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Nov 6, 2011

Easy Dinner Recipes - Interesting Guest Post

            Few weeks back i got mail from Sean @ regarding that he interested to do a guest post for my followers and readers.He shared some creative tips for making healthy food more interesting as well as giving some recipe ideas that are sure to help you get healthy, without giving up your inner foodie.Here he has given an interesting and healthy ideas for dinner. Hope this post to be useful and informative. Thank you Sean for your article and Here's the article which he shared for U all....

Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes that Save The Day

After a day’s bout of rushing here and there, fulfilling various personal and familial activities, many of us are not in the mood to cook dinner. Yet the family always seems to ask the same old frustrating question – “What’s for dinner?” You don’t have to feel stressed out every time you hear that question. Just try these tips for quick and easy dinner recipes, and whip up some delicious meals in a jiffy.

1. Rely on staple ingredients like hamburger meat. You don’t have to limit yourself to just making hamburgers with hamburger meat. Just put your creative hat on and cook up some delicious, innovative meals. You can try out dishes like hamburger steak with mushroom gravy, which contains hamburger meat, onion soup mix, eggs, mushroom soup, and some water. It’s a super easy meal and doesn’t take very long to prepare.

Another staple food of Americans, macaroni and cheese, can be changed up a little, so the family doesn’t get tired of eating it regularly. To easily add some variety to this meal, you can try turning it into a practically different dish altogether like Macaroni and Cheese Paella with Shrimps and Scallops.
2. Save as much time as you possibly can with kitchen appliances. This means finding cooking gadgets that will help you produce satisfying meals in no time at all. For instance, you may want to invest in a panini grill. With a grill of this kind, you can have succulent sandwiches in ten minutes. The Food Network can provide you with a lot of panini meal choices. Try a basic, delicious sandwich like the roast beef-onion panini for starters.

If you want to make a stir-fry that will provide your family with leftovers for days, check out woks. In most cases, you can make a delicious meal using a wok in under thirty minutes. Just get your favorite kind of meat or tofu, toss it in the wok, chop up some veggies and toss them in, and season with what whatever you like. Don’t forget the soy sauce!

The crock-pot is another extremely useful tool, when you’re in the mood for tender meat or a delicious stew. Just add some ingredients to your crock-pot in the morning and leave the smart appliance alone for eight or so hours to work its magic. Add your choice herbs, spices, and seasonings. Sauces, liquors, and even beer can be used to bring out a stew’s flavor. Like the stir-fry dishes, slow-cooked stew can be stored for days and eaten as leftovers. Crock-pot prepared dishes like Pork with Noodles and Mulligan Stew can quickly become your family’s favorites.

3. Get a hot meal at the grocery store. If you feel totally stressed out at the end of the day, there’s a way to get out of cooking and still provide your family with delicious, healthy food. Take a trip to the nearest supermarket, and pick up some store-cooked meals that strike your fancy. You’ll be able to find appetizers, main courses, and desserts that are ready to eat at the store. Just remember that buying these pre-made dishes can get a little expensive if you do it all the time. In moderation, though, pre-made grocery store meals can be a real lifesaver for families on the go.
Don’t make meal planning and preparation an added strain. There are loads of approaches to handle cooking meals with less effort and time. Make use of easy dinner recipes and meal planning ideas to lighten the task. That way, you can save your energy for eating!



  1. lovely info post..will surely try some of the tips!

  2. loved reading the guest post

  3. Thanks a lot for the quick and delicious recipes.

  4. yes i agree why put the strain of cooking to the otherwise busy life ..
    but then i prefer home cooked food .. as such breakfast is basically nothing rush rush to work.. then lunches are again this or that ..
    so its just one meal to have at home I am sure we can take out time to make that yummmyyyyyyyyyy :)


  5. Thanks to Sean for sharing interesting ideas..

  6. Interesting and useful post Dear.Superb guest-posting.Luv it(Sorry - I came late )


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