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Dec 31, 2015

Almond Dry Fruit Roll Recipe | Badam Khajur Roll Recipe | Badam Dates Roll | Almond Roll - Indian Sweets Recipe

Badam Khajur Roll
Ending this year with a sweet post, Almond Dry Fruit Roll recipe. This Year 2015 went well for us with good memories and fun. Now ready to welcome 2016 with the same hope and prayers. In terms of blog too, this year was good and Me & My blog got featured thrice in Aval Kitchen Magazine & Once In The Hindu, Chennai January Edition.  Though I wasn't much active this year but still happy that I have shared some good count of wonderful recipes here. Thanks to all my readers, blogger friends and friends for your constant support and encouragement. Now coming to Almond Dry Fruit Roll, this is one of the sweets that I made for Diwali 2015. Almond Dry Fruit Roll is similar to Kaju Pista Roll, instead of cashew and Pistachios I used
Badam/Almond and Dry fruits - Dates & Tutti Frutti Combo. This is my own try that turned out super good and got good appreciation from my friends and family. I simply prepared the almond outer layer using the same Badam Katli/Almond Burfi Recipe. I did not take step wise pictures as I was so much tired in making sweets & snacks on the day before Diwali. I will update the post with step wise pictures sometime soon. You can refer my Kaju Pista Roll Post which I explained with step by step photos for easy understanding.

Badam Dryfruit Roll

Almond Dry Fruit Roll
Almond Dry Fruit Roll Recipe(Badam Khajur Roll)
Prep Time : 20 Minutes | Cook Time : 15 minutes
Recipe Category : Sweets
Makes 12 Rolls

  1. For Almond Dough/outer covering
  2. Blanched Almonds  1 cup
  3. Sugar   3/4 cup
  4. Water  1/4 cup
  5. Ghee or Butter  to grease
  6. Milk   1-2 tbsp
  7. Milk Mawa Powder  1-2 tsp(you can use milk powder too)
  8. Water   1/4 cup
For Dry Fruit Stuffing
  1. Dates/Khajur   15 no.(desseded and chopped)
  2. Tutti Frutti  1/8 cup 
  3. Cardamom  1 no.
In a blender take chopped dates, tutti frutti and cardamom and pulse well until the mixture gets blended well.
After that, transfer the blended dry fruit mix to a bowl and knead well and keep covered until use.

Make Blanched Almonds as per this recipe and also dry it well.
Once the almonds are dried, blend it in a blender to a fine coarse powder.
Don't try to get it smooth and do not run the blender for long time and pulse it on and off, else the oil/fat will come out from nuts and make it not suitable for making burfis.
Now in a pan, add sugar and water and cook in medium heat.
Stir well and allow the sugar syrup to rolling boil.
When it started boiling, drop a sugar syrup in a small bowl with water, you will see the syrup forming fine threads.
Then add the ground badam powder and turn the heat to lowest and stir well without any lumps.
And then again turn the heat to medium heat and keep stirring until it form a thick solid mass.
To check whether the burfi is done or not, take a small portion from the solid mass and roll it, if you able to roll it without sticky.
that's the perfect consistency.
Now turn off the stove and add milk and milk mawa powder, mix well and transfer the mixture to a greased plate and wait for a minute( to cool) and grease your hands with ghee and
start kneading it gently like a dough.
Keep kneading the dough until it forms a smooth dough and badam-mawa mixture starts leaving oil/fat. That's it dough is ready to make roll.
To Make Badam Dry Fruit Roll
Now Divide the (badam) dough in to four equal portion and take one portion and roll it on a greased surface/butter paper to a rectangle shape.
Then take a small portion of dates-tutti frutti mixture, roll it to a long thin cylinder like shape and keep it on one end of the rolled badam dough and start rolling tightly.
Roll it tightly then cut the rolled long badam dry fruit roll in to 2" long pieces and trim the ends so that the stuffing tweaked out.
Now using your hands, take one badam khajur roll and roll by pressing gently to get smooth texture and tap both ends gently on the plate so that you will get a smooth round ends.
Do repeat the same for remaining almond dough and dry fruit stuffing.
If you want, you can decorate them with varak/edible silver paper. Badam Dry Fruit Roll ready to Serve.
As the badam dough cools, it get dried up little and crack so don't panic, add few drops of milk and again knead on a greased surface to get back its shape and texture.
Adding milk will reduce its shelf life. So handle properly and store it in refrigerator.
This Almond Dry Fruit Roll can be freezes well for a month.
Sifting the flour using strainer really helps you to get fine grainy texture without any lumps.
I used only dates & Tutti Frutti for stuffing, you can use any dry fruit or nuts for stuffing.
Badam Dryfruit Roll

Mithai Platter

This is my Diwali Mithai Platter, platter contains
Badam Dry Fruit Roll
Boondi Laddu
Badam Katli
Besan Coconut Burfi
Kesar Peda
Sweet Somas
Kaju Pista Pumpkin
Moongdal Murukku
Ribbon Pakoda
Rice Murukku/Mullu Murukku

Ok I am finishing this year's last post with this and See You all with an another Interesting post in 2016. Thank You !! Wishing all my readers and friends A Very Happy & Prosperous 2016.


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