes n apples everything was over. Then i decided to make some simple salad with mango n mixed beans which i soaked to make sundal. Leave some setting time for this salad, so that the dressing blends completely with the beans n fruits. This recipe was adapted from Taste of Home.

  1. Mixed Beans / 15 Beans / Black Beans    1 and 1/2 cup (cooked) 
  2. Raw Mango     1/3 cup (peeled n chopped)
  3. Ripe Mango     1/3 cup (peeled n chopped)
  4. Sweet Red Pepper   3 tbsp (finely chopped)
  5. Red Onion     2tbsp (finely chopped)
  6. Cilantro     2 tbsp (finely chopped)
  7. Red chilli flakes    1/2 tsp
  8. Cumin Powder    1/4 tsp or less
  9. Salt    to taste
  10. For Dressing
  11. Orange Juice    2-3 tbsp
  12. Lime Juice    2-3 tbsp

  • Soak Mixed beans / Black beans over night, then cook with enough water n little salt until it get soft but not mushy.
  • Then drain and keep aside. Chop mango, sweet pepper, onion, cilantro and keep ready.
  • Take a bowl, add all the ingredients, squeeze lime n orange juice and mix everything well.
  • Check salt n spice...then cover n keep it in fridge for 1 hour or more. 
  • Then the Mixed Bean Mango Salad ready to relish!

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  1. Love love love it...can't say it enough. looks so good Sangee especially the addition of mango and the pictures are so eye catching as always. So nice.

  2. healthy and yummy salad with mango ..

  3. Looks colorful. I bet it was super yummy.

  4. Yum! This salad has both extremely satisfying tastes - spicy and sweet! Great recipe!

  5. So colorful and healthy ...its such a refreshing salad to have in summer...lovely

  6. Salad is colorful and must have tasted great!

  7. Very colorful and healthy salad. Looks delicious.

  8. I don't usually eat raw mango but this wonderful salad in combination with sweet mango sounds perfect.

  9. wow 15 beans!! totally protein packed... love the addition of mango there....

  10. Very very impressive salad. Looks colorful and its healthy. I am partial to mangoes in salads. I will love this one.

  11. very healthy and yummy salad, love the delicious mangoes in them :) super post dear :)

  12. very colorful and healthy salad...

  13. Wow.. This salad is way too tempting :) Colorful and delicious combination :)

  14. Nutritious and am very sure very delicious too! Super fresh salad!

  15. Super like, wish to have this salad for my today's lunch Sangee, kalakitinga ponga..

  16. So fresh and tasty! Thanks for linking it to my event..

  17. healthy n refreshing salad....

  18. Sounds healthy n healthy salad...

  19. A healthy refreshing and colorful salad...

  20. So healthy and tasty looking salad...

  21. Beautiful pictures..and so colourful!

  22. sangee i ve one doubt what are black beans called in tamil? or hindi? i would be grateful if you will help me. And the salad looks vibrant

    1. So Sorry dear, i googled for its name, but i couldn't find Tamil we call it as karuppu(black) can try it with Rajma/kidney beans or any other desired/available beans or legumes :)

  23. Super yummy and healthy sald.Awesome clicks..

  24. That's an intresting salad... i didn't even know these many beans existed...

  25. Salad looks very refreshing :)

    You have a lovely space and glad to be your follower...

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