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Apr 5, 2023

Batata Poha Recipe | Aloo Poha Recipe - Breakfast Poha

Batata Poha
Batata Poha / Aloo Poha recipe with step by step photos & video. Batata Poha is nothing but a simple Poha Upma aka Aval Upma with Potato. Batata Poha is an easy recipe that can be prepared in 10 minutes and any one can cook, a suitable recipe for Bachelors or Dorm students with very less ingredients yet gives you a filling and delicious meal. This Batata Poha is not the authentic recipe but sure one of the Best Poha Recipe gives you a super tasty, soft, spicy and mild tangy Poha. Addition of coarsely ground ginger-green chilli gives lovely taste & texture to the Poha. My kids love Batata Poha for breakfast. This is almost similar to Sabudana Khichdi which is prepared with Sago pearls & Potato combo. Both the recipes are easy but Sabudana needs soaking time. My kids do not like peanuts so I add very little when I make for them. Last week my friend visited us & I prepared this quick Batata Poha for evening snack & also captured videos to share it on my YouTube Channel. I have already shared Batata Poha but that recipe is with Onions. My elder one doesn't like onions, peanuts he likes his poha with lots of Potato, chillies. He had peanut allergy and experienced worst symptoms when he was 3 years old, from that time we stopped giving him peanuts. I also avoid adding peanuts in the dishes I serve him. Ok now off to the Batata Poha/Aloo Poha recipe..

Batata Poha Recipe 
Prep Time :   5 minutes | Cook Time   8-10 minutes
Recipe Cuisine : Indian | Serves 1 generously

  1. Thick Poha    1 cup
  2. Potato, chopped  1/3 cup
  3. Peanuts   3 Tbsp
  4. Green Chilli   4
  5. Ginger 1" thick piece
  6. Turmeric Powder   1/4 tsp
  7. Salt    to taste
  8. Cilantro, finely chopped   1 Tbsp
To Temper
  1. Peanut Oil   1 tbsp
  2. Cumin seeds   1/2 tsp
  3. Mustard Seeds  1/4 tsp
To serve Poha
  1. Spicy Boondi
  2. Fine Sev
  3. Pom Seeds
I used Regular thick poha, I wash the poha couple of times, strain the excess water using colander & do not soak them. If using Dagdi Poha, You need to soak the Poha for at least 15- 20 minutes.
We like stir fried potatoes in the poha, but you can also use boiled cut potato for making batata poha.
Using Cast Iron pan or kadai, for cooking then the potatoes gets roasted crisp & even more tastier than the non stick pan cooking.
If you get fresh Pomegranate then serve Batata Poha with Pom seeds. 
Adjust green chilli to your taste, the chillies here we get are not spicy so I added more.
Instead of Boondi & sev, you can also serve the Batata Poha with some spicy mixture.

  • Then wash poha and drain the water completely using a colander and keep aside. 
  • First take ginger, green chilli in a small blender then coarsely grind or pulse for few seconds and keep aside.
  • Now Heat oil in a pan, when its hot add raw peanuts and fry them until golden brown and remove the roasted peanuts aside.
  • And to the same pan in remaining oil,  add mustard seeds let it splutter then add cumin seeds allow to splutter and add cut potato cubes.
  • Sprinkle little salt and cook covered for 4-5 minutes, now and then open the lid and stir fry the potato. If needed sprinkle very little water and cook the potato until soft.
  • Once done add the coarsely ground ginger-green chilli and stir fry for few seconds.
  • Then add washed poha, turmeric powder, salt and mix everything nicely.
  • Saute the poha for few more seconds once the poha turned yellow add lemon juice, fried peanuts and give a nice mix and cook covered for half a minute.
  • Lastly add some finely chopped cilantro and switch off the stove.
  • That's it..Tasty Batata Poha ready. Serve hot with some spicy boondi & sev on top.
Batata Poha Step By Step Photos : 
Wash Poha couple of times, drain the excess water using a colander and keep aside.
Grind giner and green chillies
Heat Oil in a pan, fry the peanuts and keep aside.
To the same pan, add mustard seeds, cumin seeds let it splutter then add cut potato, cook covered until done
Batata Poha
once the potatoes are cooked add ground ginger-green chilli, stir fry then add washed poha.

Batata Poha
Add turmeric powder, salt & mix everything well.

Saute the poha for few more seconds once the poha turned yellow add lemon juice, fried peanuts and give a nice mix and cook covered for half a minute.
Batata Poha
Finally add cilantro and switch off the stove. Garnish with sev & boondi.
Batata Poha
Serve Batata Poha/Aloo Poha right away with some sev or mixture.

Aloo Poha

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