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Apr 11, 2011

Two Chocolates

         Why this 2 chocolates?? wat special??to whom this?? Yep.. i am very much glad to give these 2 chocolates, One to my lovely Husband,who designed my space to a new look and one to my Blogger Friend Malar Gandhi,a great Cook, innovative cook, and an enthusiastic blogger...who shared me a bit of award and wanted me to post Honest 7 Facts About me. Thanks a lot Malar for remembering me in your list..So i am here to share the Honest 7 facts, but i am poor in writing and narrating so finish this in short words...
  1.  I am a friendly Person and like to help others ...
  2.  I love my Family more...(can't imagine the world without them )
  3.  Sangeetha S stands for Sensitive and Short tempered too...(fighting hard to control my temper)
  4. Yearning for Friends/Friendship...yes i missed many of my friends...once my friends' circle was too   big...lots and lots of friends..hmmm..those days were so colorful,more fun,always smiling and chatting..nothing to bother...but unfortunately I missed many of my intimate friends and still searching for them... 
  5. Believe in - Sincere Serious Systematic Service Surely Secure Supreme Success...God...Everything  Happens for a reason.                    
  6. Never give up Dignity and Self Respect.
  7. My greatest Ambition/Wish/Desire-- To my Kids ,i should the bestest Mom in the World in all aspects(Affection,Beauty,Cooking,Caring & on).And i am started working hard to reach my goal...i m waiting for the day hear the above words form my Kids.
    And i took this opportunity to thank my friends and visitors...Thank you so much for visiting my blog.


  1. nice to see some honest facts about you...hope you will get back your friends soon...lovely blog...

  2. Heeei, thank you so much for the thats a real surprise, thats sweet man.

    Enjoyed reading about are good at heart...hearty wishes for your goals, hope all your dreams come true.

    Same here, I yearn for friendship. I have handful of friends, coz' of blogging! If you like, meet me at facebook or orkut. I go under the same name 'Malar Gandhi'...I will also mail you soon.


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