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Sep 3, 2015

ThirattiPal Recipe | Homemade Palkova Recipe(From Whole Milk) | Traditional Method Of Making Palkova | Krishna Jayanthi Special Recipes

Homemade Palkova
Thirattipal or Palkova is a traditional South Indian Sweet that is prepared using condensing milk with sugar until solidifies. I wanted to try this traditional method for long time, finally today tried it and the palkova turned out so perfectly. Its worth to try this lengthy, time consuming and tiring process to enjoy the final end product, Palkova. Nothing can beat the taste of this Freshly prepared Thirattipal from Whole Milk. Even without flavoring ingredients and ghee palkova smells and tastes divine.
I have already shared the quick method of Making Palkova using Condensed Milk(microwave method) and Palkova using Milk Powder.
Palkova Recipe
This Thirattipal/Palkova is perfect for the Occasion, Krishna Jayanthi. This is one of the Neivedyam recipe that is offered to  Lord Krishna on Janmashtami. If you want to try something easy and traditional recipe, then this recipe is one of the best choice. Thirattipal requires only two ingredients, Milk and Sugar. If you like you can add a pinch of cardamom powder for additional flavor. But I like the pure condensed milk/sugar flavor. Now off to the recipe...
Traditional Palkova Recipe
Thirattipal/Palkova Recipe
Total Time : 1.5 hours | Recipe Category : Indian Sweets
Makes  1/2 cup Palkova
  1. Whole Milk  4 cups(1 litre)full fat milk
  2. Sugar  1/2 cup
  • First take a heavy bottomed or non-stick pan, add milk and bring it to boil.
  • Once it starts boiling turn the heat to medium and keep stirring it for every 5 minutes using a wooden or silver ladle.
  • Keep on stirring the milk till it reduces to half and forms a thick cream like consistency.
  • At this stage, the color of the milk turns to bit dark cream color from pure white.
  • Now add sugar and stir milk well and now you can reduce the flame to low-medium.
  • After adding Sugar, milk will starts bubbling and after 15-20 minutes it will solidify.
  • Keep on churning and at the final stage you can see the thirattipal starts leaving the edges of the pan while stirring. 
  • And at this stage, if desired add a tiny pinch of cardamom or simply stir well until thicken and switch off the stove.
  • Thirattipal tends to thick upon cooling.
  • That's it...Thirattipal/Palkova ready. Offer to God as Neivedyam or ready to relish.
After the milk reduces to half, i turned my heat to low.
The color of the Palkova depends on the quality of sugar, milk you use. I used Organic Whole Milk & Organic Natural Cane Sugar.
I have shared a short video of the final stage of Thirattipal Here in my Instagram Page.
If you like, grease your hand with ghee and you can shape it to Peda or any desired shape.
Use whole milk or full fat milk.
You can even use 1/2-1 tsp fresh curd after adding sugar and it thickens to thick creamy texture. Adding curd gives nice grainy texture but even without
curd i got good grainy texture. That is due to the constant churning/stirring of malai layer.
you can also pack the palkova in butter paper greased with ghee, this is one interesting way to give edible gift to friends.
In the last collage, palkova looks dark brown(jaggery like)due to the lighting problem. But it was like beige color.

Thirattipal Recipe


  1. Super palkova :) Looks super delicious dear make me drool !! and awesome captures too :)

  2. wow its my fav.this makes me nostalgic

  3. Seems to be so easy to make Sangee, but constantly stirring it might be tough na.. Will try this and let you know.. And as usual loved your pictures.. :)

  4. delicious palkova..yummy,the end result is awesome :)

  5. Tried it today!! Awesome taste..lovely..


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