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Nov 12, 2011

Tortilla Espanola - Spanish Omelet

              Tortilla Espanola is nothing but a Spanish omelet, which involves only 3 ingredients. I made this recipe from "The Saji" to participate in the Blogoversary Giveaway.  This spanish omelet is one such easy recipe and so delicious. First time i tried omelet with potatoes and it was superb. Now to the recipe..

  1. Potato   2 medium (sliced or stripped)
  2. Onion   1 medium(sliced)
  3. Eggs     2 no.s
  4. Pepper    to taste
  5. Salt    to taste
  6. Olive Oil     2-3 tbsp 
  • Heat oil in a pan/skillet, add sliced potatoes and onions, sprinkle little salt and cook in medium heat until the potatoes turn soft and tender.
  • Meanwhile beat the eggs until fluffy and keep ready.
  • Once the potatoes turn soft , add the onion -potato-mixture to the beaten eggs .
  • Now again heat the same pan, add oil and pour the egg mixture and spread all over n drizzle oil around.
  • Sprinkle pepper powder or freshly ground pepper.
  • Cook in low-medium heat, When the mixture has browned on the bottom, you are ready to turn it over to cook the other side.Place a large plate(to cover the pan size) upside down over the frying pan to cover top. Hold the pan handle on one hand and the other on top of the plate to hold it steady, quickly turn the frying pan over and the omelet will fall onto the plate.
  • Now carefully, drop the uncooked side to the pan and cook till done.
  • But i managed to flip the omelet with two spatulas and lastly did the above procedure to remove the omelet from the pan.
  • Then transfer the Tortilla Espanola to
  • the plate and cut in to wedges and enjoy Hot!!

Sending this recipe to  The Saji's Blogoversary Giveaway


  1. Delicious looking omelet...A healthy breakfast...

  2. Lovely delicious omelette..looks easy to try!!
    Loved your dedication n patience to participate in all events..n managing two kids,remarkable effort Sangee!!

  3. this looks fabulous deliciously done

  4. omelette looks fabulous.. bookmarking it.. :)

  5. Really healthy and fulfilling Omelette!!I'll do it oftenly for pranav :)

  6. I too had bookmarked this recipe from her space but haven't tried it you are tempting me to try out soon...these look really delicious

  7. interesting omelet...perfect for bkfast!

  8. Had this spanish omelet yesterday for our dinner,u r here with it..Fantastic..

  9. Hi Sangee,

    Please collect an award from my space dear

  10. Love spanish omlets. Hashbrown meets omlet concept. Loved ur clicks. Good luck with the contest. :)

  11. Nice On sangee. I have seen this recipe of her too. Your stepwise is asking me to prepare. Will try it for sure.

  12. that looks really good. filling and nutritous...yum

  13. Thank u so much for the entry!!!

  14. Healthy & delicious preparation........thanks for sharing.

  15. I used to make this a lot before,hasnt prepared this for a long time now,ur post is reminding me that :)

  16. Fluffy nd delicious omlette...


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