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Apr 19, 2011

Mushroom Dosa / Mushroom Roast / Mushroom Masal Dosa

       I love eating dosa with filling (cauliflower,carrot,onion,potato,mushroom) more than dosa with chutney/sambar. these varieties of dosa are popular in southern India...Almost in all vegetarian hotels they serve for both breakfast n dinner. Mushroom roast is my own recipe, quite similar to dry curry but tastes great with dosa...Try this !!!
Nutritional Benefits(Mushroom):Mushrooms contain about 80 to 90 percent water, and are very low in calories (only 100 cal/oz).Mushrooms are an excellent source of potassium, a mineral that helps lower elevated blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke.The latest findings show that white button mushrooms can reduce the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer.
Now to the Recipe:

  1. Dosa Batter      2 cups
  2. Mushroom         1-8 oz Pack
  3. Onion        2 medium(sliced)
  4. Tomato       1/2 (Chopped)
  5. Garlic      2 no.(crushed)
  6. Ginger       2 " piece(crushed)
  7. Chilli Powder        1 tsp
  8. Garam Masala      1/2 tsp
  9. Cumin Powder       1/4 tsp
  10. Turmeric Powder      a Pinch
  11. Salt       to taste
  12. Coriander leaves      5 sprigs(finely chopped)
  13. Fennel seeds       1/2 tsp
  14. Oil       2 tsp

  • Heat oil in a sauce pan,add fennel seeds allow it to splutter. 
  • Then add crushed ginger n garlic  or ginger garlic paste fry for few seconds and add sliced onions fry till onion turns light brown.
  • And add chopped tomatoes and saute till it turns soft but not mushy. 
  • Then add all the dry powders(chili,turmeric,garam n cumin powders) and fry for a minute. 
  • Now add the sliced/chopped mushrooms enough salt, stir well and cook covered for 2-3 minutes. 
  • Once mushroom gets cooked, lastly add some finely chopped cilantro n turn off the stove. 
  • The mushroom Masal filling is now ready .
  • Heat a tawa/griddle, once it gets hot pour a ladle of batter and spread thinly in a circular motion.

  • Now cover it with a lid and cook for a minute, then remove the lid n cook till it turn crisp(like u see in the above pic) spread the mushroom filling in the center fold the dosa n remove from the tawa n serve hot with coconut chutney or any chutney.

Can use this mushroom masal for Chapathi/Puri n even as a Sandwich filling/filling for your bread...
Coconut chutney is the best combo for this mushroom masal roast or u can also serve with Onion Raita.
With the above mentioned quantity u will get about 6-7 mushroom masal dosa/roast.
Instead of crushed ginger n garlic can use 1 tsp of ginger garlic paste

S.Menaga  has shared some lovely awards with me...Thank you so much menaga for remembering me n sharing  this with me...

    I am sharing this with all my blogger friends...Happy Cooking :)


  1. Lovely roast...same here, I too stuff the dosas with some spicy stir-fries.

  2. Very Nice Dosa...Thank U so much for sharing the award :)

  3. ooh hoo.. yummy dosa.. love the stuffing..

    Congrats on ur awards and thank you so much for having me in ming and sharing them with me.. hugs :)

  4. I had been always eaten dosas the traditional way.But seeing your Dosa I want to try this soon.Congrats on your awards dear!And a big thank you for sharing it with me.

  5. சங்கீதா மஷ்ரூம் தோசை சூப்பர்
    அதைவிட உங்கள் பிலாக் கலர் லேவண்டர் கலர் அருமை
    என் பக்கம் வந்து கமெண்ட் அளித்து அவார்டும் தந்தமைக்கு மிக்க நன்றீ சந்தோஷம்.

  6. tempting the stuffed mushroom...

  7. Sangeetha congrats on your awards and thanks a lot for sharing it with me.

  8. Thank you's my pleasure to share some spl things with u guys...thanx a lot for supporting me...

  9. I tried your mushroom roast recipe... it is simply superb..


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