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Jan 25, 2016

Parotta Recipe | Parotta - Step By Step Recipe | South Indian Layered Bread - Hotel Style Parotta Recipe

Parotta Recipe
Parotta is a soft, flaky layered South Indian flat bread that is popular in Tamil Nadu & Kerala. Parotta is often served with Salna both Vegetarian and Non-Veg Salna. This is similar to the North Indian Lachha Paratha that is prepared using Wheat flour whereas the parotta are made using maida/APF. Many think that this parotta requires lots of oil to get the soft and flakiness and also requires too much labor like kneading, beating and shaping the dough but it is not true. You can make this Parotta with less oil and minimal work. Only thing it requires is "TIME". Yes.,it need couple of hours to be done without much oil and stress. The more you rest the dough more the softness and flakiness. The rested dough stretch by itself without use of much oil. I used less than 4 tbsp oil for all the 4 parottas.

Malabar Parotta
When I first tried this parottas 7 years back, it didn't turn out well I couldn't make a flaky and layered parotta. I tried with preparing the dough with egg, milk, banana and bathing the dough in oil but I couldn't get the layers. As I never able to flatten the dough to thin film Because I did not give enough resting time though the parottas were soft but not flaky and couldn't make layered ones.
Kerala Parotta Recipe

Parotta Salna
I didn't give up and kept trying it on and off and the result, now I learned the exact trick and art of making perfect layered parotta. No need to beat the dough to stretch, just rest the dough for 2 hours, then it automatically stretches by itself to paper thin, you don't even need rolling pin just a smooth granite or mica counter top is enough. If you cannot make pleats just follow my method by cutting the dough into stripes, this way is so easy and you get multi layered flaky parotta. I will soon share Chicken & Mutton Salna recipes that are lying in my draft for long time. But this Parotta tastes great with Vegetable Salna(chalna) Or Hotel Style Veg Kurma.
Parotta Recipe
Parotta Recipe(Step By Step)
Prep Time : 2 hours 45 Minutes | Cook Time : 10-15 Minutes
Recipe Category : Main Course | Recipe Cuisine : Indian
Makes  4

  1. Maida/All Purpose Flour   1 cup(I used unbleached flour)
  2. Salt  1/4 tsp
  3. Sugar  1/4 tsp
  4. Oil  2 tsp
  5. Water  as needed
  6. Oil  4 tbsp for kneading and toasting
In a bowl, add flour, salt, sugar and mix well then add 1 tsp oil and mix it well.
Now using water make it to a dough(do not use more water) and now on a floured surface transfer the dough and sprinkle little flour and drizzle little oil and knead it for 4-5 minutes to a soft and smooth dough.
Once done take the dough in a bowl, smear the top of the dough with oil and let it rest for 2 hours.
After 2 hours, take the dough and knead it again for another 1 minute, now the dough will be very soft and stretchable.
Then divide the dough into 4 equal portion and shape it to a smooth ball and keep it in a bowl. Drizzle little oil on the top of the balls and let it rest for 30 minutes.
After 30 minutes, grease your hand and counter top with oil and take one ball and flatten it as thin as possible, it should look transparent, even if it tears its fine but make sure it is flattened like a thin film(See Pic below)
Then drizzle little oil over it and spread all over the flattened dough and if you could make pleats like this do or simply cut into lengthy stripes(12-15) and arrange the stripes one over the other( keep the center big piece on the bottom and arrange rest over one after other).
Now lift the arranged pieces and tap it gently then stretch from both ends and fold it into a round shape where the one end get tucked into the center.
And keep this rolled ball in a bowl and cover it with wet towel or plastic wrap and repeat the same process for remaining dough.
Once done for all the dough, let it rest for another 5-10 minutes. Drizzle some oil (1/2-1 tsp oil) over the dough and allow to rest.
After that on a greased surface, flatten the rolled ball using hand to 6-7" round flat disc.
Heat a tawa or griddle in medium high heat and when it is hot, Cook each parotta with little oil, turning and pressing it frequently, until it is cooked and resembles like the picture below.
Keep the cooked parotta in air tight container or casserole. This will help softening the parottas more.
Continue the process with all.
And the last step, take 3-4 cooked parottas and smack them with both hands on all sides. This helps to separate the layers.
That's it...Soft and Flaky Parotta ready. Serve Hot with Spicy Chicken Curry or Veg Kurma.
I have tried the same method with 1/2 cup wheat flour and 1/2 cup maida too.
Using less oil itself enough to make tasty and soft parottas.
Only thing is resting time more important. Rest the dough after each step.
If you are planning to make it for lunch, start the dough by 9.30 let it rest till 11.30 and divide into balls and again rest till 12 noon.
And flatten it and shape them and leave it till 12.15 and then cook. For kids you can use GHEE for layering, drizzle ghee before cutting the dough, arrange and stretch.
I will try to update a video of flattening and shaping the dough sometime soon. 
Parotta Recipe

Parotta Stepwise Recipe


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