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Mar 14, 2017

Blueberry Shrikhand Recipe | Shrikhand(Sweetened Yogurt)With Blueberry - Easy Kids Friendly Indian Dessert

Shirkhand With Blueberries
 Past two weeks weather got dropped down, 20s/30s range and from Sunday night its snowing and going to have 6-8 inches by tonight. This cold weather making me dull and sick and hoping to get better soon. I haven't cooked anything interesting to blog and last only made this Blueberry Shrikhand for kids as after school snack/dessert.

Shirkhand Recipe
Once they had Blueberry Greek yogurt from Costco samples and they liked it and wanted to buy it for them. But I forgot and they kept asking me for blueberry yogurt. I had some fresh sweet ripe blueberries in the fridge and thought why not to try it at home as Shrikhand. Shrikhand is an Indian dessert, very simple and easy no cooking involved. It is prepared using a hung curd/thick curd obtain after hanging it in a cloth for hours together to remove all the water and only the fat creamy part is used to make dessert. Just add some cardamom powder and sugar to it to enjoy Shrikhand.

For a change i tried with some fresh blueberries, not sure about the taste and how my kids gonna like it, so first time tried with a cup of curd and some mashed blueberries, kids loved it a lot and said it is more delicious and creamy than the Costco one. I was so happy that they loved it and wanted to have more. Then next day made it the proper way and also took some pictures to share here. For a change give this Blueberry Shrikhand a try and I am sure your kids will love it to the core. Now off to the recipe..
Shirkhand(With Blueberries)
Blueberry Shrikhand Recipe
Prep Time : 4 hours | Cook Time : Nil
Recipe Category : Dessert | Recipe Cuisine : Indian
Serves 2
  1. Fresh Curd/Plain Yogurt    2 cup
  2. Fresh Blueberries    6 oz
  3. Sugar   3 or 4 tbsp
To drain the yogurt/curd, keep cheese cloth or a clean cotton cloth over a strainer.
Now pour the yogurt over the cloth to drain. Place a bowl underneath the strainer to collect the excess water.
Now keep the yogurt with strainer and bowl into the refrigerator for at least 3-4 hours(you can keep up to 6 hours also) to drain excess water.
After that gently squeeze the cloth to remove the water and not the curd and that's it the thickened creamy yogurt/curd is ready to make shrikhand.
Now take the fresh blueberries in a blender add sugar and puree it. Add this to the thick cream curd and mix gently.
Check for sweetness if required add more sugar, as the blueberries i used were ripe and sweet so it didn't required for me.
Now mix the shirkhand with some fresh blueberry and Chill the blueberry shrikhand before serving.
Always use Fresh Curd for making shrikhand. I used Homemade Fresh Curd. Alternatively, you can also use Plain or Vanilla Flavored store bought yogurt too.
You can also add 1/4 tsp of vanilla for extra flavor.
Use ripe and sweet blueberries. The same way you can also try strawberries, raspberries or mango flavor.
If desired top blueberry shrikhand with some finely chopped pistachios before serving.
Blueberry Shrikhand Step by Step Photo :
Keep the yogurt in a strainer lined with cheese cloth and put this strainer over the bowl and keep aside for 3-4 hours to remove excess water from the curd.
After that gently squeeze the cloth to remove the water and not the curd and that's it the thickened creamy yogurt/curd is ready to make shrikhand.
then puree the blueberries with sugar and mix the puree to the curd and that's it Blueberry Shrikhand ready. Chill Before serving.
Shirkhand With Blueberries

Blueberry Shirkhand


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