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HomeMade Ginger Garlic Paste / How To Make Ginger Garlic Paste

For the Past two years, we faced so many health issues and we felt that we are recovering from all those problems but from last week i am having severe headache n dizziness. And on this Weekend i suffered lot due to Dizziness, went to Urgent Care n now in medications. Still Having headache and dizziness comes n goes. That's the reason i couldn't spend much time on Blogging n blog Hop. I couldn't sit and read , i feel like riding on a boat, n in worst condition the dizziness leads to vomiting n dehydration. Dr. told that theres no specific reason n no need to worry about it n will be alright within a week. Hoping for the best. I really really miss visiting other blogs for their recipes,pictures and writing. But still some of my blogger friends are more supportive n never fail to visit mine...They are very prompt but i couldn't be like that, So Sorry friends n don't mistake me will check your posts once i am back to normal. All my Blogging Marathon recipes for this week n next week were made ahead and even few were scheduled. So will be posting for the committed one and hope U all will continue your support n keep visiting my space. Thanks!!
Another session of BM starts today n for this week I have chosen the theme, Indian Basics. I should say that this is the first Basic recipe in my blog, so far I did not shared any such recipes, becoz of one main reason, h to click n present them?!. But after seeing this month's BM theme I decided its time for me to work on it n some how tried my best!! In that row, today we going to see Ginger Garlic paste, one of the main basic ingredient for most of the Indian curry, Biryani/Pulao, stir fry, gravies etc.
I never seen my mom making such pastes n store it in fridge for later uses, even I too don't have such habits till my kids birth.Yes, they changed my life style in many ways including cooking also :) I started making such handy paste, spice powders only 3yrs before. First, I tried grinding ginger n garlic alone n stored in the fridge but after two days the color has changed n also rotten. Then asked my mom she only suggested to add turmeric n oil, n tried that along with salt worked better n stayed good till it lasts or for almost 2weeks. After that started following the procedure n all my curries, pulao,biryani,stir fry every thing made easy n quick with this handy paste. One such quick n easy recipe was this tomato rice. Most of the time this tomato rice (with variation) was his constant lunch box recipe along with different poriyalI/fry/chips etc. ok ok no more stories will move to the recipes...

Ginger Garlic Paste:
  1. Ginger     1 cup (roughly chopped)
  2. Garlic  1 cup (chopped)
  3. Turmeric Powder    1/8 tsp(optional)
  4. Salt     1/4 tsp
  5. Oil      1-2 tsp
  6. Water   1 tbsp or less
  • First Wash Ginger under running water, then peel the skin and roughly chop and keep aside.
  • I always use equal amount of ginger n garlic and for chicken curry/fry i used to add more garlic n less ginger.
  • Peel garlic and roughly chop it and keep ready.
  • In a blender, add chopped ginger, garlic n water and blend it for a minute.
  • Then add oil and salt and blend it fine coarse paste.
  • After that, transfer the paste to a clean bottle and close it with lid and keep in the fridge.
  • It will last for 2-3 weeks or more if handled properly.
I blended it in two batch, first time i did not add turmeric powder and the paste in the spoon was blended with turmeric powder.
Adding Turmeric Powder gives nice color to the paste n flavor while u saute the paste. 
Add less or no water while you grind them to get more shelf life, Indian Mixie works better, I use Magic Bullet, so i used to add more than a tbsp water to grind and drain the water by transferring the paste to a wide plate n keep the plate in slant position for 15-20 minutes so that the excess water comes out and store the drained thick paste in an air tight container.
If you don't like equal amount of garlic then use 1 cup ginger and 3/4 cup of garlic.
You want to make 1-2 tbsp of ginger garlic paste, but u lack sufficient amount of ginger or garlic then don't worry add 1-2 tbsp of chopped onions and blend well and use it in your curry.
Use clean n dry spoon and soon close the lid n keep it in the fridge.

Sending this to Vardhini's Basics, Tips, Tricks Event


  1. the paste looks so perfect as does the rice

  2. tomato rice looks very inviting....I do gg paste in similar way....gg paste looks very fresh with nice clicks :)

  3. I too make ginger garlic paste at home and follow pretty much the same method. I store them in the freezer in small jars and containers.

    Tomato rice is colorful and looks tasty.. Take care and hope you get back to your normal self very soon!

  4. colorful rice.. inviting clicks..

  5. Even I make ginger garlic paste. Such a handy paste. Looks awesome.

  6. Nice post Sangee! Both the recipes are good!

    Take care of your health!

  7. Nice clicks and useful tip with colorful rice.

  8. Sorry to hear about your health.I too am having a bad week but not as bad as yours.Do rest.I have never tried making ginger and garlic paste as I didn't know how to.Tomato rice looks wonderful I used to make this a lot during my college days when hunger strikes in the middle of the night.Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  9. Homemade are always the best... The pulao looks inviting... Do take care dear... Rest a lot. Blogging can be done later... Praying for ur speedy recovery

  10. Very helpful tips Sangeetha, I agree that having these homemade pastes at hand does help to quickly make a delicious dish. Tomato rice looks so tempting, very colorful too.

    Hoping you a quick recovery dear. Get well soon. Take care

  11. The pulao looks delicious!!!!!Useful tips.....

  12. Take care of ur health and thanks for sharing this yummy puloa recipe and GG paste too

  13. Useful post and the tomato rice looks inviting and delicious...

  14. Sangee some splendid pics out here!And that bowl of tomato rice is good to grab from the screen

  15. Awesome clicks .. I too make similar tomato rice..:) looks gr8 :)

  16. Hey sorry to know about the health issues...Take proper rest which will help in fast recovery...Asfor the recipes...garlic ginger paste is always an essential stuff in my pantry..and the rice looks wonderful...

  17. Wonderful snaps and take care Sangee. I ride the same boat too so can feel your pain. Nothing best like rest helps.

  18. Lovely one Sangee. Adding turmeric and oil is such a nice tip. Hope you feel better soon.

  19. Take proper rest dear...Lovely clicks and dish.Yumm.

  20. Loved the first click Sangee...Do take care of your health

  21. Oh god, sangee take care of your health, my prayers are with you pa, dont worry about blogging and all, you can do them later once you recovered completely.

    GG paste is a must for me, sometimes i cant even cook without them. Quick tomato rice looks irresistible.

  22. very perfect paste... 1st photo is so beautiful.. take care of ur health dear.

  23. Take care Sangeetha, pictures are looking great as always

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  27. First picture romba asathala irukku sangee. Athu yennu theriyala, after coming to india I too feel the same and not able to concentrate on reading and blogging. Take comeplete rest sangee and come with super dooper recipes.

  28. hope you are better now dear..so sorry to hear about your health !
    Homemade ginger garlic paste sounds great, rice looks so simple n fabulous..superb clicks dear:)

  29. delicious..happy to follow ur blog

  30. ginger - garlic paste comes handy when you are in hurry. tomato rice looks delicious

  31. Good one. Take care of your health.

  32. Sangeeta I am sorry that you have not been well. Please take care. Rest dear.
    Ginger garlic paste looks great abd the tomato rice out of this world.

  33. this post so helpful and handy, lovely details shared...btw am planning to invest in magic bullet, is it like completely worth it

  34. What is the size of a cup?

    1. I used standard measurement cup but u can use any cup or bowl measurement.
      Add salt n oil accordingly..


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