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Jan 26, 2016

Ginger Cardamom Tea Recipe | How To Make Ginger Cardamom Tea | Inji Yelakai Tea Recipe

Ginger Cardamom Tea Recipe
Today's recipe is a Kitchen Basics / How To's, Ginger Cardamom Tea Recipe with step by step photos. V and myself don't have the habit of drinking tea/coffee regularly but once in a while I make Tea and it is only Ginger Cardamom Tea. Or whenever we are sick or during winter evenings I prefer to drink hot and flavorful Ginger Cardamom Tea. Ginger and Cardamom has tons of medicinal and soothing properties. If you are feeling sick and down, just a small cup of hot Ginger Cardamom tea is enough to refresh and makes you feel good and warm. Making Good tea or coffee is really a challenging task to me, it comes only by practice.

Ginger Cardamom Tea
In my mom's place also we don't drink tea or coffee. Only my dad likes tea especially this Ginger Cardamom Tea and he can survive whole day whole day with only TEA. So only for him mom makes tea or coffee. I am not interested in making tea/coffee as I don't drink. After my engagement only i got to know tea recipe. My in laws visit us often regarding our wedding plan and once V's uncle asked me to make tea. But without knowing the procedure somehow I managed to make it with my mom's help and served them.

How To Make Tea With Milk
Later She taught me this Ginger Cardamom Tea since the spices adds additional flavor and taste. From that time, I only make Ginger Cardamom Tea and never made Plain Tea. Every household has different tea procedures and the below method is my Mom's method and I am following it.
I was planning to post this Ginger Cardamom Tea since long time and bought tea cups in Oct 2014 but didn't get chance to click pictures. And for 2015 Christmas, my friend gifted me a beautiful tea cups set and I was excited to use it in my pictures :) Doesn't the cup looks cute & pretty :)
Ginger Cardamom Tea
Ginger Cardamom Tea Recipe
Prep Time : 2 minutes | Cook Time : 10 minutes or less
Recipe Category : Beverages
  1. Milk   2 cups(I used reduced fat milk)
  2. Tea Powder 1/2 tbsp(I used Taj Mahal Brand)
  3. Sugar   1-2 tsp or to taste
  4. Ginger  1" piece
  5. Green Cardamom   5-6 no.
  6. Water   1/4 cup 
Peel ginger skin and crush ginger and cardamom using pestle & mortar.
In a sauce pan, add milk and water bring it to boil when it starts boiling add tea powder, crushed ginger and cardamom.
Turn the heat to medium and let it cook till it gets nice brown color and flavor comes.
After that switch off the stove and strain the prepared tea using tea filter and add sugar mix well.
That's it...Ginger Cardamom Tea ready.
If using low fat milk or fat free milk no need to add water.
My Mom says that Tea tastes good if the milk is slightly thin and for Coffee it should be thick milk, so I add little water to my tea but it is optional, you can make tea without water too.
Here, we get ultra pasterized milk so no need to boil, just heat it and add tea powder.
Always add sugar after boiling the tea.
You can also add fresh tulsi leaves along with ginger and cardamom and drink it if you have cold/sore throat.
Inji Yelakai Tea

Ginger Cardamom Tea


  1. delicious combination this is our regular tea

  2. I just love the combination of ginger and cardamom and this is my regular tea... just that to avoid the grating of ginger, I use dry ginger powder... :)

  3. perfect tea and lovely presentation

  4. Tea looks so perfect and very nice clicks...


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