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Jan 5, 2016

Slow Cooker Rice Kheer Recipe | Indian Slow Cooker Recipe - Rice Kheer | Rice Kheer Using Slow Cooker Method

Slow Cooker Rice Kheer
From the New Year's Day I am trying to post this recipe and finally now only got time to sit and write post. A proper winter(freezing weather) started here from last week and this whole month going
to be in minus degrees. This year till Christmas it was a warm winter and we loved it and enjoyed going out during weekends. But now I hate to go out and also I am bit lazy too, mostly I stay home and ask V to do grocery shopping and other stuff.

Now coming to the recipe, Slow Cooker Rice Kheer, I bought Bella slow cooker druing Thanks Giving Sale and trying few Indian recipes. I am loving this slow cooking concept and the gadget is working fine, no stir no saute no mess and easy one pot cooking. First recipe I tried in my slow cooker was this Rice Kheer and the rice kheer turned out so creamy and delicious than to my expectations. Even without condensed milk, the kheer was so milky and creamy and the rice also cooked so soft and perfectly. I tried this kheer twice within a month, and it is our recent favorite slow cook recipe. I also tried Khichdi, Chicken Tikka Curry, Beans Soup, Masoor Dal Sambar and everything turned out good. On New Year's day i made this Rice Kheer specially to share here and took pictures.

Rice Kheer Recipe
Slow Cooker Rice Kheer
Prep Time : 5 minutes | Cook Time : 3 hours
Recipe Category : Sweets/Desserts
Serves  5-6

  1. Milk   5 cups
  2. Sugar  3/4 cup
  3. Basmati Rice  1/2 cup
  4. Almonds, chopped  2 tbsp
  5. Cashew Nuts, chopped  2 tbsp
  6. Raisins   2 tbsp
  7. Pistachios  1-2 tbsp(finely chopped for garnishing)
First wash basmati rice in running water and drain excess water well.
Now transfer the washed rice to the slow cooker pot, add nuts and raisins, sugar and milk.
Stir well and close the pot with lid and cook in high mode for 3 hours or in Low mode for 4 hours.
It is good to grease the crockpot bottom and sides using butter/ghee before adding all the ingredients.
Cooking in low mode prevent browning.
Also once the kheer is done, transfer the kheer to a serving bowl and not let in warm mode for long time else the color of the kheer turns light brownish due to edges burning.
Depends on the quality of rice the consistency of the kheer may vary, so if you feel the kheer getting thick by end add 1/2 cup milk or if your kheer is thin let it cook for extra 20-30 minutes.

Slow Cook Rice Kheer


  1. Can't wait to try this. Lovely on a cold night.
    Love your recipes!

    1. Thank you. Do try it and share your feedback.


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