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Jul 9, 2012

Mixed Beans Dal Bhat / Mixed Beans Paruppu Sadham

Today's recipe is very Delicious and Protein packed one pot meal,Mixed Beans Dal Bhat. This recipe is nothing but my home town special Arisi Paruppu Sadham with Mixed Beans and few drumstick leaves. I totally forgot what i typed the intro before n am so tensed now, since i have typed my full recipe with all step wise pictures this n that n published it, even i saw the post with full recipe as soon as i published but now after few minutes it was blank with only one picture, h it happened?! Something went wrong :( ok will move to the recipe...

  1. Rice     1 cup(sona masoori)
  2. Tuvar Dal/Toor dal    1/4 cup
  3. Mixed Beans 15 beans soup mix   1/2 cup (cooked)
  4. Drumstick leaves   1 handful(optional)
  5. Onion   1 medium(sliced)
  6. Tomato  2 medium(chopped)
  7. Green chili   2 no.s(slit open)
  8. Garlic   4-5 fat cloves(chopped)
  9. Turmeric powder   1/8 tsp
  10. Chili powder    1/2 tsp
  11. Sambar powder    1-2 tsp
  12. Cilantro   1 handful(finely chopped)
  13. Salt   to taste
To Temper
  1. Oil / Sesame oil    1-2 tbsp
  2. Mustard seeds   1/2 tsp
  3. Cumin seeds    1/2 tsp
  4. Fennel seeds    1/2 tsp
  5. Urad dal & Chana dal   1/2 tsp each
  6. Curry leaves    1 sprig
  • Wash rice n dal ,soak it together for at least 30 minutes.
  • Heat oil/ghee in a pressure cooker,add mustard seeds,jeera,fennel seeds and wait till it splutter then add urad dal n chana dal n fry till golden brown.
  • Then add green chillies n curry leaves fry them lightly and followed by sliced onions n garlic.
  • Saute the onions n garlic for 1 minute n add tomato and saute till tomato gets soft but not mushy.
  • Now add cooked beans and stir fry for a minute.
  • After that add turmeric,chili powder,sambar powder and saute it for 1-2 minute.
  • Then add soaked n drained tuvar dal and stir fry for a minute and add enough water(to cook rice n dal, i use to add 4.5cups of water) and enough salt n drumstick leaves and give it a mix and allow it to boil.
  • Once it starts boiling add rice and mix well and pressure cook for 1-2 whistles.
  • Allow the pressure to cool down and open the lid, add finely chopped cilantro and mix gently.
  • That's it Tasty n Healthy Mixed Beans Dal Bhat ready.
  • If u want can add ghee roasted curryleaves n cashew nuts now and serve hot with potato fry,pickle or with chips n papads.

Instead of mixed legumes you can also add any one legume/beans of your choice.
Tuvar dal can also be replaced with yellow moong dal.
Adding ghee roasted curry leaves n cashew nuts is purely optional.
While serving the rice add few tsp of ghee on top.


  1. Amazing presentation.. Beautiful click.. But where is the recipe?

  2. Dal baat looks really awesome.. awaiting recipe...

  3. Oops...i have typed everything with step wise pictures but i don't know h it published like this?!

    1. Thanks Divya n Roshni for letting me know n your your lovely comment too :)

  4. Looks delicious and healthy!

  5. Protein packed dal bhat looks simply irresistible, drooling here.

  6. Spmetimes blogger behaves strangely isnt it ?
    Healthy and yummy preparation.

  7. protein packed comfort dish dear :) looks very delicious and tempting :)
    I am back to blogging as I promised dear, thanx for the inspiration and for your lovely words :)
    Please check out my post when u get time k :)

  8. Healthy and comforting one pot meal sounds inviting and innovative,nice presentation....

  9. Hi Sangeetha ,

    looks Yummy !!!

    and very healthy :)))

    Keep on Dear...

  10. wow..very interesting & delicious,Sangee..Parippu sadham looks a comfort ,one pot meal..Healthy & nutritious too,loved the cashew garnish on top!!

    Ongoing Events of Erivum Puliyum @ Palakkad Chamayal-Fenugreek Leaves OR Green Chillies

  11. Awesome Sangee, so delicious & healthy. Loved your presentation as always :)

  12. As usual looks very colorful. Its great to add different dals with rice.

  13. Wow.. so healthy and grat way to have different dals!

  14. Healthy and delicious comfort food..loved your pictorial ..

  15. very delicious and colorful.....

  16. looks delicious... am also having arisi paruppu satham in my blog....

  17. Nutritious and protein packed rice...looks yumm

  18. thats very comforting one pot meal.. love it

  19. Loved the wayyy u capture the picss n this looksss so yummyyyyyyyy

  20. Dal-rice with beans sounds new to me...But its delicious! I wanted to know abt Curry masala powder, read it in ur latest post or potato-capsicum fry..What is it? Is it store bought? Plz tell me more abt it..

    1. Its a spice powder like garam masala, U can add it to any stir fry/curry/masala rice/noodles etc...its available in all Indian Grocery Stores, i have a recipe for that spice powder n will be posting it shortly.


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