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Chole Batura / Batura & Chana Masala Recipe

 When i was in 11th grade, we went an excursion to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur(School trip with friends and teachers). For the first time, I had this chole masala in Dhaba,Agra. I loved it very much, they serve the chole with some thin rotis. I loved it a lot and still the flavor and taste is lingering in my mouth ;) Whenever I ask my mom to prepare Channa Masala, she will make kurma n masal kuzhambu. Some 3 yrs after that trip i got one friend cum neighbor,a catering student...she taught me this restaurant type chana masala, Aloo gobi, Veg Chinese Noodles and some other recipes. I am trained well and for every get together in my family i use to prepare this chana masala for chapathi/puri. Everyone love to have my chana and puri...Here we go....

Ingredients for Chole/Chana masala:
  1. Chana/Garbanzo/Chickpeas    1 and 1/4 cup
  2. Onion   1 large(finely chopped)
  3. Tomato  2 no.(1and 1/2 chopped and 1/2 grinded)
  4. Green chilli   1-2 no.(finely chopped)
  5. ginger garlic paste    2 tsp
  6. ginger   few stripes(cut in lengthwise) 
  7. Fennel seeds     1/2 tsp
  8. Cumin seeds/Jeera   1/2 tsp
  9. turmeric powder   a pinch
  10. chilli powder    1 tsp
  11. Chana masala powder    1 tbsp
  12. Garam masala powder    1/2 tbsp
  13. Tomato Ketchup/sauce    1 tbsp
  14. coriander leaves    10 sprigs
  15. Salt    as needed
  16. Oil      3-4 tbsp
               Soak chana/chickpeas for atleast 8 hours or soak it overnight for best result.Pressure cook chana for 1-2 whistle with a very small pinch of turmeric powder.


  • Heat oil in a kadai/non stick vessel,add fennel and cumin seeds allow to splutter.
  • then add finely chopped onions,sprinkle some salt and fry till transparent and turns light brown.
  • now add ginger garlic paste and fry till raw smell leaves.
  • After that add chopped and grinded tomato,chopped green chillies and ginger stripes and stir fry till tomato get soft and mushy.(should leave oil on sides).
  • and add all dry powders and give it a stir and fry for 2 minutes.
  • Then add tomato ketchup and stir well.
  • And now add some lightly mashed chana and stir fry for a minute.
  • After that add remaining cooked whole chana (with the water) and enough salt ,mix well .
  • If u want,add some more water and cook covered for 5 minutes.
  • Lastly add some finely chopped coriander leaves and simmer for another 2 minutes.
  • Now the Chole/Chana masala is ready to serve with Batura/Naan/chapathi/roti.
  • Serve the chole masala with some finely chopped onions,coriander leaves and lemon wedges.

Ingredients for Batura/Bature
  • All Purpose Flour/Maida     1 and 1/2 cup
  • Salt   as needed
  • Curd/Yoghurt     2 tsp
  • Milk     1/2 cup(lukewarm)
  • Water (lukewarm)  1/4 cup  ( or adjust accordingly)
  • Cooking soda/baking powder   1/4 tsp
  • Oil  for kneading and deep frying
  • Take a wide vessel,add maida,salt,cooking soda mix well.
  • Then add yoghurt and mix it,and make a smooth dough using milk and water.
  • Then knead the dough with 1 tbsp oil for 5 minutes or until u get soft,smooth and pliable dough
  • After that cover the dough and  keep it aside for 1-2 hrs.
  • And after 1-2 hrs,heat oil for deep frying..when really hot,
  • Make a medium sized ball of the dough and roll it out to little thick and deep fry in oil.
  • Fry until puffed,cooked and lightly brown.
  • Using a slotted spatula take the batura and drain it in paper towel.
  • Serve immediately with chole/chana masala or any curry.

  Note:  For chana masala..if u don't have chana masala powder..u can substitute with garam masala n curry powder...u can also avoid ketchup n add littlwe sugar n amachur powder if u have.I like my chana masala to be in thick consistency so i didn't add much water,if u want it little more thin ,adjust and add water to ur desired consistency.

All recipes are on Petitchef

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