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Aug 18, 2022

Aval Payasam Recipe / Aval Paal Payasam Recipe / Paal Payasam With Aval(Poha)

aval payasam recipe

Happy Janmashtami Wishes to all my Friends & Readers. Aval Payasam, is a quick and easy to make Indian Dessert. For Krishna Jayanthi, Aval or poha, Butter, milk are the most commonly used ingredients to make Neivedyam for Lord Krishna. So, I Wanted to share a recipe with these ingredients and Here the super rich and delicious Aval Payasam recipe. For this Aval Payasam I used only Whole Milk to cook and did not use any water.  This Aval payasam need just 4 main ingredients and can be made in 20 minutes or less. Make this creamy and delicious Aval Paal Payasam on this special day and enjoy with your friends and family. 

Aval Payasam Recipe
Prep Time :  5 minutes | Cook Time : 20-25 minutes
Recipe Category : Indian Dessert/Sweets | Serves   3

  1. Poha/ Aval/Beaten Rice      1/2 cup (I used thick variety)
  2. Milk      3 cups ( Whole milk)
  3. Sugar     1/2 cup +2 Tbsp ( I used Nattu Sakkarai/Brown Sugar)
  4. Ghee 1 tsp or more
  5. Cardamom Powder   1/2 tsp
  6. Saffron    few strands
  7. Raisins    2 tbsp
  8. Nuts    2-3 tbsp (I used cashew nuts, chironji seeds & pistachios)
Adding broken pieces of Poha makes the Payasam creamy and more tasty than to cook the aval as such.
Sugar, I used only 1/2 cup of 1/2 cup Poha & 3 Cup milk and the sweet for perfect to us. If you prefer more sweet, then add 2 Tbsp of extra sugar to the same mentioned quantity of poha and milk.
I don't like ghee roasted raisins and cashew nuts in payasam so I added as such, but if you want you can roast in ghee and add it to the payasam.
Payasam tend to thicken later, so adjust consistency accordingly or just add couple of spoon of milk just before serving.
I used Nattu Sakkarai/Indian Brown Sugar, it gave nice color to the payasam along with saffron strands. If you use white sugar the color will be white or light yellow with saffron strands.

  • Heat 1 tsp oil or ghee in a pan, add poha and roast for 1-2 minutes in low-medium heat then transfer to a blender and pulse it for few seconds and keep aside. Do not Powder finely just pulse it to get broken pieces.
  • Then add 3 cups of milk in a sauce pan and bring it to boil, once it starts boiling add coarsely blended poha and saffron strands and stir well. 
  • And allow to cook poha in medium heat and keep stirring constantly for 5-6 minutes.
  • Once the poha gets cooked milk will turn slightly thick and now add saffron strands(if using) sugar and stir well and cook for another 2 minutes.
  • After that add cardamom powder, raisins and crushed nuts stir well and switch off the stove.
  • That's it...Delicious Aval Paal Payasam ready. Serve Warm or chilled.


aval payasam recipe

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