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Oct 29, 2013

Wheat Flour Laddu / Atta Laddu - Easy & Quick Diwali Sweet Recipe

Today's recipe is another simple and easy to make Sweet that you can try this for Diwali, Wheat Flour Laddus / Atta Ladoo. A healthy snack for growing kids. I bookmarked this Atta Ladoo in Raks Kitchen and tried it this week and the laddus tasted so so good and it just melt in mouth like Soan papdi. I felt so, the sweetness and flour texture was similar to the taste of soan papdi. I slightly tweaked the recipe by mixing the ground pistachios with Atta. And also here i used only 1/4 cup ghee and 1/4 cup oil. To me the flavor of ghee and taste of Atta ladoo was fine but you can use which ever is fine to you. One more Easy Diwali Sweet and its a must try, thank You Raji for this wonderful recipe and sure a keeper. Now off to the recipe..

Recipe Source: Raks Kitchen
Preparation Time : 15 minutes or less Cooking Time : 12-15 minutes.
Makes About 15-17 small sized Ladoos.
  1. Wheat Flour / Atta     1 cup
  2. Sugar   1/2 cup
  3. Cardamom    2 no.
  4. Pistachio  1/4 cup (ground pistachios)
  5. Ghee    1/4 cup
  6. Oil      1/4 cup (or use 1/2 cup ghee and skip oil)
  • First in a pan, heat ghee and oil together and transfer it to a bowl,
  • And to the same pan, add wheat flour and roast in low-medium heat stirring continuously until flavor comes and it turns light golden brown colour. (5-7 minutes).
  • Then in a blender, blend together cardamom and sugar to a fine powder and keep aside.
  • Then grind pistachios to a fine coarse powder and keep ready.
  • And now in a wide plate or bowl, add flour, powdered sugar, ground pistachio and mix well.
  • To this add ghee and oil mix everything well, i did by adding oil-ghee little by little and shaped it.
  • And immediately shape it a round balls/ladoos.
  • That's it..Delicious Atta Laddo ready.

1/2 cup ghee or oil+ghee mixture should be added, otherwise you cannot shape it to ladoo and also it will not taste good.
Use ghee for more flavor and taste but to me 1/4 cup ghee is more enough and we totally loved the ladoos.
I used Aashirvadh Whole Wheat Flour / Atta.

Sending this to  Diwali Delicacies Event By Me & Priya and to Vardhini's Diwali Bash Event.


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    "Happy Diwali" to you Sangeetha.

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