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Sep 29, 2015

Spicy Rice Murukku Recipe | Onion Murukku Recipe | Rice Murukku(Chakli) With Onion

Onion Murukku Recipe
Rice Murukku/Mullu Murukku is my favorite of all murukku recipes. I have already shared the recipe for crispy and melt in mouth Rice Murukku with Pottukadalai flour. This Murukku recipe was similar to my previous recipe but with ground chilli and onion paste. Long Back, V bought a Rice Murukku packet from near by Indian store and it was so spicy and tasted different from the regular Rice Murukku. The Foodie/Food blogger mind started guessing the ingredients and came to know that the murukku was prepared using onion/shallots, green chilli along with other usual ingredients from the Ingredients Label. From that time I wanted to try Murukku with green chillies and shallots. And last week, tried this spicy Chaklis, followed my Rice Murukku recipe and to it added some ground chilli and onion paste. Spiciness from green chilli, mild sweetness from onion paired perfectly with Murukku. It tasted similar to onion fryums and we loved it a lot. These crunchy and spicy murukku makes a perfect tea time snack or even a side dish for Sambar Sadham & Rasam & Rice!

Spicy Rice Murukku

Chilli Onion Murukku
Spicy Rice Murukku Recipe
Prep Time :  10 Minutes | Cook Time : 20-25 minutes
Recipe Category : Snacks
Makes  2 cups
  1. Rice Flour  1 cup
  2. Pottukadalai maavu/Roasted Gram dal Flour  1/4 cup
  3. Warm Oil  1 tsp
  4. Pearl Onion/Sambar Onions  4-5 no.
  5. Green chilli   2 or 3 no.
  6. Cumin Seeds  3/4 tsp
  7. Salt  to taste
  8. Hing  a pinch
  9. Oil  to deep fry
First take 1/3 cup pottukadalai/dalia and blend it to a fine powder and sift it and keep aside.
Then add onion and green chilli in a blender, add 1 tsp water and blend it to a fine paste.
And in a mixing bowl add rice flour, ground dalia powder, enough salt, cumin seeds, hing, sesame and mix well.
Now add warm oil (you can use melted butter too) and mix well.
After that add ground chilli-onion paste mix well with the flour, then add water little by little and knead it to a soft and pliable dough.
The dough should not be too hard or sticky, just soft and smooth one.
then divide the dough in to 2 big balls and keep covered with a damp cloth.
Heat oil in a kadai for deep frying, then grease murukku achu with oil and fill with it with one divided portion, close it tightly. I used star shaped achu/plate for making Rice murukku.
While the oil get hot, directly squeeze the dough random and fry in medium hot oil.
After 1-2 minutes turn other side and fry till the hissing sound stops and murukku turns light golden color. Once done remove from the oil and drain it in paper towel.
After cooling store the murukku in an air tight container. This murukku remains good for upto 3 weeks or more.
You can also replace pottukadalai maavu with Besan Flour/Kadala maavu.
As the chillies I used were not spicy so i used 7 chillies, if using spicy ones then use 1-3 for 1 cup rice flour.
Because of more green chilli the dough got light greenish tinge and the color of the murukku was also bit brown color.
But If using, 2 or 3 chillies you will get light golden color murukku.
You can also replace pearl onions with green onion.
The Same way i have tried thattai too...but for 1 cup i used only 1 tbsp roasted gram dal flour.
I fried like Thool Murukku, but if you have patience you can shape it to spirals.
Spicy Rice Murukku


  1. Could just keep munching on these... looks delicious!

  2. nice crispy murukku,addition of chilli and onion elevates the taste...

  3. Quiet a flavouful murukku will surely try!

  4. crispy n delicious snack,love the pics dear :)

  5. i always loved onion based savories than to garlic.. looks sooperr


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