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Dec 14, 2015

Masala Puri Chaat Recipe | Peas Masala Puri Chaat | How To Make Masala Puri Chaat

Masala Puri Chaat Recipe
Chaat is my favorite snack and I love all varieties of Chaats. In India we used to enjoy Chaats at Hotel & chaat Shops. Amma doesn't know to prepare any chaat, she only makes Masala Pori & Beach Style Sundal Masala. So, Once or twice a month we go out to eat Chaats. But after coming here after Marriage I missed eating chaats and after moving to New Jersey, we enjoyed some tasty Chaats at Hot Breads. Then with the help of my North Indian friends, You Tube videos  and food websites I learned to make different chaat recipes at home. As everyone at home loves chaat, I often make simple chaats like Channa Chaat, Bhel Puri, Peas Masala Chaat at home. I always have Chaat Chutneys in my fridge. I prefer Dates Tamarind Chutney instead of Tamarind Chutneys for chaat. So I make it bulk and also it stays good for a month. If you have chutneys in hand, then making chaat is so simple and quick.
Now coming to the Peas Masala Puri,  is nothing but a Peas Masala served with crushed puri, chaat chutneys, onion, tomato & finally topped with generous sev. You can make any desired Peas Masala gravy like Green Peas Masala or Yellow Peas Ragda. I used my Green Peas Masala recipe and the chaat turned out super flavorful and delicious.

Masala Puri Chaat
Masala Puri Chaat Recipe
Total Time : 35-40 Minutes | Recipe Category : Snack
Recipe Cuisine : Indian Cuisine
Serves  4-5
  1. Puris/Golgappa   15-20 no.s
  2. Peas Masala   
  3. Sweet Tamarind Chutney   1/4 cup or as needed
  4. Red Onion,finely chopped   1/4 cup or as needed
  5. Tomato, deseeded & finely chopped   1/4 cup or as needed,optional
  6. Grated Carrot   1/4 cup
  7. Fine Sev    1/2 cup or as needed
  8. Cilantro   few finely chopped
First Prepare Peas Masala as per the Recipe.

Then allow the peas Masala to cool for a while. Keep all the ingredients ready for the chaat.
Now to serve, in a serving plate add some crushed puris and pour over 1-2 ladle full of Peas Masala.
Sprinkle some finely chopped onion, grated carrot and generous Sweet Tamarind Chutney and finely top it with some fine sev and cilantro.
Serve Immediately.
You can also use whole puris as such, poke it in the center and fill it with peas masal and other ingredients and Serve.
But I prefer using crushed puris, so that I limit my portion with 2 puris and more peas gravy.
Already mint/cilantro/chilli paste is added in the peas masala, so adding green chutney is optional. I added for extra spiciness and flavor.
Peas Masala tends to thicken upon cooling, so serve when the masala is still warm.
I used Homemade Puris, some puris didn't puff up so I used it to make this Chaat. But you can use store bought Puris too.
Peas Masala For Chaat


  1. I love any chaat this is no exception yummy!

  2. This is a super yummy snack ! Great to see you back in action with a wondeful recipe like this.. Love the clicks and beautifully presented Sangee!!

  3. I am a Chaat lover too. Here in Delhi, Papdi Chaat is more popular. You do not get Masala Puri here. But heard and read about it from Bangalore friends. Completely tempted by your pictures Sangee, Yummm

  4. delicious snack... chaats are my weakness too :)

  5. Chat is the only dish I think everybody loves to eat anytime... Lovely and super tastyyy


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