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May 23, 2011

Awards and a Thank you note

         It was a pleasant surprise for me...saturday morning when i checked my mail..i happen to see Jay's comment on my space.."surprise waiting for you dear" I was so eager to check her link n It was bunch of awards she shared with me too n i was more happy to see my name on her list..And I am honored to receive these awards...thanks a ton Jay.

Jayanthi from Tasty Appetite ,has shared me the following awards.Tasty Appetite,such a lovely space with more yum yum delights... particularly i love her Non-Veg recipes n i tired her chicken mughalai biryani sterday tat was so yummy n super hit..we all loved it ..Thanks a lot Jay for the recipe and as well for the awards.Plz do check her space n leave your lovely thoughts n keep encouraging us..

Along with the award she requested to share some seven facts about me...but i have already shared some seven facts about me in my earlier simply i repost it here n i have nothing more special or interesting to say about me :)

I am a friendly Person and like to help others ...
I love my Family more n more...
S stands for Sensitive and Short tempered too...(fighting hard to overcome this ,really hard thing)
Yearning for Friends/Friendship...s i missed many of my friends...once my friends' circle was too big...lots n lots of friends..hmmm..those days were so colorful,more fun,always smiling n chatting..nothing to bother...but unfortunately i missed many of my intimate friends n still searching for them...
Believe in - Sincere Serious Systematic Service Surely Secure Supreme Success...God...Everything Happens for a reason.
Never give up Dignity and Self Respect.
My greatest Ambition/Wish/Desire-- To my Kids ,i should the bestest Mom in the World in all aspects(Affection,Beauty,Cooking,Caring on).And i am started working hard to reach my goal...i m waiting for the day hear the above words form my Kids

I took this opportunity to thank my blogger friends who also shared some awards withe me earlier...When i got my first award from Malar from KitchenTantra...i was so much pleased and don't have enough words to thank her...because that time i was new to this blogging world with less or no friends..upto my 145th post i don't have visitors (from other blogs) none to comment or encourage me...but i was going with high spirit without expecting but yearn lot for appreciation to share...Malar only encouraged me a lot and she said have a very good space with wonderful recipes..don't worry I will visit your blog often or whenever i find time ..That few words were really encouraged me n after my 150 th post i got so many friends..And i am very thankful to all.

I want to thank Menaga (Sashiga) who also shared some awards with me earlier...She is also a good friend of me n a nice person...I love her space a lot n she has lots of diet recipes n more interesting and easy to do recipes ..don't forget to visit her space also.

I would like to thank all my Blogger Friends for your constant support and encouraging..I mentioned these names as a token of my love n gratitude...Without mentioning your names i am always thankful to You Guys..You all made my Day :) Keep Rocking!!!


  1. Congrats again for ur Awards...Keep Rocking!!!

  2. congratulations! And thank you so much for thinking of me! It was very sweet of u.

  3. Congrats on ur awards Sangee, u deserve it dear..

  4. Congrats on the awards...Happy to know about you...

  5. Congrats on ur awards dear..Thanks a lot for sharing them with me.Nice to know more about u..

  6. Congrats dear...your blog deserve many more awards in future too..:)
    So sweet to know more about u..!

    Tasty Appetite
    Event: Letz Relishh Ice Creams

  7. Congrats Sweety.. U really deserve them.. U have no idea what a wonderful blog u have :) I have always enjoyed reading ur space..

    Thanks for mentioning My name.. Love u :) It really really means a lot. I am flying , it might take some time to back to senses..:))

    Nice knowing U.. Wish we were close by :)

  8. Congrats on awards dear... Was nice to know things abt u...

  9. Congrats sweetness, you deserve every single on of them! And hey we are your new friends, remember? :)

    Thanks a ton for sharing your happiness with me. You made my day! Hugs!

  10. Again congrtas on ur awards dear!!


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