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Jan 1, 2015


Coconut Ladoo Recipe
Happy New Year Wishes to all my friends, readers and visitors. May this year brings you all good health, wealth, happiness and peace. On this special day, I am sharing an easy and quick sweet recipe, Coconut Ladoo / Coconut Condensed milk Ladoos. Actually I prepared this sweet during Diwali week but I could not share it that time. And now it is helping that I am starting the New Year's post with a sweet recipe. This is a very simple sweet that I learned from my neighbor Aunt.

On Mr.V's Birtday I went to Anutie's house to share sweets I Prepared on that day, after knowing about V's Birthday Auntie instantly prepared this Coconut Ladoo for Him. I was so much surprised and excited, and we loved the ladoos that is made with so much love. When I asked for the recipe she said, there's no special recipe just warm and mix 2 ingredients and flavor with cardamom, that's it Delicious Coconut Ladoos ready. So cool isn't it? Then go ahead and make this sweet instantly on this special day and enjoy with your friends and family.

Coconut Ladoo Recipe
Coconut Ladoo Recipe
Prep Time : 5 minutes | Cook Time : 5 minutes
Recipe Category : Sweets/Desserts
Makes  8 Ladoos
Coconut Ladoo Recipe
  1. Dessicated Coconut   1 cup + 3-4 tbsp for rolling/dusting
  2. Condensed Milk    4-5 tbsp
  3. Cardamom powder   a pinch

  • Heat a pan, turn heat to low-medium heat, add coconut and condensed milk and stir well until it forms a soft dough.
  • Just mix altogether no need to saute or cook for long time. Add cardamom powder and remove from stove.
  • If you feel the mix is dry then add couple of tbsp of condensed milk.
  • Then transfer it to a plate(if you want, you can grease the plate with ghee) and knead it to a soft and smooth dough.
  • And then divide it to 8 equal balls and shape it a round ladoos and roll the shaped ladoo on dessicated coconut and arrange it on plate.
  • That's it...Delicious Coconut Condensed milk Ladoos ready. 
Use Dessicated coconut/dried coconut. Fresh coconut or frozen coconut will not work for this recipe.
Adding cardamom powder is optional.
You can also grease your hands with ghee before shaping the ladoos, but the addition of condensed milk helps for the non sticky texture.
Coconut Ladoo Recipe

Coconut Condensed milk Ladoo Recipe

Bye Bye 2014 !! Welcome New Year 2015 ~ Once Again Wishing You all a Very Happy New Year!! See You soon...


  1. Delicious and yummy coconut laddos.. Happy new year :)

  2. super tempting ladoo.. Happy new year Sangee

  3. Lovely sweet way to start this new year... Tempting laddos and the pots are too cute...Love to have it with laddo

  4. I have made these... one of the easiest laddoos... looks so good...

  5. I love these cute laddus esp the color .. Feel like popping few in my mouth,hi hi..yummy ones !!
    Happy New Year to u n family,Sangee :)

  6. A very simple and delicious sweet...Yummy!!!

  7. Yummy sweet..tried today..came out good...


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