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Jul 29, 2011

Spicy Mushroom Pasta / Indian Style Mushroom Pasta / Mushroom Masala Pasta

Spicy mushroom Pasta,no cheese no cream Typical Indian Style Pasta.Very simple n quick breakfast/brunch. I used mushroom n carrot ,you can use whichever veggies available to you. Here i used roasted fennel seeds powder which is completely optional but this fennel powder gives nice aroma and taste to the dish.Try this interesting spicy mushroom pasta this weekend and let me know how it turned out to you...Here we go...

Wheat Flour Puttu/Godhumai Puttu

     I am a great lover of Puttu - Rice Puttu,Ragi Puttu,Rice Savory Puttu.Here comes Wheat Puttu,so easy  ,tasty and very healthy snack or breakfast.Mostly i make this puttu for evening snacks/tiffin.

Jul 28, 2011

Arisi Paruppu Sadham N Kathirikkai Varuval

Arisi Paruppu sadham without mango

   Arisi Paruppu Sadham is one of the popular Tamil Nadu delicacies.This is so nutritious and easy recipe. Quick one pot meal which suits for a perfect lunch box menu..Kathirikkai/potato/Vazhakkai/ avarakkai varuval are the best combos..i made Kathirikkai/Brinjal varuval  with Arisi Paruppu Sadham. This time i tried this Arisi Paruppu Sadham with adding some cut raw mango pieces to it. Mango and dal combo was super and rice tasted so yummy .Today will see both recipes...

Jul 27, 2011

Malai Peda Recipe

 Hi Friends
 Hope you all are doing good..After a very short break of 10 days i am back to blogging  now. I took break as I am not feeling well and now I am ok with my health and happy to be back.
I am back with a sweet recipe,Malai Peda Classic Indian sweets. Pedas are me and my sister's favorite one..My Perima makes peda with fresh milk and we will fight each other to divide our share :) so funny days...My mom learnt from her and make it only on special occasions. we love it a lot. Malai Peda is little different in taste and is more rich, delicious than simple Doodh Pedas. Very easy and simple recipe and it taste divine and melts in delicious one..Malai pedas can be made in different ways i made it with milk and condensed milk. I got this recipe from here.

Jul 18, 2011

Painful Break

Hello friends
How are you all doing?? Wishing you all a great week ahead.Missed all your weekend recipes as i am not feeling well...From last week i was having light pain on my wrist n elbow of both the hands, somehow i managed last week but from Saturday the pain worsen. I am not able to do my regular work not even to feed my kids :( yesterday also my hubby managed cooking and cleaning.So He advised me not to do any work or blogging and not my mobile too. Now also i am not able to type, my wrist and thumb finger joint pain is more...Today evening got appointment and I don't know when i get well.  So friends I am taking a break n hope to back soon within a week...I just want to know all my readers and fellow bloggers the reason for no post in my space and also no comments at your space.

Jul 15, 2011

Carrot Rice With Coriander Masala

        Carrot Rice with coriander masala, easy n another quick recipe with carrots n freshly grounded spices.This coriander masala was adopt from the Coriander chapathi recipe,which i saw in TV Cookery Show.I combined this coriander spice powder with carrot rice recipe.This recipe is so flavorful n healthy one perfect for lunch box.No need for any special side dish,u can enjoy this rice with the taste of carrot n fresh smell of coriander leaves n yummy ...Try this!!!

Cauliflower Peas Subzi/Gobi Mutter Curry

           This is one of the simple and quick sabzi recipe,requires no ginger,no garlic,no coconut n no  yow will accept its simple and quick isn't it?? This sabzi goes well with any Indian breads n dosa varieties also.I served this sabzi for Chapathi. Heres the recipe...

Jul 14, 2011

Carrot Spinach Pakora

             This is simple n quick appetizer recipe..same like onion pakora ,i used more carrots n spinach n cabbage with less onion.Very yummy ,healthy n crispy snack for tea time munch.For me i tried frying in paniyaram pan with only 1-2 drops of oil...that also tasted so good n low calorie rt?? In paniyaram pan it takes more time to cook other than that nothing differs in taste..equally good.

Jul 13, 2011

Vegetable Omelet Paniyaram

        I am not much fond of omelet,but my Hubby's favorite..most of his breakfast will be simple omelet and banana or any sandwich & a fruit. My kids also not fond of omelet they like only scrambled or pepper fried eggs...but when I made this omelet in paniyaram pan with mixed vegs,they really liked it very much n finished it off in no minutes and also my son called it as "egg vadai" :) Eggs are rich in protein and is one of the highest quality protein found in any food.Eggs are very good for growing children.

Green Beans Thoran (with Coconut Masala)

       Usually I do not add coconut to my poriyals/stir fry instead I add cooked tuvar dal or moongdal to it. But after trying Chitra's Okra Aviyal recipe, i just love the coconut masala very much and also it gives nice flavor, great taste to the dish. I can't stop cooking without that coconut masala. I altered the recipe to my taste and we loved it very yummy. This Green Beans Thoran goes well with rasam and curd rice.

Surprise Gift N Awards

     Today when I checked my mail box, received package from Vardhini. She sent this beautiful cup for my participation in Spinach Garlic Event & Healthy Lunch box Idea-Broccoli theme events. I just wanted to Thank You again for choosing my recipes the best among the other delightful  recipes and also for this beautiful gorgeous cup. Really am so thrilled and happy to receive such surprise gifts from you for my efforts. This kind gesture means a lot & more encouraging. 

Jul 11, 2011

Mushroom Kofta in Spinach Gravy

         This is also my first attempt,few days back i saw Paneer kofta in spinach gravy recipe in TV cookery show.,was impressed and next day itself i tried this curry with some alterations which suits to my taste n also replaced paneer with mushroom koftas.The process seems to be more but very simple n easier onen a worth to give a try :) Usually my Hubby do not like any dumplings/ kofta in curry or kuzhambu but unexpectedly he loved this mushroom koftas and the gravy too. My kids thought this spinach gravy as coriander chutney and enjoyed with rotis. These koftas can also serve as an appetizer/snack my kids enjoyed  as a snack. I fried mushroom koftas in Paniyaram pan,came out really good..

Jul 8, 2011

Baked Mushroom Samosa

    Thank you so much buddies for all your concern and  wishes. Do keep supporting and visiting "Spicy Treats"...Thanks a lot to all my readers.Coming to today's recipe,Baked Mushroom Samosa...this is entirely different from real potato stuffed samosa...I tried using mashed banana to make soft smooth pliable dough.Which resulted in thin soft,little crispy samosa after baking...For the filling I used-mushroom,cabbage,green bell peppers..We enjoyed with ketchup good and i all i can say, a delicious, filling and guilt free snack. Ok lets move on to the recipe...

Jul 6, 2011

Tomato Curry with Pigeon Peas N Moongdal Dumplings

On Saturday morning when I checked my mail before mail from Vardhini regarding Dish It Out -Spinach n Garlic event roundup...was eager to see the wonderful roundup n there was a very pleasant surprise for me...she have a cute gift for me as a token of appreciation for participating in her event...I didn't expected it ...I participated with full interest n passion n finally got reward for my effort...thats so nice...thank you so much vardhini I have no words...really very encouraging :)

Coming to today's recipe Tomato curry with pigeon peas n moongdal dumplings was exclusively designed :) for the event - Cook It healthy -Protein icious theme.Yesterday for dinner decided to make tomato curry (quick n simple) then suddenly remember about the event n tried adding pigeon peas n pan fried moongdal dumplings.As moongdal n pigeon peas are also well known for its protein content.really a good change and the curry was perfect with rotis.