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Nov 1, 2011

Spicy Bread Toast / Savory French Toast

                Bread, one of our favorite and easy breakfast.I often do sandwiches and bread upma and sometime i use to make this simple and quick toast with Egg and Green chilies particularly on Sunday Morning.But never thought to blog this ..this Sunday i decided to blog this handy recipe and took pictures to share here:) This is So quick and yummy breakfast. I love this spicy toast with garlic chilli chutney powder(store bought) .Banana, milk and a pair of spicy bread toast what else you need for a complete filled breakfast ?? I am more comfortable with this and hope you too like it :)


  1. Bread slices   4 no.s( i used whole grain Honey)
  2. Egg     2 no.s
  3. Milk    2 tbsp
  4. Onion     1 small (finely chopped)
  5. Green chilli    3 no.s(finely chopped)
  6. Cilantro or parsley   2-3 tbsp(finely chopped)
  7. Carrot     2 tsp(shredded) optional
  8. Salt     to taste
  9. Oil/ghee    to toast bread slices

  • Break Eggs and pour in to a bowl, whisk it till fluffy and add milk and again beat it for a minute.
  • Then add onions, green chili, cilantro( i used parsley flakes) and shredded carrot and add salt .
  • Mix everything well and keep aside.
  • Cut the bread slices in to two halves and kee ready.
  • Heat a griddle, smear oil and when its hot, take one half slice at a time dip in the egg mixture gently and put it on the tawa. drizzle oil around.
  • Cook in medium heat, pour some spoon of egg mixture over the bread .
  • After 2 minute flip the slices and cook till done.
  • Once done, remove from the griddle and serve hot with any spicy chutney or ketchup.

You can also sprinkle pepper powder to the toast.
Instead of green chilli add red chilli flakes for less spicy.
The egg mixture can be used for making omlette.


  1. Very simple,delicious and healthy toast..Lovely recipe!!

  2. Thank you Julie..thats so quick dear :)

  3. This is so nice...Adding carrots makes it more nutrious...good one.

  4. Love this toast..its quick and delicious...

  5. Just love this incredible bread toast, inviting..

  6. Spicy Bread Toast luks yumm and delicious.Luv the recipe Dear.

  7. toast looks wonderful lovely flavours

  8. the bread slices look delicious... :)

  9. simple and easy recipe for the new generation!!!

  10. Healthy and easy to make sandwich,looks tempting.

  11. Nice recipe dear...Perfect for breakfast...

  12. Looks very inviting..luv anything with bread

  13. Easy and delicious toast...

  14. simple and delicious, regards susan of Chacko's Kitchen

  15. wow sangee...thats a quickie...sometimes we don't think too great of the simple dishes we churn out in our kitchens...but they r actually the most flavourful! this one surely is:-)

  16. A very filling breakfast indeed...I love it

  17. thanks for the comment! :D Waiting for your post abt corn dumplings!
    Kavi | Edible Entertainment
    Ongoing event: Healthy Lunch Challenge

  18. Love your detailed recipes :) Looks yumm

  19. I do the same way.....luv it any time...


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