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Apr 27, 2011

Microwave Peda - My Kid's Birthday :)

    Pedas are one of our traditional Indian sweet, more delicious and very tasty sweet. This is a very quick recipe with authentic touch and flavor. It takes only 6-7 minutes and within 15 minutes you can relish this more delicious peda, which will taste like paal khova. Well here's the quick microwave recipe:

  1. Dry milk powder/milk mava   2 cups
  2. Sweetend condensed milk    14 oz. can (1 no.)
  3. unsalted butter    2 tbsp or more
  4. Cardamom powder    1/2 tsp
  5. yellow food color    very small pinch(optional)
  6. Nuts for garnishing.     (almonds/cashew/pistachios)
  • Take a microwave bowl(glass bowl is good) and add butter and melt the butter in microwave for 30-45 seconds.
  • Then remove the bowl from microwave and add all the milk powder,condensed milk,cardamom powder and food color. Stir well to mix it up.
  • Now keep the bowl in microwave and heat for 3 minutes. stir for every 1 minute.
  • After 3 minutes allow to rest the bowl in the microwave for 1 minute.
  • Then heat for another 2-3 minutes and stir for every 30 seconds.
  • Now the mixture turned to solid non sticky dough , then cool this for 15 minutes and then make small balls and press it gently to get peda shape.
  • Or can make the pedas to the desired shape and size.(roll the pedas little firmly to get smooth n crack free pedas).
  • you can add some chopped/whole nuts in the center.
  • thats it the delicious and yummy pedas are ready in few minutes.Try this easy and quick recipe.

           I made this pedas for my first son's (Sanjay) birthday(27th april).He loves this pedas very much.He was so much excited when i was preparing this in microwave for him.
Sanjay :  Mummy what r u doing in microwave.??..some good smell ,show me..
Me :       I am preparing medicine for !!!
Sanjay:   show it to me ...i want to see what medicine it is ??
   When i showed him the bowl...he was so excited and eh....sweet dhaana mumy panra??   so sweet boy.
And he is very caring like his dad...whenever I get sick...he take much care on me...he wont trouble me a lot..used to be quite n calm...
Even yesterday also he was scolding me...mummy you are not feeling well,but you are working in kitchen for long time...its enough mummy come n take rest....very sweet boy... adorable...
He is more naughty and mischievous but at the same time he is too good and sweet boy.
Many of my friends and relatives used to say that my kids and hubby are more lucky to have me...but the real truth is I am the most luckiest person to have such a affectionate husband and lovely kids.They are my world and the meaning of my life :)  ok no more personal stories....sometimes i am more emotional :)


  1. thank you so much aipai....
    Sanjay- thank you aunty Hugs:)

  2. Wow! Perfect pedas! Birthday wishes to ur son:)

  3. I love milk based sweets and the pedas are looking so good to celebrate the special day.
    So nice to hear abt your son...god bless.

  4. Thank you nandini...welcome to my blog :)
    @raji thank you dear...let all ur wishes makes him healthy n wiser...

  5. mm cute kids..nice to know abt ur son.convey my birthday wishes to him.god bless him!!

    Peda looks so cute n delicious...

  6. My hearty birthday wishes to ur son, God bless him..

    Pedas looks simply inviting and yummy..

  7. Thank you so much menaga and priya...a very big hug from Sanjay to dear aunties :)

  8. Thats a sweet conversation between you too, so cute:)

    They are adorable. My hearty wishes to Sanjay.

    Indeed it is lovely pedas, never tried microwave method!

    And many many more happy returns of the day to you too. Enjoy your birthday...have a blast with girl friends:)

  9. Thank you so much malar....hugs n kisses from Sanjay n akshay to malar aunty :)

  10. Lovely pedas,looks so cute.My hearty wishes to Sanjay.

  11. Lovely Pic., sangeetha...Enjoyed the Conversation... :)Evlo pesarana??

    Happy Birthday Sanju Kutti... Send me sum Pedas...:)

  12. Your'e indeed lucky to have kids who are so caring, at this very young age that to in todays world were everyone cares about only themselves.It shows your good upbringing too.Do wish the birthday boy a wonderful belated birthday on my and Aishwarya's behalf.
    Pedas look super and so easy too.Will give this a try soon.

  13. B'day wished to your Son . Bookmarking this recipe.
    See you again.

  14. Thank you Hema,Jay,prabha and vidhya..,,
    @ vidhya... s I am blessed ...generally kids are keen watchers n they have more observation power they grasp each n every aspects from us..both good n we the parents should be aware :)
    A very big hug to aishu akka-Sanjay
    @ prabha...hmmm...neriya pesaran some times romba matureda erukkum :)

  15. Nisha...welcome here and a big thank you for the wishes :)

  16. This peda looks too yummy! Cannot believe it came out this well in the microwave! Happy birthday to you little one!

  17. b'day wishes to your son...Pedas look great...

  18. Belated birthday wishes to your Son. Lovely pedas.

  19. thank you so much priya(Now serving) ...s it tasted like store bought n easy n quick too..try this!!!

    @kaveri welcome dear n thanks a lot for your wishes :)

    @ sadhana(sensible veg) thank you so much :)

    Thank you ladies for all your wishes...let your hearty wishes makes him bright,bold and healthy :)

  20. Oh Sanju.. Belated wishes dear.. looks like you guys had a great party and fun.. Kids are a blessing.. U have adorable boys.. HUGS :)

    We used to stay in Wisconsin - De Pere. And I used to visit Milwauke all the time.. :)

    Peda is such a treat.. with no crack.. Nice.. Its hard for me to not make without crack.

  21. heart touched lines..YES for every woman her hub n kids only d world..n this delicious sweet looks just easy but yummy too.vl try this sangee


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