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Mar 16, 2011

Rava Dosa / Instant Dosa - Quick Breakfast / Dinner Recipe!

My Mom often makes this Instant dosa for our weekend breakfast and this is my sister's favorite dosa too. My all time favorite dosa is Masala Dosa n Onion Oothappam(posting soon here) This is my version of Rava Dosa/Instant Dosa, very cripsy n tasty dosa. I love adding cumin seeds n pepper corns to my dosa but its optional u can omit or add it less.

  1. Rice flour   1 cup
  2. Rava/Sooji/Semolina    3/4 cup
  3. All purpose flour/Maida     1/4 cup
  4. Yogurt/curd    2 tsp(optional)
  5. cumin seeds      1/2 tbsp
  6. Pepper corns       1 tsp
  7. Cashew nuts        5-6 (chopped)
  8. Green chilies      1-2 (finely chopped-optional)
  9. Curry leaves        few finely chopped
  10. Coriander leaves     10 strings(finely chopped)
  11. Onion              1/2 finely chopped(optional)
  12. Salt    as needed

  • Take wide vessel, add rice flour, rava and all purpose flour, curd and mix well, then add enough water to make it a thin batter thin as possible(much thinner than ordinary dosa batter like buttermilk-see pic)  
  • Now add salt, cumin seeds, pepper corns and mix well.
  • and also add chopped curry leaves, coriander leaves, onions,green chilies and cashew nuts.
  • Mix well ...the batter should be thin like water ...and leave the batter for 15-20 minutes.
  • Then heat a tawa, mix the batter well and take a ladle of batter and spill all over the tawa randomly. Drizzle oil all around the dosa.
  • Do not spread the batter ...cook in medium heat.
  • when the dosa get crisp ,then turn other side gently and cook for 2 minutes or till it turn golden brown and remove from the tawa. 
  • The crispy rava dosa is now ready to serve with any chutney or sambar.

Adding Yogurt is optional, i did not add this time.
Resting time makes the dosa crisper n tasty n perfect. But u can also make it instantly.
Before making dosa don't forget to stir the batter every time to prevent the flour settling to the bottom of vessel.
Pour water as needed (even after after making 4-5 dosa) as the batter might become little thicker. This process helps to make a thin and cripy dosa as ever. That too if you give more resting time.


  1. Wow super sangee, i tried this menu but i didint add curd. Anyway it is gud n tasty. Thanks....

  2. Looks amazing Sangeetha. I am surprised your dosa came out all holey!!! Thats how we like it na!
    First time on your space. Nice.


  3. Nice and crisy dosa akka :) Looks just like the hotel version with a nice net-ty texture :)

  4. Came out perfect. thank you for sharing the recipe.

    1. Glad that you tried my recipe n Thanks for your feedback!

  5. Vinnie Manu JayakumarApr 19, 2013, 3:11:00 PM

    today morning i tried it as an express breakfast, as i got up late ! my husband who don't like semolina liked it and approved to make further, thanks a ton for the recipe:)

    1. Thank You so much for taking time to share your feed back...glad that u liked my recipe too :)

  6. A new dosa recipe!!!!!!! Sounds interesting.Try soon.
    looks very crispy & delicious.

  7. Is oil not used before or after spilling the batter on the tawa?

    1. Sorry i missed that in the recipe, now i added it. After spilling the batter, drizzle oil in and around the dosa. cook for few minutes then turn other side.

  8. did you add chilli powder ? you batter looks red at the end....

    1. No...its not chilli powder, its golden brown picture the saturation give it reddish tinge...normal dosa colour only..i did not add any chilli powder or artificial colour.
      Batter - its under yellow light..the rava-rice mixture settled down and water layer with red onions looks like chilli powder!

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