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Feb 21, 2023

RoseMilk Chia Seeds Pudding / Rose chia Pudding With Rose Jelly / Healthy Chia Seeds Pudding With Rose Syrup

Rose Chia Pudding Recipe

Recently I am interested in Overnight Chia Seeds Pudding and trying new combo and flavor every time. For Breakfast I prefer the Basic Chia Seeds Pudding with some fresh fruits and nuts available at that time. As I love Soaked Chia Seeds a lot, and often Mix with Yogurt & Maple Syrup and have it for lunch as Dessert. So wanted to try something sweet from my regular recipe and hence came up with this Rose Flavored Chia Seeds Pudding.  Last week, for Valentine's Day Made Rose Cake with Rose Cream & Jelly and had some Rose Syrup left over and wanted to try something to finish off the Rose Syrup. For kids I prepared Rose Milk and for myself made this Rose Milk Flavored Chia seeds Pudding. To my surprise the Pudding, turned out so good and enjoyed it as a Dessert along with some left over Rose Jelly pieces & Crushed Pistachios. Will share the Rose Jelly recipe soon. 

Rose Milk flavored Chia Pudding is so easy to make and you will need only few basic ingredients. Instead of Rose Jelly, you can also add some nuts & dry fruits for extra crunch and taste. Now off to the recipe..

Rose ChiaSeeds Pudding

RoseMilk Chia Seeds Pudding
Prep Time : 5 hours or Overnight | Cook Time : Nil
Recipe Category : Desserts | Serves 2( 4 oz glass)

  1. Chia Seeds    2 Tbsp
  2. Rose Milk   1/2 cup + 2 Tbsp
  3. Maple Syrup   1 Tbsp or any sweetener to taste
  4. Rose Jelly    2 Tbsp(chopped pieces)
  5. Rose Essence     few drops                                                                             6.Crushed Pistachios    1-2 Tbsp for garnishing

I prefer to soak my chia seeds overnight or until from morning(7 am to 4 pm)
I used store bought Rose Syrup, if needed add 1-2 drops of Rose Essence for additional flavor to Rose Milk Chia Pudding.
Try to Use Organic Chia Seeds.
I used Agar Agar Rose Jelly, the recipe will be shared soon.

  • First Prepare Rose Milk following this recipe.
  • In a medium size wide bowl, add 2 Tbsp chia seeds stir the seeds so that the seeds spread evenly.
  • Now add 1/2 cup rose milk and stir well with the spoon, so that all the chia seeds are immersed in rose milk and set properly.
  • Close the bowl with lid, and let it soak in the refrigerator for minimum 5-6 hours or overnight preferably.
  • After soaking, now the chia seeds will be puffed and the pudding will be thick.
  • If needed adjust with extra couple of spoons of Rose Milk & add Maple Syrup or Honey or any sweetener to taste.
  • That's it Rose Milk Chia Seeds Pudding is ready.
  • To serve RoseMilk Chia Pudding, in a serving glass add 1-2 spoonful of rose chia pudding, add some rose jelly(if using) or any nuts & dry fruits again top it with rose chia pudding.
  • On top layer, add some more rose jelly & crushed pistachios and serve it.

RoseMilk Chia Seeds Pudding

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