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Mar 13, 2011

Soya Cutlet/Cutlet with Soya Granules

  1. Nutrela Soya granules     1 cup(boiled)
  2. Potato    1 medium no.(boiled)
  3. Capsicum/Bell Pepper   1-2 tbsp(finley chopped)
  4. Onion   3-4 tbsp(finely chopped)
  5. Chilli powder     1 tsp
  6. Cumin powder    1tsp
  7. Lime   half 
  8. Coriander leaves    1/4 cup(finely chopped)
  9. Salt    as needed
  10. Maida/All purpose flour    2 tsp(mixed in 1/4 cup water n set aside)
  11. Oil     for shallow frying 
  12. Bread crumbs   as needed.
  • Take a vessel add 4-5  cups of water and allow to boil ,then add 1 cup of soya granules and allow to boil for some 5 minutes and rinse in fresh water,then drain and squeeze the soya granules completely.

  • Take a mixing bowl or wide vessel,add boiled soya granules,mashed potato,onion,bell pepper,coriander leaves,chilli powder,lime juice,cumin powder,salt and mix everything well and divide in to 8-10 portions.
  • Heat 1-2 tsp of oil in a pan,take one portion and make a round ball,press it gently and dip it in the maida water and roll in bread crumbs and fry it on the tawa on both sides till become crisp and light brown.
  • Follow this for all the remaining portion,can fry 3-4 at a time(based on the pan size).
  • Serve the fried Soya cutlets with ketchup.
With the above portion,u will get aorund10-12 cutlets .
U can also add a tablespoon of finely chopped carrots and beans each.
Boiled and grounded soya chunks can also be used instead of granules.
Instead of pan fry you can also deep fry them (if u like)


  1. hi akka,
    I like peda and soya cutlet.ur cooking pictures are very colourful.

  2. Your recipee was awesome, lip smacking delicious!
    Look forward to many more from you!

  3. Hi...can we toast them on tawa instead of frying with maida coating.. i want to eliminate maida

  4. Hi...I tried making these but they were not binding well...a lot of cutlets broke while frying... What to do to avoid it??

    1. Try squeezing moisture from the granules. And for binding, add 1/2-1 tsp corn flour. This will help or you can even add little extra mashed potato.


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