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Oct 11, 2015

Sooji Uttappam | Rava Onion Uttappam(Oothappam) Recipe | Instant Uttappam Recipe |Savory Semolina Pancakes

Sooji Uttappam Recipe
Rava Onion Oothappam Recipe with step by step pictures. Sooji Uttappam is an Instant South Indian Breakfast recipe and this Uttappam doesn't require fermented batter. And It can be prepared instantly like Rava Dosa. How Cool Isn't?! This Sooji Uttappam comes in handy whenever you don't have Idli/Dosa Batter in hand. During weekends for breakfast I make this Sooji Uttappam and it
is one of our favorite breakfast recipe too. Onion Uttappam With Coconut Chutney is my favorite combo, I love Onion Uttappam and is my constant order at Salem KCB Hotel. They serve the best soft, flavorful and yummy Onion Oothappam. Next to the regular Idli/Dosa batter Oothappam we love this Sooji Oothappam as it quick, easy and tastes yummy too. For a change, Do try this Sooji Oothappam and enjoy with your family.
Onion Uttappam Recipe
Sooji Uttpam Recipe
Prep Time : 25 Minutes | Cook Time : 20 Miutes
Recipe Category : Main Course
Makes 6
  1. Sooji/Semolina/Rava   1 cup
  2. Rice Flour  1.5 tbsp
  3. Yogurt/Curd  1/4 cup
  4. Jeera/Cumin Seeds  1/4 tsp
  5. Salt   to taste
  6. Baking Soda   a generous pinch
  7. Water  as needed to make batter
  8. Oil  as needed
For Uttappam Topping
  1. Red Onion, finely chopped   1/2 cup
  2. Finely chopped Cilantro   2 tbsp
  3. Grated Carrot   1-2 tbsp
In a mixing add rava, salt, baking soda, jeera and mix well, then to it add yogurt and enough water to make a batter similar to dosa batter consistency.
Allow the batter to rest for 20-25 minutes. Mean while make chutney and sambar, also chop onions, cilantro and grate carrot and keep ready.
After the rest time, the batter will turn slightly thick and add 1-2 tbsp of water and adjust the consistency.
Heat a tawa/griddle and when it is hot smear the hot tawa with a cotton cloth dipped in oil and pour a ladle full of rava batter.
Gently spread and sprinkle onion-cilantro-grated carrot topping, drizzle oil in and around the uttappam.
Let it cook in medium heat, after a minute or less flip the Uttappam gently and press the Uttappam using spatula and cook for another few seconds.
Once done remove the Sooji Uttappam from tawa and serve hot with Coconut Chutney and Sambar.
No need to roast the rava, you can use it as such.
You can also prepare the batter the previous night and let it rest in refrigerator over night and can make Uttappam for Next Day Breakfast.
Use 2nd or 3rd day old Curd/Yogurt.
Stir dosa batter after making each dosa, since the batter gets thicken and rava used to settle at the bottom.
You can use any kind of topping, vegetable topping, cheese topping, masala Oothappam etc.,
Rava Onion Uttappam

Sooji Uttappam Recipe


  1. looks yum! nice alternative to regular uttappam

  2. Wow, uttappam looks too good, with the coconut chutney, semma combo..

  3. The thing I like about this Uthappam is that it can be prepared instantly. :) It looks super delicious and love the clicks, Sangee!

  4. looks delicious..n yummy esp the last pic makes me hungry :)

  5. I love love uthapam topped with onions.. And with rava in it, it's added bonus :)

  6. Uttappam looks perfect....Love your last pic, its so tempting!!


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