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Oct 1, 2015

Aloo Kulcha Recipe | Amritsari Aloo Kulcha | Punjabi Aloo Kulcha Recipe | Stove Top Aloo Kulcha Recipe

Aloo Kulcha Recipe
Amritsari Aloo Kulcha recipe with step by step photos. Aloo Kulcha is a popular Punjabi flat bread that is prepared using aloo/potato stuffing. Traditionally, kulchas are prepared in a clay oven but alternatively, you can make soft and puffy kulchas on stove top method too. This recipe is a fail proof recipe and it doesn't involve yeast to make dough. I have already shared Plain Kulcha and I followed the same method for making dough.
The potato stuffing I used here, is a simple recipe without any sauteing or use of fancy ingredients. Just a few simple ingredients/spices from your pantry is enough. Adding ajwain seeds to the stuffing gives good flavor and also aids in digestion. My kids loved this Aloo Kulcha a lot and asked me to make for their lunchbox sometime. Not only kids, even adults will love this soft and yummy kulchas a lot. You can even use this potato stuffing to make Aloo Paratha.

Amritsari Aloo Kulcha
Aloo Kulcha Recipe
Prep Time : 2 hours | Cook Time : 20 minues
Recipe Category : Main Course
Makes 4
For the Dough
  1. All Purpose Flour   1 and 1/4 cup
  2. Baking Powder  1/4 tsp
  3. Sugar 1/2 tsp (optional, I added)
  4. Club Soda   as needed to make dough.
For Stuffing
  1. Potato   2 big
  2. Green Chilli  1 or 2 no.(finely chopped)
  3. Cumin Seeds  1-1.5 tsp(roasted & crushed)
  4. Ajwain seeds  3/4 tsp
  5. Ginger, grated  1/2 tsp
  6. Salt  to taste
  7. Chilli Powder   1/4 tsp
  8. Cilantro  2 tbsp(finely chopped)
First prepare dough by following this recipe and allow the dough the rest for 1.30-2 hours.
Mean while boil potato and make stuffing.
Take boiled and peeled potato in a bowl, mash it nicely and to it add the rest of the ingredients listed under the heading "For Stuffing" and mix well and make a stiff dough.
Divide the mashed potato into 4 equal portions.
After 2 hours of resting time, punch the dough and again knead for few seconds and divide into 4 equal portions.
Now take one portion of the dough, flatten it to 2-3' wide on a floured surface and keep one potato filling.
Bring the edges together twist and roll it to a smooth ball.
Again roll this stuffed ball into a 1/8" thick disc and follow the same for rest of the dough.
Then heat a tawa on medium high heat, once it is hot place the rolled disc and cook for a minute or till bubble appears on top.
And then flip other side and gently press the kulchas so that it will puff up and cook till brown spots appear on both sides.
Once done, remove from the tawa and immediately brush the hot Aloo kulchas with butter or Ghee.
That's it...Serve Hot Aloo Kulcha with Chole Masala or simply with spiced Yogurt and pickle.
For the dough, I used baking soda by mistake but my neighbor Aunt's recipe suggested to use Baking powder for soft n puffy aloo kulcha. Still my aloo kulcha turned out super soft n puffed up nicely too.
You can use baking soda or baking powder.
Do not boil the potatoes too soft and mushy, if it is over boiled then you cannot roll properly it will be sticky, the stuffing will come out. TO Roast Jeera/cumin seeds, heat pan when it is hot switch off the stove and add cumin seeds and stir well and crush hot jeera using pestle n mortar!
Aloo Kulcha Recipe

Aloo Kulcha Recipe


  1. quite filling and looks perfectly done

  2. Love this aloo kulcha.. Looks super soft and tasty.. :)

  3. kulchas looks so tempting. If I don't want to use club soda, can I make the dough using normal water?

    1. Yes.,You can use plain water too..but if using plain water add 2-3 tbsp of Yogurt/curd to make dough.

  4. Very professional looking kulchas!


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