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Feb 17, 2023

Roasted Masala Makhana Recipe / Spicy Roasted Makhana Recipe / Spicy Phool Makhana Snack Recipe

Masala Roasted Makhana Recipe

Phool Makhana, one of the best choice for low calorie, diet & diabetic friendly and filling snack. At home everyone love Makhana and I often make it for our snack. Desi style Masala Makhana is easy to make with simple Ingredients. We love Coconut Oil for making masala makhana

but you can also add butter or ghee. My neighbor Aunt makes Roasted Makhana with ghee and it smells and tastes great too. 

The Makhana we get here will not be not crunchy and crisp, we have roast nicely to get crisp and crunchy. I prefer to add roast makhana first and then add the roasted makhana to the masala Mix, so that it will not get burnt and tastes fresh and good. Adjust spices to your taste & preference. Just chaat Masala & turmeric powder alone will also tastes good. 

Masala Makhana/Spicy Roasted Makhana Recipe
Prep Time : 2 Minutes | Cook Time : 10 Minutes
Recipe Category :  Snacks | Makes    2 and 1/2 Cup

  1. Phool Makhana   2.5 cup 
  2. Oil 1 tbsp  2 tbsp 
  3. Turmeric powder   1/4 tsp 
  4. Chilli Powder   1/2 tsp 
  5. Chaat Masala powder    1 tsp 
  6. Salt   to taste
  • First Roast phool makhana for 8-10 minutes are until it turns crisp, if you press a piece it should crumble right away.
  • Once roasted transfer the makhana to a plate, then in the same pan add oil, turn heat to low-medium, then add all other spices mix well and add the roasted makhana.
  • Mix the roasted makhana well with the masala, so that the masalas get coated well.
  • Taste the masala makhana, adjust seasoning as per your taste. Once done serve the roasted masala Makhana with hot Chat/Coffee.
  • Any Left overs should be stored in an air tight container. 
Spicy Roasted Makhana Recipe

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